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Fujifilm Sericol snapped up by Fujifilm Australia

Tuesday, 21 April 2009
By Print21

Integration of ink manufacturer, Fujifilm Sericol gives Fujifilm Australia access to new markets.

From 4 May, Fujifilm Sericol will operate as a business unit within specially built premises at Fujifilm’s headquarters in Brookvale, Sydney.

According to Dave Marshall, (pictured), managing director of Fujifilm Australia, the integration is all set to proceed smoothly.

“I think it will work out well,” he said. “We are quite used to bringing companies into our business and adding values to those industries – whether it’s medical or imaging. We have space for them and they work across all our platforms.”

While not all Fujifilm Sericol staff will have a position at Fujifilm, Marshall said that the majority of employees would be staying with the company. “We have dedicated an area especially for Fujifilm Sericol and built additional offices for them,” he said.

Mark Brown, general manager of Fujifilm Sericol will lead the new Sericol business unit. “We have been working progressively with Fujifilm over the past year to integrate sites and resources within existing infrastructures across Australia,” he said.

Marshall stressed that this integration does not put mean there will be an amalgamation between the remaining two graphic arts-oriented Fuji companies in Australia – Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox. Both will remain separate despite sharing a stand at next month’s PacPrint.

“The PacPrint stand is to show that when joined together no one comes near us when it comes to imagery,” he said. “If you split our stand into bits it doesn’t give the presence and image that the company deserves. We are both different organisations in our own right.”

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