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Active Display Group integrates two of its suppliers

Thursday, 01 April 2004
By Print21

The company claims that the integration of APG Display and Four Colour Digital into its
business will make the Group the industry’s most formidable company with an estimated annual turnover approaching $50 million.

“APG Display’s respected reputation, expertise and equipment, combined with
Four Colour Digital’s state of the art technology, will complement our existing
business,” said Active Display Group managing director Jeff Gittus.
“The strengths of all three companies harnessed into one streamlined
operation will eliminate any need to outsource, thereby benefiting our
consolidated clientele and future customers.”

Jointly announcing the agreement between his company and Active Display
Group, Michael Inman, son of APG Display’s founder and owner, attributed the success of his business to the attention paid to service and the flexibility to
meet client needs.

“My father Paul established APG Display in 1964 as a screenprinting and
display business based on customer service and production quality. He
always said these are the two key ingredients in the recipe for developing
lasting client relationships,” said Inman. “As an active member of the Inman family business, I am proud of our achievements and diversity over 40 years. I am particularly pleased it will be incorporated into a company that shares our commitment to providing first class solutions to client requirements and continuing healthy working

Four Colour Digital principal Frank Ellerton believes the company he
established in 1981 will also bring a wealth of experience and skill to Active
Display Group.

“Four Colour Digital will provide Active Display with a significant printing
edge,” he said. “I am confident our high level of specialist design and
our digital printing capabilities using the latest technology, will be major assets
to the business.”

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, point of purchase material
currently accounts for around 16 per cent of marketing budgets, with the
estimated total spend in Australia between $2.5 billion and $3 billion.
Point of purchase material has been referred to by marketers as the “silent
salesman” with the industry body, Point of Purchase Advertising International
(POPAI), more definitively describing it as “audio or visual communication
which immediately precedes the sale of any product or service”.

Most commonly recognised at retail levels, point of purchase materials include
purposely designed and manufactured packaging, sampling and
demonstration stands and displays, signage, on and off shelf displays,
category merchandising and leaflets.
Active Display Group and its expanded staff numbers of around 200 will be
divided between its current modern headquarters in Keysborough and the
APG Display purpose-built facilities in nearby Mulgrave.

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