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Sunday, 19 February 2017
By Print21

Starleaton’s flagship Zünd die-cutting and routing solutions will occupy a sizeable part of the company’s huge stand at PacPrint in May.

CEO Ben Eaton (pictured) says that they are expecting to show a complete die-cutting and stacking line for corrugated sheets at the show. “We will show the capabilities of Zünd table die-cutters which have recently been upgraded with the addition of a new high-powered RM-L router option for the popular Zünd G3 and D3 cutters.”

The new RM-L delivers (pictured) 3.6kW of processing power for acrylics, polycarbonates, ACM, Foam-PVC and MDF, making heavy-duty routing up to 50mm depth more efficient.

Dense, hard materials can now be processed at much greater speeds and cutting depths. This reduces the number of passes required and significantly increases throughput. To ensure sustained performance and efficiency, the spindle is water-cooled. In addition, a high-performance dust extraction system helps keep the working area clean, which further contributes to overall productivity.

Because of the new MQL lubrication system, very little heat is generated during routing, which has a dramatic effect on bit life. In addition, it allows for much greater acceleration and processing speeds.

An intelligent surface compen-sation system determines the thickness of the material and detects inconsistencies. During processing, the system reliably compensates for any variances by making the necessary depth adjustments. Particularly for engraving applications, this effectively prevents quality issues arising from differences in material thickness by maintaining constant routing depths.

The ARC HSK automatic tool changer takes care of handling and changing router bits. The magazine can accommodate up to eight different preloaded collet holders. Fully automated tool changing significantly increases overall levels of production automation and throughput. Tool changeover times are reduced to a minimum, which significantly impacts productivity. This is especially true for workflows that involve many different types of custom or short-run jobs or complex designs that call for several different bit sizes and types.

“Zünd cutters are typically well Swiss-engineered,” says Eaton, “nothing is left to chance and the technical support is second-to-none. Table die-cutters/routers are increasingly in demand for short-run applications such as packaging, cartons and point-of-sale. We look forward to demonstrating the fantastic features of Zünd on our PacPrint stand come May. It will be a ‘Zünderful’ experience!”

Züund G3 cutting system


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