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Print’s role in marketing: VoPP mag

Thursday, 18 May 2017
By Print21

The role of digital print innovation in customized marketing is the focus of the latest issue of Value of Paper and Print (VoPP) magazine from Two Sides Australia (TSA).

“Long gone are the days when customisation was about printing, “Dear customer’s first name” on the front cover of an advert,” says Kellie Northwood, executive director, TSA Limited. “With smart data management and digital print innovations, the opportunities to customise and target print marketing communications are endless.

“As personalised marketing is able to deliver 31% greater return compared to general marketing materials, we decided to explore how brands are using print marketing to talk to individual customers through pagination by geography and demographics or image personalisation by gender or audience group.”

Issue two of VoPP – The Customisation Issue – features the latest local (ANZ) and global campaigns from brands who are customising all aspects of their print marketing to foster connections with consumers: KitKat offered daily winners the opportunity to design their very own KitKat bar packaging; Vegemite partnered with Kmart to give customers the chance to add their name to the jar label; Maybelline NY leveraged customer data and produced a catalogue customised to each individual’s personal beauty regime – upselling 55% of recipients to better products; Loyalty NZ tailors direct mail offers specific to recipients and sees consistent spikes in Fly Buys reward redemption after each campaign.

Additionally, the VoPP autumn issue contains stories from John Dixon, CEO, David Jones, on the retailer’s luxury custom-published magazine, JONES; David Sax, Canadian writer, reporter and author explores why analogue – things such as records or paperback books – is making a comeback; and Domain’s marketing chief, Melina Cruickshank speaks on how print plays a key role in Domain’s marketing mix.

Other articles examine latest research outlining the neuroscience behind the power of touch and how this translates into print campaigns’ ability to influence consumer decision making, and the key strategies in maintaining customer loyalty in a world where switching brands is increasingly simple.

VoPP Mag is a bi-annual publication distributed across Australia and New Zealand to retailers, marketers, agencies and members. To subscribe and receive your bi-annual printed edition, sign up at

Value of Paper and Print (VoPP) is a campaign promoting the efficacy and engagement of paper and print as a relevant, effective and modern media channel.

Two Sides is part of a global initiative by companies from the graphic communications industry to promote the sustainability of the graphic communications and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why paper and print is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.



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