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Duplo helps employee start her own business

Wednesday, 13 December 2017
By Jake Nelson

‘Really delighted’: Joanna Lok, SpotOn Finishing (left) with Jimmy Nguyen (centre) and Simon Birch, Neopost.

From a general hand at Sydney’s Vink Printing in Wolli Creek two years ago, Joanna Lok has become the director of her own business, SpotOn Finishing – and she has Neopost to thank for supplying the equipment she needed to get started.

SpotOn Finishing shares a premises with Vink Printing, and the two businesses are in a close partnership. Victor Chan, sales manager at Vink, says it was Neopost’s exhibition of the new Duplo DDC-810 digital UV spot coater at PacPrint in Melbourne that inspired Spot-On’s director Joanna Lok, then his employee, to branch out into finishing. “We went to the expo in Melbourne together, and she saw the potential of the machine and decided to start up her own finishing business,” Chan said.

Lok added that the DDC-810, which was the recipient of a Print21 Hot Pick at the exhibition in May, looked set to shake up the market. “I saw the UV capabilities of this machine and it was very attractive. I thought there was a good future in it,” she said.

The new machine has allowed SpotOn to offer its clients help with creating beautiful print, Lok said: “We are committed to investing in the very latest technology to ensure we are fully abreast of the latest innovation in the print industry and the Duplo DDC-810 keeps us ahead of the game.”

SpotOn’s machine is the first Duplo DDC-810 to be installed in Australia. Jimmy Nguyen, product manager for print finishing at Neopost, said it’s not just another spot UV machine. “It comes at a very low investment cost, which helps a lot of our customers to get into this market,” he said.

In today’s market, Nguyen says, printing customers need a way to distinguish their products from the rest, and the DDC-810’s spot varnishing offers that capability: “For example, if you’re producing business cards, sometimes the customer will want to make their logo stand out. This technology will allow them to create a raised image or a varnish on top of the logo.”

Nguyen is thrilled with the amount of interest Neopost has received in the DDC-810. “Often with new technologies it takes them a while to get over the line. With this machine, we first showed it off at PacPrint in May, received our first order in June, and installation took place in August. The machine was installed, and our customer was up and running in a day,” he said.

Lok and Chan say they are happy with their new machine, and with Neopost’s service and support. “The machine installation went brilliantly, the team at Neopost have been superb in helping us get set up and we are overall really delighted with our investment,” Lok said.

Chan said Vink Printing has had a long and fruitful relationship with Neopost over the years. “We’ve worked with them for maybe 10 to 15 years now, since we started out as a small copy shop in Chinatown. It’s been a great relationship so far – they’re always there to help us solve problems big or small.

“And of course we’ve bought a lot of equipment from them,” he laughs.

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