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Accurio to the rescue at MBE Applecross

Tuesday, 26 June 2018
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Andrew Ingram, director, MBE Applecross with his new Konica Minolta AccurioPress C2070.

A recent upswing in demand for printing jobs at Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) Applecross in Perth WA meant the company was being forced to outsource much of its printing work to other providers.

“Initially we had a printer that was more suited to office work than the commercial work we wanted to do,” says Andrew Ingram, director, MBE Applecross. “One of the key types of printing we do is meeting notices for mining exploration companies. These 16-32-page booklets need to be high quality and produced in time for meeting season, which is around the end of May. To meet this demand, we needed a commercial printer that could deliver reliably and quickly.”

At MBE’s national conference, MBE Applecross directors met with representatives from Konica Minolta and determined that the KM AccurioPress C2070 would be the ideal machine to meet the business’s needs.

“The previous printer couldn’t handle heavier stocks even though we’d been told it could,” says Ingram. “We needed a printer that could handle up to 350gsm because we wanted to print business cards and high-quality covers for the mining companies’ booklets.” The C2070 was also more than twice as fast as the previous machine, he said.

“Before, I was embarrassed to show people our printer,” Ingram says. “Now, it’s the first thing I show anyone when they come into the office. We wanted to be a place that did printing, not a place that sent printing jobs to other companies. Putting the Konica Minolta printer in place let us make that change. We don’t need to outsource as much work now because the C2070 can handle just about everything.”

MBE Applecross, Perth.

Ingram says one of the most important benefits for MBE Applecross has been the service and support provided by Konica Minolta.

“The assistance from Konica Minolta has been brilliant. One night, we ran out of staples in the middle of a job. I rang customer support and three hours later we had the staples and the job was back up and running. That was a fantastic effort.

“Every time I had a question for the Konica Minolta team, I got an immediate answer and that impressed me. As a business owner, to know I’ve got that level of backup and support is crucial. The C2070 is our main breadwinner, so having such reliable support for it really delivers peace of mind.”

Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) is a global company that provides courier, shipping, printing, and mailbox services. Originally established as a US-based franchise, MBE now has 32 locations in Australia.

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