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1st new Techkon SpectroPlate into Australia

Tuesday, 15 January 2019
By Patrick Howard

No sooner released onto the world market than a local printer has ordered the latest in plate measurement technology.

Well-known printing colour guru David Crowther of Colour Graphic Services, the Australian agent for the award-winning, high-end German print technology manufacturer was impressed by the speed of the industry’s response to the launch.

“We don’t sell too many SpectroPlates here. People mostly use the Techkon SpectroDens spectrodensitometers but a printer phoned me up and I sold the first one yesterday, the same day it was launched,” he said. “The SpectroPlate All-Vision is the only measurement device that can be used for processless plates, which are becoming more common.”

The new generation Techkon SpectroPlate is a high resolution digital microscope that measures dot percentage, screen angles, lines per inch/cm, dot gain and AM, FM or Hybrid Screens of traditional offset or process-less, chemistry-free printing plates. It boasts a unibody case that is precisely machined from a single block of aluminum to maximize durability and reliability in harsh production environments. It is also now equipped with a high-resolution anti-glare display and well as an improved user-interface.

The Techkon SpectroPlate has been a long-standing favorite among the top plate manufacturers due to its speed, accuracy, and reliability. The SpectroPlate is the latest Techkon instrument to be added to its New Generation line and now includes:

  • Inductive charging
  • New generation battery with up to 10X lifespan
  • Micro USB port
  • Charging on console and USB port


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