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1st Regioman press is a techno advance for newspapers

Thursday, 24 February 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

The high-tech site, scheduled to open in early 2006, will combine the APN printing operations from Maroochydore with those from the company’s site at Bundaberg.

According to Gary Osborne, group production manager for APN Newspapers in Australia, the design of the new site has been driven by the need for a more flexible and efficient print capacity. “When the new plant is up and running, it will be producing four daily newspapers every night. When you take into account the delivery schedules on top of that, the time constraints for the production of all these editions are critical. The Regioman’s format and running speed make it the right press for the type of work we do and the time constraints under which we work.”

The Regioman press at Yandina, installed by Intergrafica Print & Pack, will print 64 pages of back-to-back colour at a top speed of 75,000 copies per hour. The Uniset tower included in the press will also be used for additional coldset colour as required, as well as for combined coldset and heatset printing and standalone heatset products for internal and external clients. It runs at a top speed of 60,000 copies per hour in straight mode.

“This has been a very exciting project to be involved in,” says John Ostler (pictured right), general manager for the web at IPP. “Not only because it’s the first Regioman in Australia, but also because the combination of single and double width presses in a single line is a very important development for newspaper production in this country.”

The combination of the double width, single circumference Regioman towers and single width, double circumference Uniset towers is a unique configuration for MAN Roland. The result of a joint development between APN and MAN Roland, the design and engineering teams from MAN Roland worked through the complete production requirements of APN to ensure the press configuration and equipment met their unique requirements. The process took more than two years of planning to bring to fruition, the final details being confirmed just prior to Christmas.

APN News & Media publishes 24 daily and more than 90 non-daily newspapers across Australia and New Zealand. The sites at Maroochydore and Bundaberg are both responsible for producing several daily newspapers, as well as a range of smaller publications and commercial work.

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