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What to look for at Printex 2015

Thursday, 07 May 2015
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PrintEx 2015 and Visual Impact in Sydney is blueprint of the changing nature of the printing industry. For the first time there is not a single offset press on display at the show, while almost every equipment vendor appears to have a variation of wide format inkjet on their stands. Here’s a compilation of what visitors can expect from some of the leading exhibitors.





Drop in at stands 1737 & 1747


AGFA Graphics will be using its PrintEx15 display on Stand 1737 to showcase the company’s latest new releases, including the international debut of two exciting new systems for the wide-format print and display markets, brand new digital workflows and smart new chemical-free printing plates.

It will be a typically diverse offering from a company known for its ability to support print service providers across a wide range of platforms, from traditional offset through, sign and display to the latest flexible and innovative digital solutions. The centerpiece of the stand will undoubtedly be the high-speed Anapurna M2500i UV-curable inkjet print system and the Acorta automatic cutting and finishing plotter, which will be demonstrated separately and together as part of a single workflow, to demonstrate their unique flexibility and productivity.

The six-colour Anapurna M2500i is AGFA’s latest addition to its market-leading family of ‘combo’ printers which has been developed specifically for high quality reproduction on rigid and ‘roll to roll’ flexible substrates up to 2.5 metres wide. Offering higher quality and speed than its predecessors, thanks to more accurate dot positioning, enhanced curing system and higher performing print heads, the M2500i is being described as a ‘heavy-duty, turnkey and complete’ UV inkjet system. Its ability to print opaque white ink makes it ideal for transparent as well as opaque media while a new automatic board feeder increases productivity when using rigid substrates.  The fully-automatic Acorta plotter complements this wide-format print capacity by providing finishing options designed specifically to suit cardboard, digital and signage printers.

“The M2500i will appeal to a very broad range of businesses, from sign shops and printers involved in POS and display work, to digital printers, photo labs and mid-sized graphic screen printers who produce indoor and outdoor printed graphics,” says Mark Brindley, Managing Director of AGFA Graphics Oceania. (pictured) “This is complemented by the extremely fast and flexible Acorta cutting and finishing system which can help businesses add value to their wide-format print output, which is essentially in today’s increasingly competitive market.”

In addition to these print and finishing solutions, AGFA Graphics will demonstrate a suite of new workflow options including Apogee 9.0 PDF/JDF Workflow software designed for traditional and multi-faceted print service providers and Asanti Workflow for wide-format production.

“Optimising production throughout the workflow is critical to performance and profitability,” Brindley says, “and both Apogee 9.0 and Asanti enable high levels of automation throughout the production process, with innovative tools and enhancements which allow businesses to improve customer connections, enhance the interaction between different links in the production chain, and ensure the very highest levels of productivity and efficiency from job receipt to delivery.”

The final piece of the PrintEx15 puzzle will be consumables, with a broad range of proven options headed by the new DoP Azura TE Chem-free printing plate. These inherently stable, thermally imaged plates offer great image contrast, so they’re easy to handle and check, and achieve perfect ink-water balance within a few sheets, for extra fast makeready. “We have a busy schedule of live demonstrations planned for our PrintEx15 stand, plus of course we will have a full team of experts on stand to discuss how all these solutions can help expand your customer offering and create stronger, more flexible and more profitable business into the future.” To see the latest systems from AGFA Graphics demonstrated and learn more from their specialist staff, visit Stand 1737 at PrintEx15 at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, from 13 – 15 May, 2015. Register today at

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Drop in at stand 1201

PentNet, a wholly owned Australian software company, will be launching two exciting new software products on its PrintEx15 stand in Sydney in May demonstrating how it is ‘setting the standard’ in print production workflow automation.

The company, which specialises in helping customers automate their workflows by providing software packages that connect with multiple products, software and printers, says the two new releases expand its range of seamless automated systems which cover every aspect of workflow from online ordering through to prepress, production, printing, finishing and delivery.

The first new release is the Pent Net Variable Data Module which has been developed with print service providers in mind, drawing from extensive research conducted by the company. This has resulted in a powerful, practical and easy to use variable data module which is sure to impress. Also being shown for the first time is the new Pent Net Online Job Board which features a dashboard displaying all jobs on screen. Jobs can be rearranged and the system will automatically reprioritise the job ticket – or the user can manually reorganise the jobs if desired. Both modules, like Pent Net’s other offerings, can connect to a wide range of other MIS including Tharsten, Quote and Print, Prism, Prinergy, Prinect,  Enfocus Switch, MYOB, SAP, Peoplesoft , pre-flight software such as PitStop, is JDF compliant and links directly to many offset and digital printers such as HP Indigo, Fuji Xerox and others.

Product specialists will also be on hand at PrintEx15 to discuss the company’s entire product range, which includes: Online StoreFront for W2P and online ordering; Template Builder; Quote Manager; Proof Manager for proofing and quality assurance; Digital Asset Manager; Brand Manager for corporate and government print rooms; Job Manager for job tracking and workflow manager; and Automation, Integration and Customisation. Because the company is Australian based, and develops all its software here, they also offer significant advantages in systems integration, customisation and support, a fact which is appreciated by a wide range of customers including small, medium and large offset printers, a wide range of digital printers, franchisor companies and printers who deal with them. The company also caters for print services within corporates, government agencies and departments, universities and TAFEs, offering quality assurance and marketing services, proofing, digital asset management and print management. Pent Net will be on Stand 1201 at PrintEx15 at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, from 13 – 15 May this year. For more information or to register, go to   

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Drop in at stand 1404

David Crowther, the Colour Doctor of Colour Graphic Services – is offering free detailed wide-format colour health checks at PrintEx/Visual Impact for any printer/rip/media combination. Colour Graphic Services, is a colour management and ISO certification specialist, exhibiting on stand 1404 at PrintEx/Visual Impact, Sydney from May 13-15.

David Crowther (pictured) and his UK partner from Mellow Colour, Alan Dresch, will measure and, using Mellow Colour software suite, analyse a special wide-format test forme printed on a device of the visitor’s choice. A report is then produced, with suggested remedies, identifying where any colour issues are by using ISO 12647-2 as the benchmark. To take advantage of this, printers must request the specially constructed test forme ahead of PrintEx, and print it out to the best of their ability on the device of choice. The printed sheet is then carried along to PrintEx between 13-15 May at Sydney Showgrounds, to stand 1404 where Crowther and Dresch will measure it using the latest ISO 13655 compatible spectrophotometers, with the data then sent into PrintSpec software. Within seconds, the software will produce a full report on any colour management issues present and possible remedies.

“The PDF test forme file we send in advance is big, around 180 Mb,” says Crowther, “so either high bandwidth or a file sending service such as DropBox or SendStuffNow can be used. It’s a PDF so can easily be put into the workflow and printed out.” Crowther recently returned from Lotsa Printing, Cairns where he profiled an HP Latex printer to match ISO 12647-2 colour from a Ryobi offset press. Late in 2014 he also profiled and matched 5 different printers/processes for Sydney’s Sol Print including flatbed UV, Solvent roll-to-roll and Aqueous inkjet printing.

A normal visit to a sign and display printer to produce the test forme, measure, report and provide one ICC profile costs $495 in the Sydney metro area, so the free PrintEx service is a really good saving, and arms a printer with some very useful knowledge about their printing output devices. Get hold by email of the free PDF file for the test forme here. And make sure to bring the print-out along to PrintEx/Visual Impact!


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Drop in at stand 1815

In an increasingly print-savvy and internet-savvy world, Accura MIS is focused on offering print service providers the tools they need to offer intuitive, streamlined solutions. On Stand 1815 at PrintEx15, Accura MIS will be demonstrating this with a product range headed by Accura Online eDoc Builder plug-in and their powerful Accura Production Scheduling Module.

  eDoc Builder
The eDocBuilder AccuraOnline plug-in provides in-browser artwork editing & variable data handling, which outputs to hi-res print-ready PDF – rounding off a class-leading, fully integrated web-to-print solution. Customers are increasingly more “print-savvy” and “internet-savvy”. For many years they have been designing & uploading their own artwork, with less dependence on designers, agencies, or print brokers. Editing artwork in-browser from a standard template is the next logical step for them, they want this level of control, and they want to deal with a modern printer who can offer this facility. They expect print to be modern, instant and intuitive. eDocBulider will allow your customers to edit & self-proof artwork, generate a print-ready Hi-Res PDF file, which will be synchronised into the Accura MIS, and output to a workflow system “hot-folder”… all seamlessly!  
Production scheduling
The optional Production Scheduling module integrates fully with the Order Processing module. Using the Production Scheduling you can plan the work flow for as many or as few of your factory resources and staff across multiple shift patterns. The themed user interface allows dragging and dropping of individual order items to fully auto-planning entire orders. The easy to navigate interface can be displayed in a variety of ways, Gantt view, Week view or Day view.
The scheduler provides a set of three different report-styles, daily planner, weekly planner and a work-to report, so the production staff know what they’re supposed to be doing and keeping production on track. When used in conjunction with the optional Accura RDC add-on, production data is fed back in real-time to the planner showing which planned events are in progress but crucially keeps you informed of overrunning events and delays.
RDC stations can also view the Scheduler in a read-only mode so operators can easily keep track of their schedule. What are the benefits to my business? The scheduling module allows more finite planning of the entire job cycle
  • Enables you to answer (with confidence) the question: “Can I have my job by xxxx?”
  • Maximizes utilisation of resources
  • Gives a visual planning board to replace manual “T-card” systems
  • Shows real-time tracking & delays (updated instantly)
  • Highlights conflicts
  • Improves customer service
  • Works seamlessly with Remote-Data-Capture module.

To find out more, you can contact sales for a personal demonstration.

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Drop in at stand 1837



Visitors to PrintEx15 are invited to learn about the optimum UV consumable options available for their presses. Böttcher Systems highlights its pressroom consumables product matrix designed to take the guesswork out of low energy UV printing.

Böttcher is helping printers take the guesswork out of finding the right combination of pressroom consumables to use with the latest low-energy UV presses.

At PrintEx15, the company will showcase its matrix of UV-ready products designed to optimise the implementation of UV offset print and deliver the most efficient mix of rollers, blankets and pressroom chemistry.

The products covered by Böttcher Systems include a range of rollers and blankets with unique surface characteristics designed to withstand the effects of UV inks, as well as fountain solutions and cleaning agents specially formulated to prolong running life and reduce maintenance.

The on-going development of the UV-compatible consumables – all of which are designed, tested and manufactured by Böttcher at its own facilities – is in response to the latest advances in UV sheetfed offset press technology. In particular, the use of new low-energy UV systems has grown significantly worldwide in recent years, including in Australia and New Zealand. Examples of these low-energy UV systems include Komori’s H-UV technology, Ryobi’s LED-UV Printing System, Heidelberg’s DryStar UV LED and KBA’s VariDry LED-UV. Compared to conventional UV ink and coating technology, low-energy UV printing offers a number of advantages. Typically, the latest systems use LED lamps to initiate the UV curing process instead of the traditional mercury vapour lamps. This results in lower energy consumption, quicker start-ups and longer lifespan, as well as no VOC or ozone odours requiring additional ventilation systems. In addition, low energy UV offset printing meets many of the production requirements for today’s competitive market such as instant drying for fast turnarounds, high quality print results and the ability to print on a wider range of substrates.

“Low energy UV offset is an attractive option for many printers because of the competitive advantages it offers,” explains Mitchell Mulligan, Managing Director, Böttcher Australia. “Like any new technology however, it also poses new challenges because the inks used are significantly different compared to conventional UV inks and coatings. “This can cause problems on the press as the rollers and blankets react to the inks in different ways. Issues such as shrinkage and swelling can quickly get out of control, resulting in major print defects and increased downtime on the press. “That is why it’s so important to ensure that the consumables used on the press are part of a balanced system that delivers predictable, consistent results.”

As part of its exhibit at PrintEx15 in May, Böttcher will be highlighting its proven formula, based on extensive testing and real-world applications, for determining the optimum mix of products for each press set-up. “That includes not just the press technology but the inks as well as there can be significant differences between the various ink manufacturers,” adds Mulligan. “Press operators need to take into account the specific ink they are using in order to determine the best combination of rollers, blankets, fountain solution and cleaning agents.” Böttcher Systems will be the only exhibitor at PrintEx15 offering a complete portfolio of pressroom consumables for commercial, packaging and label printers. In addition to its market-leading rollers and blankets, the exhibit will highlight Böttcher’s Vita range of food-safe packaging consumables and new cleaning agents for UV print rollers.

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Drop in at stand 2119

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of spiral wound cardboard tubes for your business, make sure you take the opportunity to call in and see industry specialists Michael and Roisin Piefke on Stand 2119 at PrintEx15.

This husband and wife team are the new names behind a 35 year old family company which specialises in manufacturing quality cores, cylinders and tubes for the print and manufacturing industry, using recycled  board supplied by Visy paper. Taking over from Michael’s father two years ago, the couple head up an eight-person team in Narellan in South-West Sydney and have recently branched out from successful operation in the Sydney market to distribute their product nationally.

“PrintEx15 is really the official launch of our national distribution network and we are very much looking forward to catching up with many of our existing clients, who include some of the leading industry names in Sydney, and also to meeting print service providers and fellow exhibitors from around the country to show them what we can offer,” says Michael. The company’s diverse and high quality product range includes:

        • Cores for label, tape, paper, film, textiles, engineering and paper converting applications
        • Display tubes to provide the framework for POS and display units
        • Spiral tubes for paper conversion, shipping and the storage of a wide range of flexible substrates
        • Mailing tubes in a wide range of colours and sizes, including lids.
        • Protective tubes for packaging, transit and storage.

“Importantly, we back our products with extensive expertise and experience, with many of our staff members – including myself and my brother-in-law – having worked in the business for more than 10 years,” Michael adds. “That means we can advise our clients on the best and most cost effective solutions to meet their requirements, and also work with them to ensure timely and reliable delivery wherever they are across the nation.”

With such a strong focus on the quality and service, it’s no wonder Cardboard Tubes lists some of the country’s leading names in print as their loyal clients – and the company is geared to add even more names to that list at PrintEx15. “We pride ourselves on our service and finding the right solution for the customer, so if you have a need for cardboard tubes in your business, Roisin and I would love to introduce ourselves and our products to you at PrintEx15,” Michael says.

Michael and Roisin will be on the Cardboard Tubes Stand 2119 every day of PrintEx15, which runs from 13 – 15 May at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. To contact them and arrange an appointment during the show, or to find out more about their product range here.

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Drop in at stand 1813

PrintEx15 in Sydney in May will be Hexicom Software’s third such exhibition – and this year, they’ll be encouraging businesses to ‘get their head in the Cloud’, with a range of intuitive cloud-based solutions for printers, print managers, signage and promotional product suppliers.

According to Hexicom’s Phil Rutherford, the company will be using the platform provided by PrintEx15 to focus on helping small to medium sized businesses get ‘fully systemised’ to enjoy greater efficiency, productivity and profitability.

“Our core solution, which will appeal to many of the print professionals who visit PrintEx15, is ePrint MIS, and we are looking forward to demonstrating exactly how it can help digital and offset businesses improve their performance and profitability,” Rutherford explains. “ePrint simplifies and automates the entire workflow, from creating accurate estimates and creating purchase orders for suppliers, to managing jobs throughout the entire production process, creating invoices and delivery notes for customers – and even exporting purchase and invoice data straight to their accounting package.  In fact, we’ve been working with Xero and MYOB for several years now, so our MIS solutions link directly to their cloud accounting packages.”

Hexicom Software understands the diversity of the print market, and has responded to the unique requirements of individual sectors with similar solutions called eSign MIS, customized specially for signage businesses, and ePromo MIS, designed for promotional product providers. “We’re expecting these solutions to generate a lot of interest at PrintEx15, too, not only with the very many printing companies who are now expanding into the fast-growing and flexible wide format and digital inkjet markets, but also to many of the visitors who come in via the co-located Visual Impact sign and display show,” he points out. “eSign is growing rapidly with flatbed and signage companies who are loving that they can estimate and manage job production flow in the one system, so we’re expecting it to really strike a chord with visitors.”

Complementing these MIS packages eStore Web2Print module, which can be integrated to any of the MIS packages. “eStore enables the end customer to place their print orders online, and for those orders to flow seamlessly into the Hexicom MIS system and, from there, to be progressed directly to your production workflow; it’s very simple, logical and efficient,” Rutherford explains. “This module, combined with our MIS solutions, is also ideal for businesses who hold finished goods on indent for customers or stock a range of standard products themselves, as the warehouse management module enables easy stock tracking, reporting and ordering.” Rutherford says the Hexicom team will be on Stand 1813 at PrintEx15 to demonstrate the benefits of the various MIS and W2P solutions available. For more information about their products, visit or

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Screen, together with its exclusive wide format reseller Graphic Art Mart, will be running live demonstrations on the new Truepress Jet W3200UV-HS during PrintEx and Visual Impact at the Sydney Showgrounds, May 13-15.

A hit worldwide for Screen… the W3200UV

“We believe it will be the most productive flatbed UV at the show,” says Screen Managing Director Peter Scott. “Apart from its ability to produce saleable quality at 150 square metres per hour, productivity features such as automatic head cleaning and nozzle mapping, maintenance time is reduced by up to 80% while productivity is increased by up to 60%. It is made by Screen subsidiary Inca Digital in the UK, so comes with a fine predigree.”

The model to be demonstrated on Graphic Art Mart’s PrintEx stand VC12 – the largest within the Visual Impact area – is the HS (high-speed) version, already optioned-up to 150 sqm/hr from the standard 85 sqm/hr. It features cmyk+Lc/Lm and white ink; a zoned vacuum system for the bed and retractable registration pins.

Mousa Elsarky, Graphic Art Mart Managing Director says: “We are delighted to present the W3200UV at Visual Impact and PrintEx. Interest has been high since our Open House at Flash Graphics, NSW, in December, where the first W3200 is installed. Customers like to see first-hand the productivity and quality features; Visual Impact/PrintEx is the ideal opportunity and we welcome all visitors to pre-book demonstrations as the demand will undoubtedly be high.” Scott adds: “The W3200UV has been a hit worldwide for Screen with around 30 shipped since launching in late 2014. It is backed by Screen’s ‘TRUST Network Service’ where highly detailed and precise analysis of any error logs can be conducted remotely. If a service call is necessary – most issues are resolved remotely – the technician already knows the status of the machine on arrival. With TRUSTGuard predictive diagnosis, potential problems can even be pre-empted and a part fitted before it fails. This all contributes to making the W3200UV the most productive printer in its class.”

The PrintEx/Visual Impact machine has already arrived from the UK and is undergoing pre-assembly and testing at Screen’s Sydney headquarters. For personal demonstration at Visual Impact/PrintEx, it is recommended to pre-book by emailing here: or calling 1300 426 278

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Drop in at stand 1337

HP TO UNVEIL REVOLUTIONARY PAGEWIDE TECHNOLOGY AT PRINTEX 15 – AUSTRALIAN-FIRST  The new HP PageWide Technology is set to revolutionise the production printing market in Australia, and Australian customers will be able to experience this innovative new technology for the first time at PrintEx 2015 in May.

With production printing currently dominated by monochrome LED printers, the disruptive new technology, which consists of more than 200,000 nozzles on a stationary print bar and spans the width of a page, will now enable users to produce a variety of black and white and colour applications on large format machines, such as drawings, maps and posters.

“We’re excited to be able to bring this technology to Australia for the first time and give local customers the chance to see it in action before we introduce these printers in-country later this year,” said Javier Larraz, director and general manager, Graphic Solutions Business, Large Format Design, Asia-Pacific and Japan, HP. “Our customers are continuously seeking cost-effective and reliable printing technologies and the new large-format HP PageWide Technology will offer customers an affordable option for high-volume, quality prints. We expected this to transform an industry that typically prints in monochrome to now print in technicolour without compromising on speed.”

Together with HP Thermal Inkjet Technology and HP pigment inks, HP claims the new technology will reduce the cost per page and offer the flexibility to use low-cost photo papers for graphically rich applications. It has the capability to accelerate the drying process and also print a full page in a single pass, which means the PageWide platform will decrease turnaround time significantly.

“We see this as game-changing technology for the large format industry, especially following the success of our PageWide Technology from industrial production in HP Colour Inkjet Web Presses and in the HP Officejet Pro X and HP Officejet Enterprise X series.’ We’re looking forward to seeing how the latest adaptation will be received in Australia,” said Larraz.

In addition to HP’s PageWide technology, visitors to the HP stand will also see the HP Latex 3000 Industrial Printer in action – at 3.2m wide, this behemoth is hard to miss. HP’s Latex Printer range now offers customers more choice than ever before – as well as the Latex 3000, the entry-level 1.37m HP Latex 310, mid-level 1.62m HP Latex 330 and the high-production HP Latex 360 printers will all be on display. HP’s Latex Printers will be complemented by a unique demonstration of the range of décor market opportunities which can be produced on these printers.

According to Jeremy Brew, Sign & Display Application Specialist at HP, the HP Latex printers and HP WallArt software enables Print Service Provides to address the fast growing and lucrative decoration market.  Everything from digitally printed wallcoverings and canvas, to customised window blinds will be on display.  Visitors to the stand will also be able to create their own designs, see them printed live and take them home! The full range of HP solutions on display includes:

        • HP PageWide XL Printer
        • HP Latex 3000 Series Printer
        • HP Latex 360, 330 & 310 Series Printers
        • HP WallArt Software
        • HP Designjet Z6800 Printer
        • HP Designjet T7200 Printer
        • HP Designjet T2500 & T3500 eMFP Printers
        • HP Designjet Z5400 Printer
        • HP Designjet Smartstream Software
        • HP Scitex FB500 Series Flatbed Printer
        • HP Z1 G2 All-in-one Workstations
        • HP Networking Solutions

HP’s will be exhibiting its portfolio at Stand 1337 PrintEx 2015 from 10am on Wednesday May 13th until 4pm on Friday May 15th.
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Drop in at stand 1732

If producing accurate colour is important to your business, you need to come and see DES at stand number 1732 at Printex. DES specializes in supplying innovative, colour managed and productive digital workflow solutions into the colour critical markets of signage, packaging and commercial printing.

In a statement, the company said:

In today’s markets brands and product colour must be perfect to keep your customers loyalty and that’s what we help you do. We can match your customer’s colours between their artwork on your displays and your UV inkjet flatbeds & Solvent printers or your Screen & Litho printing. In addition to our core competence of colour management we sell and support a full range of digital large format printers in Aqueous, Eco Solvent and UV inks ranging from 430mm wide up to 5000mm wide.

With large format printing technology from Seiko, EFI, Epson, Roland and Canon and cutting solutions from Graphtec we will find a solution to suit your budget and productivity requirements. All our hardware offerings are supported by our full range of cost effective consumables and delivered to you nationally from our 5 warehouse locations around Australia. No matter whether you are just starting in large format printing or you are an industry veteran, DES can add value to your business and processes.

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Colour expert Alan Dresch, Managing Director of UK-based Mellow Colour, will present a hands-on masterclass at this year’s PrintEx.  Dresch is credited with being the first person in the world to interface high-end colour separation scanning into the DTP world.

Alan Dresch

Dresch’s main topic will be the importance of ensuring brand colour consistency across processes, locations and technology. He’ll also examine latest developments in ISO 12647-2 and plans for the future. The session will take place on Thursday, May 14th from 11.30am -12.30pm in the forum area of PrintEx at Sydney Olympic Park Showgrounds.

Dresch and his Australian partner David Crowther, the Colour Doctor of Colour Graphic Services, will also use the Mellow Colour software suite to analyse a wide-format test forme printed on a device of the visitor’s choice.  A report will then identify any colour issues by using the ISO 12647 as the benchmark.

Mellow Colour, headquartered in Evesham, UK, is represented in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia by Colour Graphic Services, who also have a stand at PrintEx (1404). Dresch has been involved in prepress technology and colour management for over 35 years.  Major clients of Mellow Colour include retail giant Marks & Spencer, BMW and Vogue magazine.
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It’s all about workflow at stand 1725! Whether you’re looking for productivity gains or new revenue streams the EFI Productivity Suite can help you find the right solution to grow your business. Visit EFI at stand 1725.

EFI will be featuring solutions for its recently launched Productivity Suite. The suite addresses customers’ most pressing automation and efficiency needs by moving the workflow emphasis away from individual EFI software packages and modules to a complete offering that uses best-of-Suite, end-to-end workflows and certified integrations. As a result, printing and packaging companies can further simplify the management and operations tasks they need to grow into new markets and strategically run their businesses.

Visitors can also experience EFI’s industry leading inkjet technoloy at the show. With nearly 500 “cool cure” LED inkjet presses and printers installed at locations worldwide, EFI is leading the charge in the environmental advantages LED offers with virtually no VOC emissions and significantly reduced energy usage. EFI customers are gaining a competitive advantage from their ability to print on a much broader range of substrates, including corrugated board and thin, inexpensive films that cannot withstand the heat associated with other drying or curing methods. Visit EFI partners Spicers at stand 1515 and DES at stand 1732 and experience the power of cool cure!

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Visit us at Stand 2123

The BJ Ball Group encompasses a diverse range of business units within the paper and communication media sector. 

Our operational reach extends from New Zealand to Hong Kong including Australia, thePacific Islands and South East Asia. With over 90 years experience servicing a wide range of customers across many market sectors, BJ Ball is positioned for growth through product and market development.

ICON is the digital extension to BJ Ball Papers, delivering innovative products to the Small and Wide Format market. We are launching our Wide Format range at Printex covering a variety of synthetics to cover any surface. No other system provides this level of assurance and flexibility. Printers will be free to focus on developing new business knowing that as an ICON Partner your stock requirements are covered.

Australia’s first and only ‘I_CONsignment ‘ system. Driven by technology, I_CONsigment is the easiest way to ensure you have the right stock, in the right place at the right time.

Come and visit Stand 2123 and our friendly BJ Ball rep will talk you through all the benefits of I_CONsigment.

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Visit us at stand 1025

Konica Minolta to showcase new digital printing solutions at PrintEx15 17 March 2015 – Konica Minolta is excited to be an exhibiter at PrintEx15, Australia’s second largest trade exhibition at the Sydney Showground Homebush, from 13 – 15 May 2015.

Konica Minolta aims to cement its position as a top player in the light/mid production arena by offering professional insights into how digital printing technologies can transform business operations.

Konica Minolta’s digital print solutions have an outstanding reputation among customers for their quality of image and for their consistency in production.

“PrintEx is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our latest print technologies and solutions, as well as the scope of our consulting services. At this year’s exhibition we will show print providers how they can tap into new markets.” commented George Fryer, General Manager Production Sales, Konica Minolta.

The Konica Minolta solutions on offer will appeal to business owners from light production commercial printing companies and offset printing houses seeking a digital alternative and in house print rooms.

“By demonstrating an easy path to digital printing, we can help customers to bridge the gap between offset and digital print technologies. They can then start offering their customers greater flexibility.” continued Fryer.

Throughout the day there will be regular live group demonstrations in the four key print solution zones, showcasing; Web to print (W2P), Variable Data Printing (VDP), Print Workflow Management (PWM) and Colour Management Solution (CMS).

The bizhub PRESS range of professional print systems will be exhibited at Konica Minolta’s stand – 1052 – located front and centre near the entry doors. They include the bizhub PRESS C1100, bizhub PRESS C1085, bizhub PRESS C1070, bizhub PRESS 1250, bizhub PRESS C70hc and a new KIP wide format system.

“Reliability has been the foundation of the Konica Minolta production print systems. This has been proven time and time again with BLI PRO awards being awarded to C1100, 1250, 1052 and 2250P systems over the years. Reliability translates into longer running times which lead to greater output capacity and increased productivity and profit for print providers,” said Fryer.

The bizhub PRESS range offers low running costs and yet provides high productivity and superb image quality. Its impressive rated print speeds, coupled with ORUM (Operator Replacement Unit Management), maximise uptime while its impeccable accuracy, colour consistency and dependability help print providers work efficiently to meet tight deadlines.

The bizhub PRESS systems provide impressive media support and flexibility, with the ability to print on stocks of up to 350 gsm. They can now also print on synthetic based media such as polyester and othermedia. Designed to suit these various media types and accommodate customer demand, operators are able to adjust line speed, temperature in the fixing unit as well as fan control for fuser separation and air suction media feeding.

Operators have the option to print banners up to 1.2m, for POS and book cover production, at a low cost but to supply to clients at a higher margin, based on sheet size as well as print envelopes with ease, critical for variable printing of direct mail materials.

With one of the widest available ranges of flexible, in-line finishing options, operators can tailor any bizhub PRESS system to meet their business needs, ensuring they are well equipped to add value to the finished printed product, exceeding customer expectations.

Konica Minolta’s wide format solutions offer print providers with endless opportunities to expand their print offering i.e. to signage, POS material, posters, banners, book covers and more.








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Visit us at stand 1137

Epson goes Wide at PrintEx 2015

Comprehensive range and demonstrations on stand 1137


At this year’s PrintEx Epson will be pulling out all the stops with a wide range of products and demonstrations that cover label printing, document imaging, textile printing, signage and display, graphic arts, poster printing and photo minilab.

Representing label printing will be the new and highly efficient Epson TM-C7500 with its astounding image quality powered by PrecisionCore™ inkjet technology. Precise barcodes and ultra-sharp are assured with this compact, four-colour inkjet printer. Features include fast printing speeds up to 103mm/second, a banding reduction mode and a nozzle check system that produces a reliable output of high volume labels with excellent durability. There will also be a static label display from Epson’s first linehead, inkjet label press with LED UV curing ink, the SurePress L-6034, a printer that enables high-speed printing ideal for short-to mid-run jobs, producing labels with outstanding scratch and weather resistance.

In the document imaging section will be the new WorkForce Pro WF-R8590TC and WF-R5690 multifunction printers and WF-R5190 printer using the new Epson Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), an entirely new way for small to medium size businesses to cut costs and improve efficiencies when it comes to office colour printing. Utilising this revolutionary system, Epson’s new WorkForce® Pro R5000 series and R8000 series printers can deliver up to 75,000 printed pages in both black and colour before the ink needs to be replaced. Alongside the RIPS printers will be the ultra-fast DS-70000 scanner with its 2-sided scanning of critical business documents in just one pass, scanning everything from 2.7″ x 4.7″ up to 11.7″ x 100″.

Textile printing will be handled ably by the SureColor Fabric series featuring the SC-F7100.  This printer represents a new dawn in the dye sub printing world coming as a full, turnkey solution complete with hardware, software, ink and (optional) media. Also in the textile area will be Epson’s SureColor F2000 Direct To Garment (DTG) printing platform for work involving cotton based shirts, caps, bags, and promotional items.

In the signage and display area will be the extremely fast and flexible 64” SureColor Solvent SC-S50600 printer that has been designed for medium-high volume production of durable display and design material. The SC-S50600 can be used with a wide range of media and is suitable for many applications including the production of advertising and POS displays, vehicle wraps, labels, furniture decals and interior or exterior surface finishes. Also in the signage and display area will be the SC-S70600 which, like the SC-S50600, uses Epson’s patented Thin Film MicroPiezo™ print heads and pigment based UltraChrome Eco-Solvent ink technology. The SC-S70600 also incorporates dual print heads and an eight colour ink supply with optional white and metallic ink and features adjustable multi-stage media heating and a super-rigid chassis with advanced media management.

If your interest is in graphic arts then you’ll need look no further than Epson’s Stylus Pro SP-9890, a 44″ (1118mm) Large Format Printer that is designed for artwork and poster printing. The SP-9890 supports a wide range of roll and sheet based media and features an ultra-fine MicroPiezo® Thin Film (TFP) print head with Variable Sized Droplet Technology™ for output with superior resolution, gradations and colour density. It also uses Epson UltraChrome® K3 all-pigment aqueous ink with a 9 cartridge configuration for high quality colour and premium black & white output that is consistent, predictable and durable.

For poster printing, Epson will be demonstrating its SureColor® T Series T7200 printer which is also ideal for CAD, GIS, POS, business and design. The T7200 already known for its exceptional reliability with low running costs, has been enhanced in several key areas and now boasts superior imaging thanks to the company’s latest PrecisionCore™ TFP print head technology. The new T7200 features improved operational flexibility, enhanced network security and optional Postscript® functionality with high-speed hardware processing using a simple and flexible drag-n-drop interface.

Finally in the minilab demonstration area will be the SureLab SL-D700 Dry Film Mini Lab that has been specifically designed for retail, event and professional photo production. The SL-D700 is the latest addition to the SureLab range that includes the highly acclaimed SL-D3000 and offers many of the same features but in a new versatile, cost-effective and easy to operate desktop format. The SL-D700 has been designed for commercial photo and photo merchandise production and can be used for the production of quality photo prints as well as passport and ID images, photo albums, greeting cards, calendars, menus, fliers and awards.

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Visit us at stand 2136



‘We continue to expand the award winning Optimus dash MIS to ensure that MIS is no longer just a production tool, but can also help our Customers increase sales activity and  maximise opportunities without increasing costs,’ said Nicola Bisset, Optimus Group Managing Director.

dash Sales Manager Module contains all information required to assist in planning sales activities, pursuing new sales and responding to Customer enquiries instantly. “In keeping with the Lean Ethos, we have ensured that there is no duplication of effort. Complete transparency of Sales Activities and Customer Contact in a simple and easy to use web application,’ said Bisset.

dash Sales Manager includes a dashboard showing the User key alerts of information about the Customers and Prospects assigned to them. Alerts are colour coded to ensure the priority is clear and correct action is taken.

The contacts within dash Sales Manager include both Customers and Prospects.  Lists are defined and available as a global view for the Sales Manager or, for the Sales Staff User, only those Customers and Prospects assigned to them.  When clicking on an individual record, all information held about the Contact is available including note fields which can be completed and activities raised.

For existing Customers additional information is available with minimal clicks which include: Pending Enquiries (Estimates); Active Jobs; Proofs outstanding; Deliveries scheduled; Invoices issued and Customer owned stock levels.

Information displayed can easily be drilled down – so for example, if the user chooses an active job, they are able to view the job and where it is in production – An invaluable aid in responding to Customer queries instantly!

For Prospective Customers, all Organisations, Contacts within the Organisations and Locations are available. If Enquiries (Estimates) have been sent and not yet ordered, these are displayed to trigger action and follow up.

Organisations, Contacts & Locations for both existing Customers and Prospects are available to Export to spreadsheet at the touch of a button, enabling the preparation of Targeted Sales Campaigns, thereby ensuring all customers and prospects are kept informed of latest offers and products.

Sales Budgets can be assigned to each Customer & Prospect and are monitored by Customer, by Prospect or by Sales Representative assigned. Monthly budgets are entered with a cumulative running balance available. Actual sales invoiced are viewed against budget with variances highlighted – keeping you in total control of projected sales.

Login to dash Sales Manager
















dash Sales Manager includes a Sales Activity Calendar –Either ‘My Calendar’ for the user or ‘All’ for the Sales Manager to see the activities of the Sales Force. The calendar is populated with Activities required – each Activity can be dragged and dropped to re-schedule and when hovering over, the action required is easily visible. Alternatively by clicking on the activity, a form is presented and the user can fulfil and mark as completed.

All activities are colour codedfor simple visual representation of the action required. The calendar can also synchronise with other applications such as Google Calendar and Outlook.

dash Sales Manager Calendar can be displayed as a day or week view with the list of activities presented for effective time management and control.

All Activities raised in the dash Sales Manager Calendar automatically updates the Optimus Cloud Mobile Calendar ensuring that reps on the road are kept up to date onactivities required.  Cloud Mobile gives the sales rep the tools to be able to capture instant buying decisions in front of their customer – Fast Quotes, Fast Orders, Stock Orders and Customer View –The complete solution for great customer relationships and improved sales! All activity completed in Cloud Mobile automatically appears in Optimus dash MIS, giving full transparency and maximum efficiency.

Optimus dash helping our Customers capitalise on sales opportunities and support business growth!

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Visit us at stand 2735

Graph-Pak will exhibit the latest equipment available for  Direct to Substrate and Direct to Garment  printing equipment from AZONPRINTER.
At the show we will have these printers.


UV TT     UV Q


We will be also launching our own cylinder printing attachments  built in Australia by Graph-Pak which give these flat bed printers a very completive edge by increasing the capacity of the printer to print on bottles , cups , round objects – SEE US AT THE SHOW







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Visit us at stand 1704

Label Line Pty Ltd has been operating for more than 15 years now and has had a healthy growth pattern every year, servicing all of Australia and New Zealand. We have recently added new stock and dies to our already huge range and will be handing out swatch books featuring our range of stocks.

We are pleased to offer the world’s largest range of pre-cut A4 self-adhesive labels. With over 12,000 options available in both an offset range (with optional side grip) and our Advantage label range which is a fully centred range designed for digital printing, we cater for just about every need. Every label shape is available in each label stock.Our range of stocks include matt & gloss white, fluorescents, tint & strong colours, foils & speciality synthetics.

Our team works hard in its commitment to excellent service by employing three simple principles:

• Saving you time and money by having such a huge range of label shapes, sizes and stocks on hand – no waiting for stock, no extra die costs.

• Offering super quick turn-around due to an efficient, happy team. We are proud to offer quick processing of your order. Just email or fax your order in the morning and we endeavour to despatch it within 24 hours.

• Saving you money by buying at the right price. We keep the prices low without sacrificing quality. Take advantage of even lower prices for bulk buying.

We look forward to seeing you at Printex 2015, Stand 1704.

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Fujifilm Australia has a vibrant presence at PrintEX through its association with sister company, Fuji Xerox. Celebrating its agency for the brand, Fuji Xerox will be exhibiting the Acuity Select HS flatbed printer on its stand at PrintEx 2015.

The Acuity Flatbed range allows our customers to increase revenue and print capabilities with value-add products and fast turnaround of high quality output. The ability to produce a broad range of wide format print and customised proofs or packaging mock ups identical to production runs and to match a wide range of brand and spot colours allows customers to diversify and expand their offering to market.

The Acuity range features:

Acuity LED 1600 Hybrid Printer – Able to print onto a wide variety of roll to roll media with the added advantage of printing onto rigid substrates up to 13mm thick.  Its versatility is further enhanced by the eight colour ink set including CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, white and clear and the ability to print white or varnish together in one pass

Acuity Advance Select and Select HS – With a choice of 10 models to suit a variety of applications the Acuity flatbed range is  designed for flexibility and to handle almost any sheet material. A compact roll to roll unit extends the versatility of this model which produces high quality prints across every sheet. The Acuity Advance Select comes with up to eight colour channels including white and clear, suitable for a wide range of creative print applications.

Acuity F series – Built for production with print speeds of up to 155m2/hr. Able to produce high quality, vibrant images on a variety of ridged media.

UV inks engineered by Fujifilm – industry leading Uvijet ink incorporates unique Micro-V ultrafine dispersion technology to maximise pigment loading – delivering strong, vibrant, lightfast colours with superior colour gamut

Come and talk to a Fuji Xerox Wide Format Specialist about the Acuity range of printers on offer from Fuji Xerox Australia. The Acuity Select UV Flatbed will be demonstrated at PrintEx15 on the Fuji Xerox Stand No 1537.

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The award-winning Truepress Jet L350UV and will make a surprise appearance at PrintEx15 after being shipped in from Japan in a late change of plan by Screen GP Australia.

In what it describes as ‘a late tactical switch,’ Screen will feature a working Truepress L350 on its exhibition stand, which it shares with L350 reseller Jet Technologies.

Peter Scott, MD, Screen GP Australia

“I was in Japan last week and the decision was made,” said Peter Scott, Screen Managing Director. “The installation for Australia’s first L350UV machine is underway now and the customer’s name and location will be announced very shortly. The customer has been running live jobs on the Technologies’ demonstration L350UV for several weeks and is totally satisfied with the results, including white ink. Since the label market is buoyant, and we now have our first customer, we will exhibit the L350UV instead of the planned Truepress Jet520 inkjet web machine.”

In order to make the PrintEx build-up deadline, Screen is shipping in the L350UV together with a specialist engineer. The inkjet UV label press features a 350mm maximum web width (322mm print width) and speeds up to 50 metres per minute. It’s designed for high uptime demanding productivity with up to 16.1 sq/m per minute (966 sq/m per hour) of full colour printed label stock delivering industry-leading throughput. Images are rendered as photo-realistic with very smooth gradations and fine detail.

Screen will be showing a roll-to-roll machine at PrintEx but both inline and near-line label finishing systems will be available – either Screen’s JetConverter line or Jet Technologies’ Smag solutions from Gulmen Engineering.

Screen GP Australia is a subsidiary of Screen Holdings Ltd, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of technology for the printing and pre-media industries.

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The award-winning MGI JETvarnish 3D takes digital spot UV coating to a new dimension, featuring increased throughput for flat spot UV jobs and amazing 3D raised effects. The latest addition to Konica Minolta’s range of products, the French-built JETvarnish 3D will add a new dimension to commercial printing.

Ideal for operations with offset and/or digital presses up to 52 x 105 cm format, the JETvarnish 3D is the perfect solution for 3D or traditional flat spot UV coating on runs from one to thousands, providing printers with true value-added services. Printers can now create and finish in-house visually stunning pieces that allow them to differentiate with a level of customization not available through traditional spot UV coating methods.

A pioneer and industry leader in spot UV coating, MGI first presented the JETvarnish at drupa 2008 and boasts the industry’s largest install base. JETvarnish series customers hail from all graphic arts sectors such as offset commercial printers, digital printers, finishing houses, silkscreen printers, specialty photo printers and book publishers. The most popular jobs include book covers, brochures, business & invitation cards and packaging.
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The KIP C7800 is a colour and black and white high-production print system.

It is a comprehensive solution for all types of wide format printing tasks that require high levels of quality and performance. The system’s work flow provides powerful print control for any production environment from a range of print submission applications, cloud printing, scan & copy, variable data printing and fully integrated stacking and folding.

The KIP C7800 saves serious time and money – making ultra high quality wide format printing more cost effective than ever before. Printing is faster. Operation is simpler. Finishing is automatic. Reliability keeps you up and running. Image quality will keep your customers coming back for more.

The KIP C7800 print system offers superb resolution at remarkable print speeds: • Up to 4,200 sq. ft./390 sq. m. hour in black and white

• Up to 3,500 sq. ft. /325 sq. m. hour in colour

A button is conveniently located in each media deck for quick, automatic roll trimming after loading. This simple process ensures reliable and accurate performance for continuous print production.

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‘Profitability’ will be Fuji Xerox’s direction and theme at PrintEx 2015, bringing together fresh ideas and technology solutions to enable print businesses to diversify, expand into new markets and drive greater levels of efficiency.

“We want to help our customers focus on what really counts, and today, that’s profit, efficiency and productivity. In an increasingly competitive landscape, Fuji Xerox Australia is taking a holistic approach delivering high value applications and services that open up alternative revenue channels and drive expansion into new areas.” explained Simon Lane, (pictured) Chief Marketing Officer at Fuji Xerox Australia.

On stand this year, alongside one of the industry’s most exciting innovations will be subject matter experts, available to discuss how innovative tools and workflow software solutions can reduce costs and time, produce more types of jobs more efficiently, automate repetitive tasks, and grow customer businesses.

Fuji Xerox Australia will also play host to a range of other activities throughout the show including:
– A presentation from international labelling and packaging expert Helmuth Munter from Durst Phototechnick AG.
– A session on the revenue-generating potential of multi-channel publishing from Peter Brittliff, Fuji Xerox Australia’s Software Solutions Marketing Manager.
– And finally, Fuji Xerox Australia is also proud to sponsor its own National Print Award- the Fuji Xerox Effectiveness Award – which recognises businesses delivering measurable results and ROI for their own customers.Bringing to life Fuji Xerox Australia’s core proposition, enabling customer profitability with agile innovation, will be the following products and solutions on display throughout the show:

·         Color 1000i Press – an industry-first press, enabling production of a broader range of applications, and opening up new revenue streams that can more effectively meet complex and creative customer demands.
·         Versant 80 & 2100 Press – the Versant platform has seen tremendous uptake in this region reaching a milestone of 218 installations since launch in 2014.
·         Acuity Advance Select UV Flatbed Printer – the ultimate platform for printing on rigid, flexible and even roll media, offering print providers a higher level of flexibility and control.
·         Color C60/70 Printer – Flexible feeding and finishing options allow for customers to keep more jobs in house and produce more work themselves at less expense to their business

Workflow solutions:
·         End-to-End Workflow Automation – a browser-based solution that automates the processing of jobs and seamlessly integrates your line-of-business systems.
·         Web-to-Print and MIS Integration – allows customers to create and manage online web-to-print storefronts and marketing portals.
·         Cross-Media Marketing Services – A complete suite of software solutions and integrated cross-media marketing platform.
·         Colour Management – provides the technology, software, training and professional advice to accurately and consistently achieve the highest quality in colour output.

* **************************

Natural fit of best of breed MIS solution with unique online editing tool demonstrated for the first time in Australia.

A new technology partnership is on between IQ Australia and Chili Publish providing IT, custom software development and business solutions to the print sectors. IQ has selected CHILI Publish’s well-known online editing solution to integrate with its flag-ship product printIQ. The integration will enable printIQ to offer a SaaS (Software as a Service) option to complete customers’ web2print offering. The IQconnect – CHILI Publish module delivers this functionality directly from within the printIQ MIS to provide an integrated and seamless workflow. Combining the unique strengths of both products, customers will be able to benefit from the most comprehensive print management system on the market today.

“We are delighted that such an innovative MIS developer has seen the potential CHILI Publish can bring to its offering,” says Kevin Goeminne CEO of CHILI Publish. “Print production processes are developing quickly, particularly with regard to rapid adoption of online ordering and the resulting need to streamline order-to-production processes, minimizing errors and touch points. This only serves to add to the bottom-line.”

A new take on print workflow

IQ has been delivering IT-based solutions since it was established 15 years ago. The strategic partnership combines the intelligence of the printIQ pricing engine, a web ordering workflow solution with the capabilities of CHILI Publish online editing technology. The result is the IQconnect – CHILI Publish module, an integrated and comprehensive online ordering process that can easily keep pace with the requirements of today’s printing operations. CHILI Publish APIs have been finessed to deliver template information, metadata, annotations and artwork files to printIQ for complete job tracking and reporting that is unique in the world of print MIS.

Mick Rowan, IQ Director and Product Development Manager, says, “We’ve designed and built an MIS with the future of print in mind. It is a new breed of print management system with web2print functionality incorporated directly into the product with the MIS. With no software to install, no separate web portal or online ordering system to add on, printIQ represents a quantum shift from the print software approach most printers are taking today.”

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Australia and New Zealand lead the way in using the Contra Vision range of perforated window films, with terrific installations seen across buildings, public transport and retail applications.
Contra Vision will be on the Starleaton stand at PrintEx15, showcasing some of the innovations in see-through window graphics that have resulted in the company recently being awarded a second consecutive Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this time for Innovation. These awards are made to a small number of companies, selected by the Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister’s Technical Committee: one of the highest recognitions that a UK company can obtain.

Innovation is at the heart of Contra Vision, driving its ability to expand the market for see-through graphics and increase business for wide-format printers.  Contra Vision is obviously delighted at this recognition, and invites printers and their customers to meet with them at PrintEx15 stand 1924 with Australasian distributor Starleaton Digital Solutions, if required pre-booking an appointment by emailing to arrange a suitable meeting time.
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Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia has recently signed a distribution agreement with 3D Systems a global leader in 3D printing technology, to distribute their portfolio through its nationwide network of dealers and authorised resellers, as well as its direct customers.

With this alliance, Konica Minolta will enter the rapidly emerging 3D printing market to provide its customers access to additive manufacturing solutions, complementing and expanding its product and services portfolio. Konica Minolta plans to focus on education, manufacturing, architects and print bureau industries.

We are excited to be able to work with a recognised industry leader, offering the most comprehensive suite of 3D printers and services in Australia. Our goal is to arm our nationwide, exceptional sales organisation with cutting-edge products, solutions and services that help our customers grow their business and gain a competitive edge,” said George Fryer, general manager production sales at Konica Minolta.

Konica Minolta will become the first manufacturer to sell, support and service 3D Systems’ products in Australia. Some of the first products that Konica Minolta will show at Printex include:

  • ProJet 3500 Series Professional 3D Printer – Ideal for engineering, manufacturing and mechanical environments, the ProJet 3500 Series prints high-quality, durable plastic parts with accurate and high-resolution. This printer series is ideal for rapid manufacturing, functional testing, design communication, rapid tooling and more.
  • ProJet 660 Professional 3D Printer – The ProJet 660 targets consumer products, healthcare, education and other vertical market customers that are interested in printing full-colour, photo-realistic models for product design, prototypes, assemblies and colour concept models.

We are excited to work with a partner like Konica Minolta Australia and expand our coverage through their established network to accelerate 3D printing adoption,” said Michele Marchesan, vice president and chief revenue officer, 3DS. “Konica Minolta brings strong customer relationships, service and support, and provides us an opportunity to extend our advanced 3D printing technology to a wider range of customers and applications.”


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