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Hannanprint tour tops expectations

Monday, 10 March 2014
By Nicholas Pond

The Lithographic Institute of Australia’s (LIA) exclusive Hannanprint plant tour draws top numbers, with printers, binders and suppliers all lining up to take a stroll around its state-of-the-art new facility. The $90 million Warwick Farm site had 45 industry figures and leaders through door to take a peak at the latest in automation processes, new energy efficiencies and its centrepiece, the brand new 96 pp Manroland Lithoman, the largest installed in the country.

Attendance exceeded expectations, with a broad industry cross-section from Bottcher and Brissett, to Nautilus Print Finishing in attendence. The Hannanprint team rose to the challenge, led by CEO Craig Dunsford, and saw that everyone had a fair slice of the action. Even tour organisers in the LIA were suitably wowed by the inner workings with Steve Kyd, NSW president, LIA, speaking highly of the enthusiasm the tour generated.

Behind the scenes at Warwick Farm

“We were very pleased with the numbers we had. Everything was on a massive scale. It’s just so refreshing to see the industry as healthy. Seeing the output, the volume and quality were fantastic,” said Kyd.

The tour covered all facets of production, taking detours into plate making, print, binding and paper storage where Hannanprint keeps a three-month paper supply on hand at all times. On the print side the new site is propped up by four heavy-hitters, two 48 pp Lithomans, a 32 pp Rotoman, the new 96 pp Lithoman, and not a hint of digital in sight. On top of the 96 pp Manroland Lithoman, running high-speed on stock down to 52 gsm, the team also unveiled two folding units handling a capacity of 3000 tonnes a month.

Kyd says, “I was so impressed. I’ve been over quite a few sites in my time, including the old Hannanprint site, but this was really something else. I was amazed by the small number of machines, compared with the massive paper store and throughput of the place.”

Kyd highlights the streamlined automation on display, creating an open road from printer to binding straight into the post cages. There was also intense interest in the plant’s paper storage, which has been built with a rail line directly into the store, pending government approval.

After the plant tour, guests adjourned to the nearby Gemelle Ristorante for a well-earned meal and a select Q&A with Adrian O’Connor, Hannaprint general manager. O’Connor offered insights into the site move, discussing time-frame and logistics, before opening the floor to questions.

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