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Print & Paper promotion campaign hits the road

Tuesday, 11 November 2014
By Joe Kowalewski

Tired of being looked down on because you’re a printer? Sick of being called a tree-destroyer and a polluter? It’s not easy standing up for printing in the internet age but now there’s a new campaign to help you do just that.

The first Value of Paper and Print campaign national road show begins this month touring New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Sponsored by Media Super, the road shows are part of an industry-wide campaign providing knowledge and resources to help printing companies promote paper and print to their clients (and anyone who has questioned the role of print) by illustrating that the printed word is a critical part of multi-channel communications.

The print industry campaign will continue early in the New Year in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia prior to a second wave campaign targeting designers, print buyers, advertising and marketing agencies and major corporations.

According to Kellie Northwood, campaign director and executive of Two Sides Australia, the workshops will detail the content of VoPP and how printing companies can make best use of it.

“The VoPP campaign has been very well received by the print industry with a lot of new members joining,” she said. “I have been travelling around Australia meeting with sales teams talking about the strengths of paper and print people and I am really excited to have some good content to back up their own passions.

“I look forward to sharing the message with Printing Industries members; the more united we are as an industry the stronger our voice with clients and media buyers.”

Attendees will be briefed on the key messages surrounding efficacy, brand recall, path to purchase, return on investment and sustainability research that promotes the power of print in today’s diverse communications environment. “I am also keen to highlight print’s innovation – with inks, paper ranges, embedded science and technological devises within paper. A lot is happening in the world of print and inspiring our customers is an important element for our industry,”  said Northwood.

Bill Healey said the VoPP campaign was the next step in the evolution of Two Sides. SA, which is about advocating the printing industry’s environmental credentials and dispelling negative myths about its environmental impact.

“We can now be on front foot promoting the strengths of print supported by research, data, case studies highlighting the effectiveness of print; it’s return on investment and the creative effects that can be achieved through paper and print that cannot be replicated solely by electronic communications,” he said. “All road show attendees will receive copies of The Industry Report – a 72-page toolkit that printing companies can use to educate their clients about the success and relevance of print as a critical part of multi-channel communications. I encourage everyone to attend these very worthwhile free briefings which are being supported by Media Super”.

Road show schedule:

  • NSW Tuesday 25 November – Printing Industries Auburn office 8.30am-9.30am
  • Victoria Wednesday 26 November – Printing Industries Mulgrave office 8.30am-9.30am;
  • Tasmania Thursday 27 November – 3pm-4.30pm – the Royal Yacht Club, Hobart.

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  1. November 12, 2014 at 11:14 am,


    Why is there no Road show for Qld?

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