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Lennon printing plates to go under the hammer

Tuesday, 08 May 2012
By Cameron Boggs

Beatles fans and printers around the globe will have a chance to buy 35 of the 40 original printing plates used for John Lennon’s first book when it goes up for auction on May 19 in London. The plates were used to print the Beatle’s 1964 hard cover John Lennon, In His Own Write.

An anonymous London seller is putting the plates up for auction, with Lot 100 estimated to sell for between £3,000 ($A4,750) and £5,000 ($A7,920). The event will be broadcast live on Omega Auctions website. The auction starts at 10.30am BST (7.30pm EST) and the event will be broadcast live on Omega Auctions website.

According to the auctioneer, it is rare for printing plates of this nature to surface on the open market.

As the 80-page book was the first solo project by any of The Beatles, this rare piece of print history holds international appeal and the bid war to ensue is sure to match. The publication has been reprinted numerous times but first run issues are rare.

Lennon’s first book consists of short stories, poems and line drawings, often surreal, whimsical and nonsensical. Paul McCartney wrote the book’s introduction detailing how the band first got together in Liverpool

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