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Starleaton & Zünd embrace packaging design

Tuesday, 11 April 2017
By Company press release

ZDC 3.0 screenshot

Starleaton will be demonstrating the all-new Zünd Design Center 3.0 at PacPrint from May 23-16.

Known as ZDC3, it is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in for creating packaging and three-dimensional POP/POS displays from folding carton, corrugated cardboard, composite material, PP and PVC. At the heart of ZDC3 is an extensive library of parametric designs. From this collection, designers can choose a template and enter custom dimensions as needed. Designs can be completed with logos, patterns, text and other elements.

'More and more inquiries for Zünd cutters': Ian Cleary, Starleaton

“We are fielding more and more inquiries for Zünd cutters to be used for packaging applications such as prototyping, short test runs and even production runs,” says Starleaton Industrial Sales Manager Ian Cleary. “The foundation of success the Zünd brand has been built on is its modularity – from a stand-alone table to an upgrade path involving fully automated feed and unload systems – this is what is attractive to the packaging market. In addition, the ZDC3 software makes it very easy and convenient to produce either templated or custom designs from Illustrator, ready for cutting on a Zünd cutting table.”

A 3D preview module, enables designers to verify the finished result any time, from any angle. 3D PDF files exported from ZDC3 are ideal for presentations of prototype packaging. Designs can also be exported as 3D objects, videos, or static images. All designs are ready to be imported directly into Zünd Cut Center for precision cutting and scoring on a Zünd cutting table such as the G3 L, also being shown at PacPrint.

ZDC3 has several new features including: dynamic preview, dimensions on separate layer, generation of own templates, many new designs, change of materials (thickness, colour, direction of flute, transparency), export of .obj and .stl and the animation of the box assembly, direct connection to ZCC hotfolder, free upgrade for existing licence dongle holders

A useful video can be found here:

ZDC3 and Zünd cutting systems can be seen on Starleaton’s stand E30 in the centre of PacPrint at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from May 23-26.

 Starleaton is a 100% Australian-owned and operated importer, converter and distributor of materials, hardware, software and know-how for the Signage, Display, Exhibition, Photography, Graphic Arts and Packaging industries.




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