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Groundbreaking PKN cover for Currie Group

Friday, 13 April 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

Binding the magazine at Bluestar in Sydney.

PKN Packaging News’ March-April magazine front cover for Currie Group features industry-first HP Indigo printing technologies for packaging, augmented reality activation, security coding and a unique social media campaign in support of The Australian Rhino Project.

PKN’s latest front cover comes in 4500 unique variations and is the launching platform for a collaborative creative project led by Currie Group to demonstrate new print technology and support a worthy cause.

The idea for the #rhinosdownunder project came when Currie Group Labels and Packaging director ANZ Mark Daws and marketing manager Matt Tangey decided they wanted to deliver something unique on every cover.

“Initially we discussed the idea of a folding carton embedded in the cover but real estate was the concern,” Daws told Packaging News. “We also wanted to engage a charity so that the [removable] item could be used as part of the campaign.

The rhino skin design was based on a photo of actual rhino skin.

“This is where our interpretation of the project started taking shape – the concept of a rhino that could be removed and constructed by the reader, that was unique in its appearance and could be used in a social media campaign that would drive engagement and highlight this cause.

“We really wanted to push the philanthropic message as far as we could, beyond the PKN audience, while promoting capabilities and technologies as sold and supported by Currie Group,” Daws says.

‘One of those ideas that grew legs (and horns) very quickly once it got off the ground’: Lindy Hughson, publisher Packaging News.

Packaging News publisher Lindy Hughson says PKN and Yaffa Media are proud to be part of the groundbreaking project.

“This was one of those ideas that grew legs (and horns) very quickly once it got off the ground,” writes Hughson. “Nothing was allowed to be impossible. The most exciting part of the project for me was tracking the story as it unfolded, and witnessing the exceptional collaboration from everyone involved. Hours were spent perfecting the design, testing prototypes, checking perforation strength would withstand binding, that the foil wouldn’t get scuffed… and then developing the AR app to truly make it all come to life. PKN has created some exiting covers before, but this has truly broken boundaries. What a great demonstration of what print, integrated with digital, can do for brands to drive engagement!

“And a special thanks to our printer Bluestar for the excellent care taken to ensure the covers were protected right through the high-speed binding process to deliver a high-quality end product in our readers’ hands.”

The rhino design and artwork was conceived and executed by Melbourne design agency Birdstone Collective. The cover was printed and finished with equipment and solutions from Currie Group (including the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press, Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil Station; Kama ProCut 76 Foil finishing die cutter) with foil supplied by Kurz. Each rhino sports security coding by HP Link and HP Microtext. The augmented reality dimension of the campaign was delivered by DreemAR through the CurrieAR app.

“The most important partner is The Australian Rhino Project, which is helping to secure a future for rhinos by establishing a population of rhinos in Australia as an insurance breeding herd,” says Hughson. “You can find out more at”

PKN and Currie Group also produced a video about #rhinosdownunder:

The Currie ‘Shape your Future’ PKN cover features:
■    Digital printing – HP Indigo digital printing using Mosaic, a dynamic personalisation option for HP SmartStream Designer.
■    Scodix embellishment – unique skin pattern, with foil supplied by Kurz. 
■    HP Link – coding for unique security, authentication, track and trace.
■    HP Indigo software to produce Microtext – a special small font which is used for anti-copy and authentication.
■     Augmented reality – bringing the rhino to life via the CurrieAR app developed by DreemAR.

The first proofs (pre foiling) as they came off the HP Indigo press.




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