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$10,000 reduction in HP Indigo 3550 sale

The HP Indigo 3550

The last remaining press in the closure sale of iconic Perth printer Pilpel Print has been reduced by $10,000 for a quick sale.

The 2011 HP Indigo 3550 is in outstanding condition and has clocked up only 16.9 million impressions of cmy and k – which is 4.23 million four-colour impressions. It is fully optioned for a fifth colour.

The press has always been under a monthly HP and Currie Group service agreement and is in very good condition.

For $35,000 plus removal and re-commissioning costs (ref Currie Group) – you get an excellent SRA3 digital press with a fine pedigree.

Pilpel Print and Print Finishing Line have ceased operations and have sold the businesses to Perth’s Advance Press.