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LIA seeks industry buy-in for more VET funding

Friday, 19 May 2017
By Print21

The Lithographic Institute of Australia has called for a Certificate III of Printing and Graphic Arts as an option for VET schools.

Mel Ireland, president LIA.

In an open letter to members and associates, LIA President Mel Ireland requested industry support for more VET school funding. “In short, we have to demonstrate to the Department of Education and Training, that a skills shortage exists in our industry and that a myriad of possibilities are available for students to have a solid career in the Printing Industry,” she said.

The letter comes after the LIA was approached by a flexible learning centre with the idea of setting up a print training facility in Brisbane, which Ireland says would be a boon to the industry. “We see the possibility of having this centre used as a ‘Pre-Vocational’ facility, something the likes of which hasn’t been available since the demise of the Morningside School of Graphic Arts. Whilst it won’t be the size of bygone training facilities, it is something that I think as an industry we could definitely use to our benefit,” she said.

Ireland says the LIA aims to see a Certificate III of Printing and Graphic Arts established as an option for VET school funding. “This means that as an industry we can approach secondary schools confidently for trainees, knowing that the government will offer the schools funding to put students through ‘school based certificate training’. Currently there are no courses in the Printing Sector that attract this funding, which is part of the reason schools are not encouraging their students to enter our industry,” she said.

Ireland asks that any interested members email her expressing their willingness to employ graduates, as well as how many they could employ over a 12-month period. “I look forward to hearing from you all, and hope that as an industry to use this opportunity to start the growth of a great pipeline of talent for our industry’s future,” she said.

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