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Kiwis raising the profile of print

Tuesday, 14 April 2009
By Print21

A new campaign to overcome the invisibility of printing and promote the industry in NZ will be developed by the end of May.

Following on from the adoption of an industry marketing strategy last year, a number of industry representatives from across the various sectors met last week to give impetus to the development of a promotional campaign. The aim is to identify two or three clear actions the industry can implement in the next six to nine months to kick-start the profile raising project.

It was recognised that whatever plan is adopted not only must be appropriate but importantly have the resources needed to implement the actions. It was agreed that such actions need to be collective, focused and cohesive to ensure print and packaging continues to be a vibrant and growing industry in New Zealand.

The plan grew out of a Print NZ initiative to develop a marketing strategy for the industry to overcome the invisibility of print products and the industry while promoting the diversity of printing products and services and the value of printing in New Zealand. Karlene Hazlewood of Chilli Marketing has been retained by Print NZ to advise and contribute to the creation of the promotional plan that was agreed last year.

In launching the campaign PrintNZ chief executive Joan Grace (pictured) said the need is to find a focal point that gives all industry bodies and companies a set of goals to work to, and lets them know whether any marketing initiative they undertake fits in with the industry strategy.

“Everyone knows we in the print industry need to increase our profile. The fact is we are in competition not just with offshore printers and suppliers but when it comes to attracting new staff, we are competing with other industries within our own market.

“And as an industry we need to be an attractive proposition for banks and lenders who are being asked to back investment proposals.

“We felt that as an organisation we needed to create a strategy that would give us a realistic platform for marketing the industry. Something that all the parties with a vested interest in the industry – PrintNZ, the training side of the organisation, the sector associations, Pride In Print, and the individual print companies – could work with, rather than ‘doing their own thing’.”

Anyone who would like to have his or her contributions included before the May deadline should contact Joan Grace.

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