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NIPPA tackles same old outsourcing problem

Tuesday, 18 October 2011
By Print21

Environmental and social issues were the focus of discussion as in-house print professionals met in Canberra for the annual Print Managers Conference.

According to vice president, Rob Roberts, the event theme was supposed to be ‘Politics in Business’, but it quickly veered towards social responsibility. “Overall the 2011 conference was what we were expecting, and very successful as well.

“The whole idea of the conference was to pool everyone together and network, talking about particular issues and looking at ways to combat the problems we are having, in particular outsourcing. When companies look at ways to save money, the first to be cut is often printing.

“That’s a problem we are all faced with and there is no real answer. From our perspective if the person holding the purse strings decides to go cold on print, then we have to go with it.

“The numbers were down a little bit this year, but I think they missed out on one of the best conferences we have had. I would imagine we could get a lot more interest for next year’s event in Queenstown.

“We changed format a little this year, from a number of member speakers down to one, the rest were all speakers we enlisted. What tends to happen with an organisation like ours is that the same thing tends to be said from different people, so we invited other speakers to give a new perspective on our industry,” says Roberts (pictured).

As Konica Minolta’s sponsored speaker, Dr David Cooke talked about ‘Building social capital through corporate social investment’. He led the attendees through the different views corporations have on sponsorship of charities, whether companies should be involved or do business for business sake and leave the sponsorship of charities to their investors.

On the other side of the page, former ABC broadcaster Vanessa Morris presented Al Gore’s message about the impact humans are having on the environment. Roberts says while no linkages were made in her speech, “the printing industry is one of the few that is doing extremely well in reducing our carbon footprint.

“Our organisation is designed in such a way that we interact on a regular basis in an online forum to discuss common problems and what types of equipment we should purchase.

“It’s [the annual conference] all about having face-to-face networking and sponsors there to further build upon relationships that have been growing for years,” he adds.

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