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PacPrint Almanac: latest news

Tuesday, 12 May 2009
By Print21

Not long now until PacPrint and the news just keeps on coming from Oce, Tharstern and Watermarx Graphics Check out the other latest new on Australia’s definitive print trade show from 26-30 May.

Océ Arizona 350 XT makes Australian debut

Tharstern previews PrintIQ

Watermarx Graphics makes a mark

DES gets ready for biggest show yet at PacPrint

Heidelberg to offset all carbon emissions for its PacPrint exhibit

EFI to showcase Fiery Command Workstation at PacPrint

Ricoh welcomes InfoPrint to itsstand at PacPrint

Fuji Xerox takes new Xerox iGen4 Press for test drive at PacPrint09

Starleaton boasts biggest-ever PacPrint stand

Currie Group to showcase two new HP Indigo models at PacPrint09

GAMAA all systems go for PacPrint

TV hosts come on down to National Print Awards

HP Latex Ink Technologies on Show at PacPrint09

Epson becomes the name behind print

Get comfortable at PacPrint with Konica Minolta

It all comes together for MAN Ferrostaal

World-class speakers to address PacPrint 09 forums

Heidelberg brings drupa to PacPrint: 6 March

AB Graphic International comes to Australia
Fuji Xerox and FUJIFILM Australia join forces at PacPrint 09: 4 February

Océ Arizona 350 XT makes Australian debut

Océ has expanded the award-winning Océ Arizona family of digital flatbed printers with the introduction of the spectacularly large Océ Arizona 350 XT.
This latest model in the Océ Arizona family is capable of producing rigid prints as large as 2.50 x 3.05 meters (98.4 x 120 inches).

The extra width of the Océ Arizona 350 XT enables the printer to be used in a continuous imaging mode for rigid media up to 125 x 250 cm.

Two rigid boards of this size can be mounted on separate vacuum areas of the flatbed table. While one board is being printed, the other can be changed by the operator.

Since the printer never has to stop printing for a media change, users can significantly increase their net print production on boards this size. A white ink option and a roll media option are also available.

These features were designed to deliver a true production printer regardless of media. With the Océ Arizona 350 XT printer, digital print providers can offer complete visual communications packages on a wide variety of media, and be assured of high throughput, superior image quality and print consistency.

New Océ ProCut Offering Savings To Large Format Finishing In Australia
Océ has now released in Australia its Océ ProCut complete flatbed digital cutting table and software system that streamlines large format workflow – from prepress to finishing – of rigid and flexible media requiring cutting.

Océ ProCut is an automated finishing system that can be used to optimize simple trimming tasks for rigid substrates such as hard and soft foam board, plastic material, acrylic and styrene, and flexible media including paper, film, vinyl and fabric.

It can also be used to finish more complex jobs such as contour-cut point-of-purchase displays, production-quantity decals, and structural projects.
Supplied as a range of Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables to automate cutting operations, the system significantly reduces labour costs compared to manual cutting because only one operator is required to run the highly productive automated cutter.

Adrian Morris, Océ market manager, Display Graphics, says the overwhelming majority of digital graphics prints require trimming or contour-cutting once printing is complete.

“Manual cutting takes time and inevitably generates errors resulting in costly reprints, material waste and missed deadlines” he says.  “Trimming thick media and manually cutting contour prints makes jobs particularly vulnerable to this low productivity/high labor cost risk.

“Pre-cut media can be a time-saver on the finishing end, but is expensive and difficult to manage so that finishing is often the bottleneck in a display graphics digital printing workflow.”


Tharstern previews PrintIQ

Tharstern New Zealand will be previewing a newsolution for the Australasian market at Pacprint this  month. Print IQ (Internet or Intranet Quoting) is a web-based estimating tool that only requires the user to have access to the Internet monthly subscription to Print IQ. 
Print IQ is a hosted solution so no special hardware is required; no disruptions to the business during setup and the pay-as-you-go subscription service 
means you only use it as long as it works for you. (Monthly fees start as low as $100 for a single user). 
Irrespective of whether the subscriber is a small print house with a single license; or a franchise network with dozens of users spread across a large 
geographic area, Print IQ makes it possible for the busiest or even the most inexperienced individual to rapidly generate accurate quotes for simple or 
complex jobs. Also included in the solution are Job Bags, Reports, Invoices and the ability to export files to an accounts package. 
Print IQ is the result of years of collaborative development between Tharstern NZ and development partner Paloma Technology Ltd (“Palomatech”). Both companies (based in Wellington) have worked on a number of projects 
for common customers in Australia and NZ and felt the timing was right to release Print IQ to a market that has been calling for something new in MIS 
Estimating for some time.  
Palomatech’s Print IQ tool integrates with the TharsternSQL database, so initially users can access the online estimating tools, but then also have the 
option to later scale up to a full service MIS in their local environment, bringing their history across with them when they do so. The decision to shift to the 
local MIS solution will generally be driven by the user’s desire to directly access more of the detailed production and workflow tools embedded in the 
TharsternSQL MIS. 
Alternatively, existing TharsternSQL users can layer Print IQ over their MIS solution in a local environment (Intranet or Internet access) to achieve a number of things: dealing with customer traffic in Point of Sale 
environments; linking franchises to a centralised database; or to simplify the estimating process to a broader group of non-specialised individuals.  
As access to Print IQ is via a web portal it doesn’t discriminate against Mac or PC users. Print IQ differs from TharsternSQL’s e4print e-Commerce solution in that e4print is designed for buyers of print and is loaded with a number of sub-modules for Variable Data, Stock Management,  Reporting and Tracking and so forth. However Print IQ is just about making things simpler in the front office of a print house. 
Utilising a series of setup screens the relevant information unique to each company is collected and forms the basis of the intelligent estimating engine. 
Once rates, paper prices, presses, run rates and the general company information is loaded; the Print IQ team can train and fully support the product remotely. Subscription fees are collected via an automatic charge against a credit card each month but the user can cancel at any time with no penalties or additional charges.  
Tharstern NZ and Palomatech have broken down the barriers at both ends of the scale where small users felt MIS solutions were too large for their needs; and multi-site printers have had to rely upon expensive,bespoke MIS networks.  

Watermarx Graphics makes a mark
Watermarx Graphics is launching some innovative new developments for the embellishment market at the show. On their stand V50, Watermarx will be demonstrating their know-how in the field of photopolymer ‘plastic’ foil stamping and embossing dies, and showing products like a magnetic holding device to hold photopolymer foil stamping, embossing or debossing dies on a platen press, and a magnetic lock-up device which can hold dies for embossing or debossing on a cylinder machine.
These products offer significant cost and environmental benefits over metal dies in many applications and, more importantly, they are a great example of the kind of products which allow printing and finishing companies to diversify and widen their offerings, provide cost-effective ‘value add’ options to their clients, and reduce their own expenses (and environmental impact) using cost-effective and innovative solutions.
Another new innovation to be launched at PacPrint is the new VP485 colour inkjet label printer from Label Print Systems on Stand Q37. The VP485 will be shown for the first time in Australia at the show, giving PacPrint visitors the chance to see “the fastest machine of its class on the market today”.
The company, which has expertise in both thermal and inkjet label printing technology, provides customised label printing solutions using what it says is the most trusted and reliable equipment available. It specialises in tailoring label printing systems to meet any requirements, providing not only equipment and systems, but also technical support, training and repairs.


DES gets ready for biggest show yet at PacPrint

Proofing and colour management specialists DES are pleased to unveil their biggest show yet at PacPrint 2009.

Ian Clare, Managing Director said: “PacPrint 2009 will be an exciting time for us; DES is pioneering some great new technology. We are keen to show the depth of what we are offering, it’s not just about the great range of products, we have the technical sales and support staff, the training and the knowledge that the industry needs.”

CGS will be demonstrating Color Tuner//Web, a web based proofing approval solution combining the features of ORIS Color Tuner together with ORIS Soft Proof and ORIS Certified Proof. Offering seamless client-server architecture and full flexibility of a web environment, Color Tuner//Web enables real time viewing and certification of contract proof quality images worldwide.
Alongside their proofing system, CGS will show InkSaver for automatic, colour managed ink and toner reduction. In a one-step, automatic process, ORIS Ink Saver significantly reduces the CMY components for all printed elements, and optimizes the black separation – while maintaining visual and colorimetric integrity.

EFI will demonstrate Colourproof XF Version 4, a professional-level RIP with real time remote proofing using the new web control centre. Colorproof XF enables you to manage colour in a new dimension using dynamic wedge technology and providing you with all the tools to produce accurate colour and to master any proofing or printing task.

The unique JUST Virtual Proof viewing booth is the new pressroom solution for remote and soft proofing, designed to reduce time and costs. With adjustment of the brightness level to the colour monitor setting a key component for accuracy in a soft proofing workflow, JUST have now automated this adjustment controlled by a digital dimmer and a USB connection to the soft proofing monitor. The JUST Virtual Proof automatically adjusts to the brightness level of a specific colour monitor via software and measuring devices objectively.

Furthermore these solutions have been linked to the monitor solutions of Eizo and other brands so that their already integrated software can be used to control the JUST light booths.

Also, on the DES stand Eizo will be showing a sneak preview of our new 24" widescreen "FOGRA" monitor – fresh out of Japan this will be the first time the screen has been shown anywhere. Eizo and DES are keen to show the Australian printing industry the direction Eizo technology is taking – particularly now that soft proofing has become a leading trend worldwide.

Display Graphics
In the display graphics arena DES will be showing the EFI T660 Rastek – an entry-level flatbed UV proofing system.  Nominated “Best in Class” for both price performance and image quality, the Rastek T660 is ideal for production and print environments looking to increase their customer satisfaction and profitability through quick service, high image quality and a smaller footprint.

Pantone Colour Systems
DES, as master distributor of X-Rite products in Australia and New Zealand now offers a full range of Pantone products. (Pantone is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite INC USA)
The Pantone Matching System is the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors.

Pantone products will be on sale at the DES stand at PacPrint, including:
•    Pantone Formula Guide
•    Pantone 4-Color Process
•    Pantone Color Reference Guides for the graphic arts include METALLIC, PASTEL and TINTS.
•    Pantone Goe™ System
•    Pantone ColorCue 2

Visit DES stand L55 at PacPrint for special offers on the Pantone range of products.

Packaging & Labeling
The EFI Jetrion UV Inkjet System allows label converters to meet market demands for short run print jobs. It is the first narrow web digital press suited to economically run lengths of 50,000 labels and beyond. This system is the perfect fit for secondary label, industrial label or flexible packaging markets and can be used for many primary label applications.

AVT will be showing their press inspection system, aiming to improve productivity and reduce waste. The automatic inspection solution offers an in-depth system for process control, press control and 100% Quality Assurance.
IST Solvent Recovery Systems are an environmental must have for any firm with solvent consumption. With proven ROI the IST systems are an economical way to deal with today’s and tomorrows waste problems and reduce your wastage to manageable levels.

Print MIS Solutions
DES partners Accura MIS will be available on stand M68 PacPrint. The Accura MIS programme addresses issues such as understanding of costs, expenditure, wastage and sales performance against target, all in one fully integrated modular package. Accura MIS is a complete, print business management system providing all of the functionality required to run a successful business from one fully integrated programme. It is applicable for all types of printing businesses, as well as finishing companies, print management and advertising agencies.

DES Colour Challenge
If you think you’re a colour expert why not try the DES Colour Challenge at PacPrint?
Visit the DES stand and test your knowledge in our competition for your chance to win Pantone goodies daily.

DES Stand L55
1300 728 411


Heidelberg to offset all carbon emissions for its PacPrint exhibit

Heidelberg’s PacPrint exhibit is calculated to generate just under 60 tonnes in carbon emissions. This takes into account set up, running and dismantling the exhibit. By comparison, the average Australian generates approximately 20 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

In a bid to both draw attention to the Eco-impact of the print industry and build awareness of environmental issues for printers, Heidelberg has committed to offsetting the carbon emissions it will generate for its exhibit.

“We have calculated the carbon emissions for our exhibit and will make an investment to CO2 Australia to offset 100 per cent of these emissions. CO2 Australia is the largest provider of dedicated carbon sink plantings in Australia and their carbon sequestration program involves establishing long-term plantings of Mallee Eucalypts for the purpose of generating carbon offsets. We feel that any activity which puts more trees into the ground is an appropriate way to offset activities from the print industry,” says Alastair Hadley, General Manager for Sales, Product Management and Marketing for Heidelberg Australia/New Zealand.

“We acknowledge that print will always generate emissions. However, through a clever combination of environmental awareness, technology, and production process efficiency, we believe the print industry can stand proud as a leader in environmental awareness and protection,” Hadley adds.

For the past decade Heidelberg has been very active in developing technologies and processes designed to minimise emissions from print production activities, enabling its customers to operate their factories in the most sustainable way possible.



EFI to showcase Fiery Command Workstation at PacPrint

The PacPrint 09 stand of EFI will feature the just-released Fiery Command WorkStation 5.0 (CWS5), the most powerful job management solution ever. CWS5 centralises job management via an intuitive, flexible interface that produces jobs faster, dramatically reduces operator mistakes by up to 30 pe rcent, decreases waste, and increases the overall profitability for the production printer.
The new software will be on display at PacPrint 09, from 26 to 30 May in Melbourne at EFI stand M50.
The latest evolution of EFI’s industry-renowned MicroPress Server RIP will also be showcased.  EFI MicroPress version 8.0 brings easy-to-use document management and a simplified user interface to EFI’s high-end production workflow solution.  Enhanced make-ready and improved usability allows for quick job setup and minimal re-work utilising the TrueEdit application and new hardware platforms offer growth and scalability by supporting connectivity to the latest OEM print engines.

Alongside will be the latest release of EFI Digital StoreFront, the company’s award-winning Web-to-Print platform. Visitors will see first-hand how Digital StoreFront (DSF) can benefit their businesses with its intuitive e-commerce interface and powerful back-end automation. Demonstrations will highlight how new revenue streams can be achieved using DSF 4.0’s powerful Variable Data Printing (VDP) features, superwide format product options, enhanced integration, and a fulfilment module.

The EFI stand will have all the latest information on the greatly anticipated new superwide format UV printers, the VUTEk GS3200 and VUTEK GS5000r. A 3.2-meter hybrid, the VUTEk GS3200 delivers eye-popping image quality and incredible speeds up to 2400 square feet (223 square meters) per hour. The 5-meter roll-to-roll VUTEk GS5000r uniquely combines enhanced Point-of-Purchase (POP) quality with stunning billboard production speeds up to 3100 square feet (288 square meters) per hour.

Anthony Parnemann, ANZ country manager at EFI, says Fiery users will be blown away by everything the Fiery Command WorkStation has to offer. “To remain viable, digital print producers need to invest in technology that allows them to save costs and time. CWS5, available as a free download for existing Fiery users (currently more than 16 million worldwide), delivers more productivity from existing equipment, shortens operator learning curves, reduces operator errors, and decreases waste, raising the profitability of each job while enabling a greener print environment,” he said.

EFI partners will also showcase larger than life opportunities in inkjet printing:

DES, stand L55:
 Jetrion 4000– the UV Inkjet System offers label converters an affordable, full-color narrow web alternative to toner-based digital printers for label runs of up to 50,000 labels and beyond. The system helps label converters meet customer needs for short run print jobs driven by versioning, localization, regionalization, language and color changes, and promotions.

 Rastek T660 – a UV flatbed printer which delivers best-in-class image quality for production and print shop environments where quick service, superior image quality and smaller footprints are the keys to customer satisfaction and increased profit.

iMedia, stand R70:
 Rastek H700 – the new entry-level UV Hybrid Flatbed Printer is aimed at producers of point of purchase, display graphics, banners and indoor/outdoor signage looking for great quality at speeds of up to 30m2 per hour.


Ricoh welcomes InfoPrint to its stand at PacPrint

Ricoh is anticipating a busy exhibition stand at this month’s PacPrint, with its complete line of end-to-end offerings and the inclusion of the InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between Ricoh and IBM, on hand to showcase their latest range of digital software and hardware products.

Kathy Wilson, (pictured) Ricoh Australia’s General Manager of Production and Business Solution, is looking forward to the opportunity for the two companies to display together. “Our collaborative innovation and expertise in digital technology offers new value and service to clients in the production spectrum. This partnership means we can provide a wide offering to clients – cut sheet to continuous feed, high quality black & white and colour production devices and comprehensive integrated solutions. Having InfoPrint side-by-side with us at PacPrint emphasises our commitment to offering the latest in hardware and software, combined with our focus on building relationships,” she explained.

"This partnership between InfoPrint and Ricoh marks our joint commitment to the provision of quality consulting, design, integration and implementation services in a rapidly expanding market. In these tough times, our line of products and services are well-positioned to meet the needs of customers who are focussed on maximising returns and achieving efficiency in their printing processes.

“At PacPrint we will be demonstrating some of our solutions for transpromo and print-on-demand; products that show how real opportunities lie ahead for customers in terms of creating new revenue streams and increased efficiencies for their markets,“ he added.

At PacPrint, Ricoh will be launching new engines along with fully-integrated software. They also recently launched the Pro C900 in Australia, which offers the fastest speed in its class of up to 90 ppm in full colour, an average monthly print volume of 170,000 and duty cycle of 400,000, the Pro C900 is Ricoh’s first high volume colour printer. Amongst its industry leading in-line finishing, it also boasts the first ever fully automated ring-binder finisher.
“We’re excited about PacPrint. Our exhibit this year is bigger and better than previous inclusions. We had a huge first impression last year at Drupa, and something similar is planned for PacPrint,” Wilson said. “Ricoh have truly evolved from an ‘office printing company’ to a key player in the production printing industry, with even more innovations yet to come.”



Fuji Xerox takes new Xerox iGen4 Press for test drive at PacPrint09

The first public showing of the new Xerox iGen4 Press at PacPrint09 is sure to turn heads.  The Xerox iGen4, the next generation digital press developed and built by Xerox Corporation, will be one of the main attractions on the Fuji Xerox stand during PacPrint09.

Print providers who are looking for new revenue streams will not be disappointed.  Fuji Xerox will demonstrate a variety of applications that can be printed at lightning speeds on the iGen4 – at a quality never seen before.
In addition, for the first time, Fuji Xerox will showcase its end-to-end automated book printing capabilities by printing finished books on-site in as little as five minutes, using the Xerox iGen4 Press and Bourg Book Factory.

Commercial printers, photo finishers, book printers, direct-mail houses and digital service providers will be able to witness first hand how easy it is to deliver a variety of high quality print jobs using the Xerox iGen4 Press, which is designed to print more than one million impressions per month.

Throughout the show, Fuji Xerox will demonstrate the production of a variety of materials, with minimal operator intervention, including:

•    A perfectly bound “A to Z Cocktail Book”  (which visitors can take away)
•    Full size wall calendar  (June 2009 – Dec 2010) titled "19 Months in High Speed"
•    The “Fuji Xerox Document Supplies 2009 Catalogue”
•    Numerous “photo books” showcasing high quality photo reproduction.

“Whether you are a commercial book printer or direct-mail house, we’ll be showcasing how easy and economical it is to produce a range of high-quality applications within just a few minutes of making the decision to print them,” said Simon Lane, National Production Manager, Fuji Xerox.

“Whether the quantity is one book, 100 books or 1000 books, we can automatically pre-flight the file, impose, send it to the Xerox iGen4 and have finished books ready in as little as five minutes.”

By automating operator tasks, the Xerox iGen4 is regarded as the most productive and highest-quality cut-sheet digital colour press in the printing industry. The Xerox iGen4 also features the most advanced colour management capabilities by utilising the ORIS Colour Managed Workflow Solution (CMWS). This matches and verifies colour across multiple print output devices and enables the production of print to international standards such as the new Australian Colour Print Standard and FOGRA.

“Xerox iGen4 is ideal for service providers that demand high image quality and want to increase print revenues by automating manual tasks and increasing overall productivity,” said Lane.

To see the benefits of the Xerox iGen4 Press in action first-hand, please visit the joint Fuji Xerox and FUJIFILM stand Stand F10 (immediately facing doors 2 and 3)

Starleaton boasts biggest-ever PacPrint stand

Starleaton Digital Solutions is continuing its expansion in the wide-format digital printing sector with its biggest ever exhibition stand (P10), three new distribution agencies and capital equipment deals that take full advantage of the Government 30 per cent Investment Allowance, whilst delivering a repayment ‘holiday’ on some equipment to help customers upgrade painlessly.

“At 160 square meters, the Starleaton stand at Pacprint is not just our largest-ever exhibition presence, but also the largest exhibit by an exclusively-wide format independent distributor,” says managing director Peter Eaton. “Our stand area is only five square metres smaller than or supply partner Epson’s for example. This is our commitment to the industry and to Pacprint. In good or not so good times, we are with wide-format digital customers from start to finish.”

Eaton continues; “Whilst wide-format media, laminates and ink consumables are the mainstay of Starleaton’s business, we recognize that the signage and display printers who will win in the long run are the ones with the latest, productive and automated equipment. We firmly believe that, with the 30% investment allowance for new equipment orders placed before June 30th, there has never been a better time to upgrade and increase productivity and/or quality. Customers have until June 30th 2010 to install equipment ordered by the end of this financial year, and with our delayed payment scheme, the financial requirement is spread over many months, reducing the burden on our customers’ cash flow.”

In addition to its strong position in aqueous wide-format printers from HP, Epson and Canon, SDS has announced a distribution agreement with Agfa for its entire range of :Anapurna UV machines. On the SDS stand at Pacprint will be the entry-level :Anapurna M4, with other models viewable on the Agfa stand itself. Agfa roll/flatbed UV machines are engineered for both feed methods from the ground-up; the roll feed is not merely a ‘bolt-on’ option.

Lamination has long been a Starleaton strength by virtue of its exclusive distribution of SEAL and NESCHEN brand laminators and consumables. At Pacprint, SEAL models 62 Base (cold only) and 62 Pro (hot and cold) will be displayed, plus our broad range of laminates in both SEAL and SDS brands.

As a major dealer for both Epson and HP wide-format printers, Starleaton will be demonstrating the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 low-solvent printer for both indoor and outdoor signage and displays up to 64” (1626mm) wide. From HP, the 60” (1524mm) Designjet Z6100 with Vivera pigmented ink will be running. The big SDS difference is that both will be driven by the latest ColorGATE Productionserver v5 Rip software.

“ColorGATE Productionserver 5 comes in three levels; Pro, Select and Ultimate,” says SDS director Gary Smith. “The software is continuously upgradable and therefore future-proof. As a business grows, we can gradually upgrade their weide-format workflow to Ultimate which can handle four Rip processes in parallel and has 20 hotfolders. Version 5 of ColorGATE Productionserver Rips PDFs much faster and has moved from 8 to 16-bit colour rendering. The improved file management is superb and you can open, move and Rip several print jobs at the same time. It really adds unique features to the already great printers from HP and Epson.”

It is worth noting that ColorGATE Productionserver was voted ‘Best Rip solution for wide format’ at the European Digital Press Awards last month.

Starleaton has signed an exclusive distribution deal with USA manufacturer Fletcher-Terry, for its range of GEMINI rail-style cutters and trimmers. Also included is the new FSC powered substrate cutter, ideal for rigid boards, composites, plastics and other media, with a motorized cut length up to 2500mm. Accuracy is ensured by a laser sight guide. It can be wall or floor mounted, and is also available as a non-powered cut model.

Fletcher GEMINI cutters and trimmers are transportable around the workshop and come in models up to 5 metres in cut width. Standard GEMINIS are guaranteed accurate to within 1.0mm over the entire cut length, while the Pro range is laser-aligned and guaranteed accurate to within 0.2mm over its entire cut length.

“The build and accuracy of Fletcher cutters has to be experienced to be believed,” says Smith, “combining switchable wheel and blade cutting saves having two units for cutting and trimming, lowers costs and saves space in the finishing room.”

The other new distribution agency Starleaton has taken over and will launch at Pacprint is the French Dickson Coatings ‘Evergreen’ range of inkjet printable fabrics that are 100% ‘Green.’ They are free from PVC, Phosphates, Formaldehyde, Glycol-ether and Phthalates, use half of the raw materials required for comparable PVC and are manufactured in a process that boasts zero VOC (Volatile Organic Carbons) emissions.

“Dickson Coatings’ JetTex range is Evergreen in both name and nature,” says SDS director Ben Eaton. “Sign and display printers using Evergreen Fabrics will be able to satisfy even the most stringent environmental demands of major brand advertisers and they will discover brilliance of colour from solvent, eco-solvent or UV printing, no curling and ease of handling that puts PVC in the shade. At Pacprint, we will have samples in 200, 260 and 300 grammages and can offer widths up to 3.05 metres.”

The final word goes to managing director Peter Eaton: “This is our biggest ever investment at a trade show and our theme is ‘We Promise…’ We don’t take this lightly. As primarily a consumable supply chain company, our customers depend on us to have the right stock at the right time. We are not infallible, but we do go to great lengths to keep our promise to be with our customers, from start to finish.”


Currie Group to showcase two new HP Indigo models at PacPrint09
HP Indigo’s Australian distributor Currie Group will showcase two new HP Indigo models at PacPrint09 – the HP Indigo 7000 and the HP Indigo ws6000.
These new models will be displayed on the Currie Group stand along with the 7-colour HP Indigo 5500 and the entry level HP Indigo 3500.
“The cost to market with digital is far less than that of analogue printing.  Combine this fact with the tax benefits that are currently available for capital investment and HP’s financing options and it is easy to see why it is a fantastic time to get into the digital print market,” says Shane Lucas, Director HP Graphic Arts South Pacific.
Phillip Rennell of Currie Group agrees.  “Our digital print customers are reporting an increase in short run work and in variable data marketing campaigns that focus on targeted groups where print volumes are smaller, but more frequent.”
“At PacPrint we will be showing visitors just what you can achieve with HP Indigo digital presses and the versatility of digital print.  Being flexible and offering a greater range of products is the key to generating growth, particularly in the current environment.  Digital print allows you to expand your offer economically,” he concludes.

The HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press
The HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press delivers fast production speed of 120 four-colour A4 (letter size) pages per minute with offset and photo quality. It is optimised to print large numbers of static jobs with run lengths ranging from one copy into the thousands, as well as variable-data work requiring the “every page is different” capabilities of digital.
Designed for meeting even the tightest deadlines, the press is equipped with the innovative HP Indigo Print Care toolset. On-press and off-press diagnostics and troubleshooting tools maximise uptime and facilitate continuous printing.
Ideal for Photobook Production
Of the 165 HP Indigo 7000s installed since the press’s release at Drupa last year, 85 have been installed for use with photo specialty applications. The majority of orders were in response to production needs for the photo specialty market’s annual production peak – the October to December quarter 2008 when consumers order photo specialty products for the holiday season. During the production peak time period in 2008, HP Indigo photo customers worldwide collectively printed a record number of impressions, producing 87 percent more pages than were printed during the same time period in 2007.
Gentle to the Environment
The HP Indigo 7000 Digital Press is gentle to the environment with on-press oil recycling, lower electricity consumption per printed page, long consumables life resulting in reduced waste, ability to print on recycled paper, elimination of make-ready waste (as compared to conventional) and ability to print the precise quantity required.
HP Indigo ws6000 industrial digital press

The HP Indigo ws6000 is a high-volume digital press designed for the label and packaging markets.
Combining speed, size format and a streamlined digital workflow the HP Indigo ws6000 offers distinct advantages over conventional analogue printing including cost effective production of short runs, personalisation of labels and security enhancements.
The HP Indigo 5500

Featuring a wide colour gamut with up to 7 colour printing and robust colour management with HP Professional PANTONE® emulation and ICC profiles the HP Indigo press 5500 delivers unmatched quality, reaches higher levels of productivity, and achieves higher profitability—the keys to success in the digital world.
Capable of printing over two million colour pages or more than five million monochrome pages per month, the HP Indigo 5500 is a truly universal production device and the only digital press to combine the look and feel of traditional offset with genuine photo quality.
The HP Indigo 3500

With the HP Indigo 3500 HP has delivered an affordable, offset quality digital printing solution.
Combining HP Indigo’s legendary quality and features with unsurpassed durability and capability, the HP Indigo 3500 is the perfect solution for those looking to enter the colour digital production space.



GAMAA all systems go for PacPrint

As the co-presenter of PacPrint09, together with Printing Industries, GAMAA is looking forward to welcoming visitors to what is the most anticipated Show on the industry’s calendar for 2009.
President of GAMAA, Mitchell Mulligan, (pictured) said that despite current economic circumstances companies are still doing business, still investing and still planning for the future.

“It may not be business as usual, but as an industry we haven’t ground to a halt.  I believe PacPrint will be a good news story for the industry,” he said.
GAMAA’s executive director, Karen Goldsmith, added that shares similar beliefs,
“We anticipate that as well as new technologies and equipment demonstrations, exhibitors will also address issues such as better business practices, how to work smarter and how to boost customer relations. Exhibitors are taking this opportunity to think about intelligent solutions for their customers with an emphasis on better returns on investment – something everyone in business wants to achieve,” she said.
Mulligan said his key message to visitors was simple. “Come to PacPrint, enjoy the opportunity to network with your peers, connect with other business leaders and reaffirm for yourself that we work in a vibrant, highly specialised and interesting industry that still has plenty of life in it,” he added.



 TV hosts come on down to National Print Awards

TV personalities Larry Emdur from Channel 7’s The Morning Show, and Gorgi Quill from the Today Show on Channel 9, will co-host the 26th ‘Best of the Best’ National Print Awards Presentation Dinner and Awards Ceremony, to be held at the Palladium at Crown in Melbourne on Friday 29 May, 2009.

“We are delighted to have secured Larry and Gorgi, both of whom are exceptional talents and entertaining hosts. Together with the other exciting entertainment highlights, to be confirmed shortly, I can guarantee that the 2009 ‘Best of the Best’ celebration will be a night not to be missed,” said NPA chairman, Scott Telfer.

“With the focus of the industry firmly on Melbourne in May, we are looking forward to a better than ever celebration as we mark the first competition in the NPA’s new ‘Best of the Best’ format.

“As well as recognising the accomplishments of the Award winners, and celebrating the achievement of excellence, the NPA Dinner is always a fantastic opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends,” said Telfer, “and there will be even more time to do that this year.”

The Dinner will not only mark the culmination of the National Print Awards ‘Best of the Best’ competition, but also a major highlight of PacPrint 09, which is to be held in Melbourne during the same week.

A display of all finalists will be a prominent feature at the exhibition, which is to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from Tuesday 26 May to Saturday 30 May, said Telfer.

“While all NPA entries will be on display in the concourse from the time doors open, you will have to wait until Friday 29 May to see who the winners are… unless you book your ticket for the dinner now,” Telfer said.

Invitations to the dinner started circulating throughout the industry over Easter, and tickets are available now for $160 each from the National Print Awards website at at or by contacting Lynne Trensky at Printing Industries on (03) 8541-7360.



HP Latex Ink Technologies on Show at PacPrint 09

HP’s revolutionary Latex Ink Technologies which were previewed at drupa last year will be on show at PacPrint09 including the new HP Designjet L65500.

Celmac one of the newly appointed HP Designjet L65500 printer resellers has confirmed the printer will be in full operation on its stand 020.

The Celmac team will be running live demonstrations of the printer highlighting the benefits of the hardware and the new HP Latex Ink Technologies utilising Colorgate RIP software.

“Celmac is pleased to be a national partner for the HP Designjet range and in particular the new HP Designjet L65500,” said Andrew Wells Marketing Manager Celmac. “Our customers are finding government, local council and corporate clients are stipulating environmentally sensitive products as a mandatory specification.  We see this revolutionary printer as a strategic marketing move for us in meeting the needs of our environmentally conscious customers who want high quality durable outdoor prints.”

Shane Lucas, Director HP Graphic Arts South Pacific said other exhibiting HP Designjet L65500 printer resellers including GBC Australia will also have the printer on display giving visitors to the show multiple opportunities to view this new, highly anticipated technology in action.

David Cheng of GBC Australia said, “We are very excited to continue partnering with HP to launch this new Latex Ink Technology.  After seeing the live demonstration, we strongly believe that this latest technology – high speed, high quality, low running cost and true environmental friendly solution – will be the answer for today and tomorrow’s competitive environment”.  GBC will showcase the HP Designjet L65500 at PacPrint09 with Onyx Colour Management Rip Solution.

HP authorised resellers for the HP Designjet L65500 are GBC Australia, Celmac, Imedia, CPI and Digital Vision (NZ).

HP Designjet L65500 Overview

Designed with the environment in mind, the HP Designjet L65500 Printer featuring HP Latex Inks and HP Wide Scan Technology offers PSPs a versatile print system that can produce a wide range of applications – from point-of-purchase displays, transit signage, wall murals and exhibition graphics to vehicle graphics and fleet marking, and a variety of exterior and interior event signage. Together, these technologies provide durable, odorless (1) prints; sharp, vivid image quality; application versatility; and high productivity, enabling PSPs to increase their print capacity and grow their business while reducing the impact of their printing on the environment.

Achieve outdoor and indoor application versatility
The HP Designjet L65500 Printer (pictured) with HP Latex Inks produces durable outdoor and indoor applications up to 104 inches (2.64 m) that withstand the elements while also providing exceptional image quality at high resolution – up to 1,200 dpi.

Outdoor prints produced with the HP Designjet L65500 and HP Latex Inks on Original HP media achieve display permanence of up to three years unlaminated and up to five years laminated and are scratch, smudge and water resistant.(2) HP Latex Inks are expected to provide good image quality, display permanence and durability on most low-cost, uncoated, solvent-compatible media.

HP large-format media, HP Latex Inks and the HP Designjet L65500 Printer are designed and tested together to provide optimal results with every print. HP designed 14 new large-format media – including five recyclable substrates(3) – for optimal results with HP Latex Printing Technologies. A proprietary new HP media surface-treatment technology – designed together with the HP Designjet L65500 Printer – produces a wide color gamut and makes it possible to achieve both durability and sharp, vivid image quality on materials that do not typically print well with solvent inks.


Epson becomes the name behind print

Epson is showcasing the commercial strengths of its Micro Piezo print head technology and the outstanding qualities of its inks through a range of new devices and applications on its stand at PacPrint 09.

To focus attention on the renowned global reputation of its print quality the Epson stand [Stand # L50] follows the theme: Epson. The name behind print.

“For more than 15 years Epson has been the name behind the print in large format printing for professionals worldwide,” said Craig Heckenberg, (pictured) Business Unit Manager, Large Format Division, Epson Australia.

“World renowned photographers, image makers and leading print companies have all successfully and confidently staked their reputations on Epson printer, ink and media technology,” said Craig.

“Now the scope of application for Epson’s Micro Piezo technology as a manufacturing technique is ever widening and its strengths – being able to accurately place ink droplets onto various substrates without direct contact, and its compatibility with different ink substances because it is a cool process – are being used to print textiles, create colour filters for large LCD televisions and in the manufacture of circuit boards.

“At PacPrint we will be displaying innovative print solutions and showing visitors the revenue opportunities available to print service providers and graphic arts professionals, from CD/DVD publishing to large format printing; pre-press to fine art printmaking.

“Visitors to our stand will see our latest solutions and the technologies that increase productivity and reduce costs," he said.

At PacPrint, Epson will be joined on its stand by six strategic industry partners that will demonstrate Epson’s innovative technology in digital inkjet printing across a wide range of vertical market applications.

CGS, EFI, GMG, Blackmagic, ColorGATE, and ONYX will be producing prints for a number of different digital print applications which include; hard-copy digital proofs based on ISO12647, signage, professional photography and fine art print making.

As well as the complete range of Epson Stylus Pro large format printers and proofers on the stand, Epson will have three new innovative products that use Epson’s award winning Micro Piezo inkjet print heads and inks:

*        Discproducer – a CD/DVD disc publisher which can burn and label CD/DVDs in customisable production run quantities
*        a small format (Label Width: 46 to 108 mm) label printer
*        a document printer capable of producing A4 colour documents at 37ppm
Highlighting Epson’s commitment to achieving outstanding quality in the final printed product, Epson will also have a range of genuine Epson media on display and in use by its strategic partners.

 Get comfortable at PacPrint with Konica Minolta

With PacPrint 2009 just around the corner, Konica Minolta has announced an experience that will be bigger and better than ever before, with the addition of the exclusive new Business Lounge.

PacPrint attendees will experience a new level of VIP service from Konica Minolta, with espresso blends that have been specially selected for the event, served by a professional barista, delicious catering and a beer to end the day – the Business Lounge will be a home away from home.

David Procter, national production printing group manager said: “We are so excited to be taking the Konica Minolta experience to the next level at PacPrint 2009. The Business Lounge is a great way to demonstrate our VIP customer service by providing attendees with an oasis to break up their busy days.”

But it’s not all play! Personalised demonstrations of all the latest and greatest Konica Minolta has to offer in production printing are available each day, with attendees able to pre book on the Business Lounge website at or simply walk in and have a chat with one of our friendly team members when the time is convenient.

Products on show

This year Konica Minolta will be showcasing the unique VIVID output bizhub PRO C65HC; the revolutionary new High Chroma toner technology, specially designed for RGB colour workflows; a wide range of general use bizhub PRO colour digital presses including the C5501 Professional; C6501 PROx and Production.

We will also be unveiling the new monochrome bizhub PRO 1600P, 2000P and 2500P, 950 and 1200 series of digital presses, 

Undoubtedly though, the focal point of the stand will showcase the Print Facility, where demonstrations will show the bizhub PRO at its best, with examples of:
•    Book Printing;
•    Workflow systems;
•    Variable Data Printing, including personalised imaging, barcoding and other standard features of VDP features; and
•    Integration of in-line with near-line finishing.

To register for the Konica Minolta VIP Business Lounge visit

It all comes together for MAN Ferrostaal

At Pacprint 09’, the region’s largest printing and packaging exhibition, MAN Ferrostaal will reinforce its position as a leading supplier of these services to the graphic arts industry in Australia and New Zealand.

More than two-dozen of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers are represented on the MAN Ferrostaal stand, encompassing many aspects of the graphic arts and packaging industry.

Leading packaging and post press equipment brands such as Bobst, Kolbus, Palamides, MBO, and Herzog + Heymann, comprise just a few of the major equipment suppliers and manufacturers represented in both Australia and New Zealand.

All these are supported by an extensive range of consumable products covering Pre Press, Press and Post press with brands such as Kodak, Hostmann-Steinberg, Servicom Pacific, TESA, Mosca, Bottcher, Hurst, Deatwyler and many more.

Pre-press equipment and workflow is key to MAN Ferrostaal, having the ability to bundle complete systems for our customers at affordable pricing representing leading brands such as Kodak, Luscher in CTP, Techkon colour densitometers, Glunz & Jensen processors and Epson colour proofing devices.

Equipment highlights
Packaging: Our display will be headlined by the debut appearance of the revolutionary VISIONFOIL 104 which takes the reputation of BOBST’s hot foil stamping presses one step further by letting you produce new products and enhance those you already make from relief embossing to hologram application.

The VISIONFOIL 104 will be joined by the Bobst EVOLINE 102E Autoplaten® Diecutter, demonstrating high quality and affordable Diecutting. The Bobst EVOLINE 102E flatbed die-cutter is a sample reflecting the widest choice of models with proven qualities and ideally adapted to the type of production demanded by the folding carton market. The size of the presses, from the smallest (76 cm / 30") to the largest (210 cm / 82") represents the most complete offer in the market, in size as well as in degrees of automation.

Other manufacturers represented at MAN Ferrostaal are the efficient and cost-effective Swedish-built Lamina Systems range of laminators and in-line gluing machines, Drent Goebel web presses for the label, flexible packaging, commercial and security print markets, Marbach die-cutting tools, Rodicut rotary die cutters and Heiber & Schroder rotary window patching and lining machines which offer economy and productivity in a range of folding box, window cut and other creative packaging applications. In all these areas, our focus will be on providing options which will help our customers enjoy higher profit margins without sacrificing quality and innovation.

Bindery with the MBO T800 folding system demonstrating unique reverse delivery and patented removable slitter shaft cassette module linked in line with the T800 will be the innovative Bograma BS 750S Plus, demonstrating specialised paper engineering.

The MBO T530 folder with Palamides automatic delivery system for the half-sheet size market is a unique combination allowing you to efficiently form and cut in line with accuracy. All the laborious processes such as knocking up, adding upper and lower boards and manually bundling the packages are now in the hands of the Palamides.

Pre Press equipment and workflow play a prominent part on the MAN Ferrostaal stand demonstrating the latest in Kodak Prinergy Workflow and Magnus 400 A2 CTP systems. By optimising your Pre Press System you will save time, money and improve the output of your production.  Colour management tools, using the latest in densitometry with Techkon will be demonstrating the ability to combine the qualities of a highly accurate spectrophotometer and an easy-to-use densitometer.

New Efficiency Solutions Every company is looking for efficiency gains in their workplace. MAN Ferrostaal are proud to promote brands such as EHRET, Herzog & Heymann and ALBO pile turning systems. MAN Ferrostaal’s newest release of “Smart Stackers”, with a weight capacity up to 2.5 tonnes are all fitted with Infra Red Height Sensors that automatically adjust the fork height as you load and unload. Added to this new innovation is Marchetti the new digital finishing equipment line that will allow effective solution in creasing, laminating, drilling, stapling and automated deliveries for small volume and small format applications.

E-Shop on line ordering will demonstrate how easily you can order your consumables on line. This is our way to accommodate our customers purchasing requirements to assist in managing cash-flow and expenditure needs. In addition, you will have direct access to our partners for current product and service information.


 Wolrd-class speakers to address PacPrint 09 forums

Internationally renowned experts Professor Neville Norman, Dr Peter Ellyard and Mr David Parkin have been confirmed as the keynote speakers for the highly anticipated PacPrint 09 Forums.

The three speakers will each address their key areas of expertise in these FREE seminars, which will be moderated by respected broadcaster, journalist, lawyer and businesswoman Elaine Canty.

On Wednesday 27 May, Professor Norman (pictured, right) will look at the economic and business climate, and discuss how businesses in the graphic arts can chart their future directions and maximise opportunities within this context.

The following morning, world-recognised futurist and strategist Dr Peter Ellyard will look at future strategies, with particular focus on climate change and the environment, bringing his extensive expertise to bear on real issues facing print and communications businesses and the industry today.

Dr Ellyard is an enlightening, challenging and thought-provoking speaker who inspires audiences to think creatively about their futures, and to find innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges.

On Friday 29 May, one of Australia’s most sought-after business and motivational speakers, David Parkin, (pictured below) will tackle the issue of Future Leadership, and how to identify, motivate and mentor the leaders of the future at both a corporate and industry level.

“We are absolutely delighted to have secured speakers of such a high calibre for the PacPrint 09 Forums,” says Hadley.

 “The PacPrint 09 Forums will offer visitors the chance to hear these world-class speakers address topics of vital importance, not just to the graphic arts but to all businesses, particularly in these challenging times,” says Hadley.

While the sessions are offered completely free of charge to PacPrint visitors, limited seating at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, togethe

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