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PacPrint attendance numbers finally made public

Thursday, 07 July 2005
By Print21

Reed Exhibitions delivered the preliminary figures for PacPrint ‘05 last week, showing the event attracted 24,820 trade visits, a drop on the 27,245 visits during the 2001 event. These numbers are yet to be analysed and approved by the Circulations Audit Board (CAB), with a comprehensive report not due for release until mid-August when the PacPrint board plans to hold its final meeting.

Chairman Ron Patterson claims the report will offer a definitive rundown on the results of the exhibition when it is eventually released. “The final analysis will give us a clear understanding of the differentiation in figures, and also enable us to determine where our visitors are coming from in a regional context and in respect to the industry segments,” he says.

The results are in line with the international trend of falling attendances at trade shows, which in some cases have led to either scale backs in size or cancellations. In spite of this, the PacPrint ’05 board emphasises the number of senior management present during the week as a reflection of the show’s continuing strength.

Comprising more than 42 per cent of the overall visitors, the industry’s key decision maker are identified by the board as a clear indication of the drawing power of the show. “We also can see a rise in the numbers of designers attending the event, which is a reflection of the new technologies that were on display at this year’s show,” says Patterson.

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