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Melbourne University moves into print on demand

Tuesday, 14 April 2009
By Print21

At a time when most tertiary institutions are outsourcing their print work, the University of Melbourne is expanding into print on demand with new Océ VarioPrint 4000.

The university is the first Australian customer to purchase Océ’s new production press. According to Tony Bertolotti, manager of the university’s Digital Print Centre, the machine was chosen for its ability to cater to the centre’s work requirements.

“The new device will be used in a newly created print on demand environment, catering for student printing and printroom overflow work,” he said.

Designed for in-house printrooms, the 4000 can store over 200,000 A4-size pages, and larger jobs can be printed in streaming mode. Inline finishing options include punching, stacking/stapling, booklet making and binding.

Océ’s education specialist, Andy Cocker, said that the 4000 can print between 100,00 and 1,5000,000 pages per month, with peak volumes up to 2,500,000. “The VarioPrint model is designed to close the gap between light production and very high volume production,” he said.

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