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ACCC asked not to proceed with Adobe inquiry

Wednesday, 15 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

The ACCC has been asked not to proceed with its inquiries into the controversial Adobe FedEx Kinko’s ‘print to Kinkos’ button in Acrobat 8.1

Printing Industries CEO Philip Andersen said the association, which referred the matter for investigation by the ACCC for possible breaches of Australia’s fair trade and anti-competition laws, had asked that no further action be taken in the matter.

“We believe that last week’s statement by Adobe that it would remove the button and its acknowledgement that its introduction had been a mistake are genuine attempts to correct a situation that had caused enormous angst among its Australian and international printing industry customers,” he said.

“Naturally we will be closely following the issue to ensure everything goes according to plan and will provide whatever assistance necessary to Adobe Australia to assist with this process.”

Last week Andersen praised Adobe for listening to the print community and taking action in spite of its agreement with FedEx Kinko’s.

“Undoubtedly this has been a difficult time for Adobe, but they have acknowledged they made a mistake and they have moved to correct it,” he said. “We commend this action which will help restore confidence in Adobe and its commitment to the Australian printing industry and our colleagues in the USA and other affected countries.”

A new Acrobat Reader version 8.1.1. is currently being developed and should be completed in about 8-9 weeks’ time.

When this is ready, anyone downloading the software will find the FedEx Kinko’s link gone and for people already using 8.1, the feature will disappear via an automatic update.

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports have FedEx Kinko’s preparing to open another store in Australia, most likely in Brisbane, bring its total to three.

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