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RMIT students welcome Oce CPS900 into the classroom

Tuesday, 05 May 2009
By Print21

Océ’s CPS900 platinum digital colour printer has had no trouble making friends at school since arriving at RMIT School of Design.

The new printer was donated by Océ this month as an extension of the two organisations’ working relationship, which spans years.

Robert Black, director of RMIT’s International Centre of Graphic Technology, said that all students in the School of Design would use the new Océ CPS900 Platinum for different levels of training.

“Practical experience on the actual equipment that they are likely to encounter in the marketplace is essential for their all-round development as graphics professionals of the future,” he said.

Pictured: Director of the International Centre of Graphic Technology at RMIT, Robert Black, (right) with RMIT graphics training educator, Meredith Chesney, in front of the Océ CPS900 Platinum digital colour printer with (from left) Damien Schaller and Andy Cocker of Océ.

Océ print room and education specialist, Andy Cocker, who made the donation to RMIT on the company’s behalf, said the selection of the Océ CPS900 was based on its ability to best meet the demands of students.

“The Océ CPS900 is unique in its ability to print on a variety of stocks including those with textured surfaces. Final output is able to be laminated and creased after printing without the associated issues, of most other colour digital presses,” he said.

“This increases the options of students to use the printer to develop creative and widely varying portfolios, using a variety of different stocks.”

Black added that the CPS900 had come at an opportune time, as final-year Diploma of Graphic Art students will be able to use the printer to produce promotional pieces for their annual exhibition.

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