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Theo Pettaras wins Konica Minolta award

Friday, 17 November 2017
By Print21

Anthony Lewis, the founding father of the Konica Minolta National Specialised Print Awards.

Second year for the National Specialised Print Awards reinforces its place in the industry calendar with more entries than before.

The customer-centric competition has a mission to highlight the quality of digital printing produced on Konica Minolta technology. Books, calendars, posters and even playing cards were among the finalists the awards held in Sydney last night.

The over all winner was Digital Press, the Sydney-based printing company that has a full history of producing innovative and award winning print. Theo Pettaras paid tribute to the company for creating the awards in the first place, the only manufacturer with such a competition.

He received the prizes of a trip to Print 2018 in Chicago next year, accompanied by his Konica Minolta account manager, Devan Nair.

Winners are grinners; Anthony Lewis (right) congratulates Theo Pettaras who is very pleased with his prize of a trip to Chicago along with Devan Nair (left) his account manager at Konica Minolta.

The night was particularly pleasing for Anthony Lewis general manager specialised print Konica Minolta. The awards are his brainchild and he professed to feeling very happy they were so well supported by both the customers and the company. “Watch this space,” he said. “They’re only going to grow bigger.”

There were four categories to enter: digital flat sheet colour output, digital finished output, digital print with embellishment and digital print on label media.

And the winners were:

  • Digitalpress for A Meeting of Words – Case Bound and white foil stamped
  • The Type Factory for Sketches – Japanese Bound with Curious Collection Translucent dividing sheets
  • Designline for Redlands City Council – Perfect Bound
  • Images on Paper for Finches in Australia ­­– Book Bound
  • Who you Creative for The Waratah – Offset Silver & Gold to Colour Digital Prints
  • Shire Labels for Urban Agent – Die cutting in rolls of 1000
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2 Responses to “Theo Pettaras wins Konica Minolta award”

  1. November 19, 2017 at 11:56 pm,


    Congratulations to KM and (declare interest!) my old colleague, Theo.
    Between them they represent a pathway forward for our industry.
    This is in stark contract to the moribund NPAs, which have languished for years under the misguided apprehension that our industry is still, by some quaint notion, anchored in the quagmire of “craft”.
    Craft stands for all the bad things: resistance to change, over-specialisation, denial of embracing technology.
    These are precepts that linger even in the unfortunate choice of the name “Picas” – a hankering for the past, where, in the struggle for survival, man would prevail over machine.
    No matter what spin one puts on KM’s new “Specialised Print Awards” they are a slap in the face, a warning “shot across the bows” – digital is here and the NPAs should be afraid … very afraid … unless they can get off their hobby-horse of rewarding us for just doing our job, and come up with a more imaginative agenda!
    Good on the KM awards (which, let’s not beat around the bush, should be called the KM “Innovation
    They represent a closer match between what behaviour should actually be rewarded, in the brave new world, going forward.
    James Cryer

  2. January 24, 2018 at 2:39 pm,


    On point James thank you for your feedback.

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