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Jagar Sprinting snapped up

Thursday, 26 September 2013
By Laurel Brunner

Jagar Sprinting is now officially under the Snap brand umbrella, becoming its largest Sydney CBD operator and the 158th Snap centre for the franchise group.

Done deal: Malcolm Gasper (left), Stephen Edwards, Bruce Jacobs (right)

After seven months of negotiations a deal was finally struck between Snap and Jagar Sprinting owners, Bruce Jacobs and Malcolm Gasper. The rebadged business will fly the flag as Snap Wynyard.

Stephen Edwards, CEO of Snap said, “We are delighted to have Bruce and Malcolm on board. They are one of the biggest independent digital print providers in Sydney. We are excited to get this opportunity to have them come under the Snap umbrella.”

Edwards had been in long discussions with Jagar Sprinting about Snap’s new strategy and how it will benefit the business. The Snap strategy is about creating design and marketing services, which it believes will bring more revenue to the business.

“Bruce and Malcolm are well known in the industry. We value what their business can offer us. It will help us take our Sydney CBD offering to a higher level. It also helps the industry with consolidation,” said Edwards.

According to Edwards, the industry is far from dying. “We are on the right track. A lot of people are saying the printing industry is going backwards. Yes, some elements are having tough times but a lot of other areas of this industry are doing really well. I would like to thank Bruce and Malcolm for taking the leap of faith to Snap,” said Edwards.

Snap is outsourcing most of its print work these days and is currently doing deals with trade printers such as CMYKhub, which according to Edwards will make Snap one of their bigger clients. “They are great in trade supply and we are great at local relationships. There is going to be a lot more collaboration between us and trade suppliers.

“Our growth is going well and our profit is rising. We feel excited about the industry. I’m sick and tired of hearing about printers going broke everyday. It’s not all bad, there are a lot of good operators. The good ones do even better. Jagar Sprinting wanted to get into our corporate programme. They had none of our e-products so at the end of the day it was a no-brainer for them to jump on board with Snap. For both of them to go: ‘I’m going to go into Snap’ is a really good endorsement for us,” said Edwards.

Snap is aiming to convert up to ten more printers under its banner during the year. The first one was completed in August, as Coral Coast Printing in Karratha became Snap Pilbara, with up to $5 million in annual sales added for Snap along with a ten year franchise agreement. “Just imagine how much profit we can bring into the franchise with another ten or so businesses to convert to Snap,” said Edwards.


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