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People turnover at Fuji Xerox

Friday, 21 April 2017
By Print21
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Masashi Honda heads back to Tokyo after five years heading Asia-Pacific.

Top down changes at Fuji Xerox Asia-Pacific reflects continuing turnover of staff in the local operation as the company downsizes and refocuses in turbulent times.

The switch of roles in Asia-Pacific sees long-term honcho Masashi Honda head back to Tokyo to be replaced by  Isamu Sekine from head office. The executive shuffle is nothing compared to the ongoing exodus of staff in the Australian operation.

An extraordinary shedding of printing industry-facing staff has seen such identities as Sue Trelfo and Mark Brown switch to Konica Minolta, along with Anthony Jackson in Victoria while Michael Gillis has also left the company to pursue other interests. Some jumped and some were pushed but the result is the same.

The turnover even includes Aline Schneider, industry marketing manager, with the result that information of Fuji Xerox’s printing operations is thin on the ground. The company has adopted a position of not commenting on personnel movements, including those who’ve joined, such as Tom Sullivan from Canon.

The changes appear to be part of a thorough clean out of the company by Sunil Gupta, managing director, following the precipitous departure of controversial MD, Neil Whittaker, last year along with most of his Kiwi appointees.

The movement has attracted interest across the media with Steven Kiernan, formerly of Proprint now with CRN, listing executive departures over recent weeks.  He lists Lincoln Glendining, company secretary and general counsel, as well as Rick Schojer, financial controller, both leaving their jobs.


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