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Victorian cleaning company expands into anilox

Tuesday, 14 November 2017
By Jake Nelson

Clint Windsor from Ominta Anilox Cleaning (left) with Wes Scott from Jet Technologies.

Cleaning and facilities services company Ominta Group has expanded into anilox cleaning, thanks to a new FlexoWash FW 2500 supplied by Jet Technologies. Based in Victoria, Ominta is servicing customers from across the country.

Clint Windsor, Ominta’s new business development manager for its anilox cleaning services, brings his experience from Laserlife to the role. “Laserlife stopped cleaning aniloxes, and as a result there was a demand for this service in the market. We did our research, took a look at a few different types of anilox cleaners, and we found that FlexoWash was best suited for our needs,” he said.

One factor in Ominta’s choice of Jet Technologies’ FlexoWash machine was the delicate nature of the cleaning process, which employs a spray of detergent and water, rinsing, and drying with compressed air in a manner similar to a car wash. “It was quick, it’s an enclosed chamber, and it’s an automatic process. As a result it allows us to offer our customers a standard 48-hour turnaround for a clean,” Windsor said.

Since the machine was installed last Wednesday November 8, Ominta has already serviced six companies, with further enquiries coming through. Windsor says the company is prepared to service any roller from anywhere in the country. “We’re a standalone company, not affiliated with any anilox manufacturer, so we can clean any sleeve or roller required – we’re not trying to sell anyone aniloxes, we’re just here to clean them and get them back to our customers in the shortest amount of time possible,” he said.

In a press release, Jet Technologies said it was pleased to partner with Ominta and Windsor, whose experience with cleaning and anilox makes him a good fit to offer these services. We have no doubt that this new venture for Ominta will prove to be very successful and all of the Jet family wish Clint and the Ominta team all the very best, the release read.

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