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NIPPA makes waves at Gold Coast conference

Friday, 08 October 2010
By Print21

Print managers from universities across the globe share their thoughts on how to help locals fight back against outsourcing at this year’s annual NIPPA conference.

According to vice president, Rob Roberts (pictured), 150 attendees, including members and sponsors, are expected to attend the ‘Waves of Success’-themed conference which runs from 13-15 October. When organising the conference, management decided to focus on the future of in-house printing rather than bombard attendees with doom and gloom.

“We tried to put a positive spin on things,” Roberts said, “over the last 12-18 months we’ve heard a lot about printing shops going under and economic times not being as great as they used to be, so we wanted to get delegates to talk to about their success rather than their failures.”

Speakers at this year’s conference include Lisa Hoover, director of publications, print and mail at Bucknell University and Andrew Scott from UK-based University Print

Managers Group (UPMG). “Andrew’s talk will be based around the programs UPMG have set up regarding group purchase of equipment in the UK and developing a benchmark for which machines each college should be installing,” Roberts added.

Roberts believes that the NIPPA conference still has as much value and relevance as before, in some ways, even more as companies choose to outsource their print requirements. “The in-house printing industry is under threat,” Roberts said.  “A lot of our parent organisations don’t believe printing is their main business and are looking at outsourcing, so it’s important that members are able to give ammunition and strategies to members to secure their position within parent organisations.”


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