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New outdoor board challenges fluted plastic

Thursday, 20 April 2017
By Company press release


The outdoor commodity rigid sign market has long been dominated by trusty fluted plastics – a carry-over from screen printing days to flatbed UV digital production. Now there is an alternative for short-term outdoor signage, that offers environmental and production advantages over fluted plastic sheets.

As good as polypropylene fluted sheets are, they do however suffer from ‘flute shadow’ – the lines that remain visible after printing. They can also experience ink adhesion issues, particularly when trimming and ink cracking occurs because the surface is not permeable. Then there is the recyclability aspect, where most plastic fluted signs end up as landfill or are burnt in super-incinerators. Some manufacturers do offer a collection and recycle programme but it is energy-hungry.

Starleaton is now launching Outdoor Board from Swedish company Oppboga Bruk – a new paper-based board that offers 3 months of outdoor durability in an ultra-smooth, white and flat sheet, at a cost comparable with fluted products.

“When I first heard the claims for this paper-pulp based board that contains no PE at all, I was skeptical,” says Starleaton CEO Ben Eaton. “How could it last outdoors in all kinds of weather if it’s made of paper and is not sandwiched between polyethylene? Then an Oppoga staffer immersed a printed sample into water, left it there for 15 minutes and pulled it out – it was perfect. Not even the board edges were compromised.”

The secret of Outdoor Board is that it is infused, rather than coated, with water-resistance. This makes it resistant to water with no plastic content, biodegradable and a real alternative to foam PVC, foam board, and polypropylene flute for outdoor use up to approximately 12 weeks. It is also FSC, 100% recyclable.

“The added benefit is that Oppboga’s Outdoor Board prints beautifully on both sides, with digital UV, offset or screen print, because it’s fibre-based and has a very smooth white surface,” Eaton says. “It can be die-cut, hole-punched, erected and hung with ease and is very robust indeed. At the end of the campaign, it is 100% recyclable and de-inkable – it already contains around 60% recycled fibre.”

Oppboga Outdoor Board

Applications include: A-Frames, real estate signs, election signs, outdoor billboards, supermarket signs, indoors and outside, hardware stores, garden and horticultural centres, bus advertising and more.

Outdoor Board is available in 2440mm x 1220mm sheets and by special order in sheet sizes up to 1700 x 3600mm. Because it is a solid, stiffer board, transport and storage space costs are lower. It lays and stays flat and is dimensionally stable. Plastic fluted sheets contain mostly air space and compress/deform more easily.

Starleaton will be featuring Oppboga Outdoor Board on its PacPrint stand [E30] in Melbourne from May 23-27. Samples are available on request.




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