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ACP mags lag behind competition

Wednesday, 27 February 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Readers could be fed up with gossip and celebrity news if the latest magazine circulation figures are anything to go by.

A number of ACP publications all experienced significant slumps in circulation and readership, such as Woman’s Day (down 12 per cent), TV Week (down 15 per cent), Cosmopolitan (19.3 per cent), Cleo (down 24.2 per cent), NW (down 11.6 per cent) and Dolly (down 25.3 per cent).

Former Emap titles acquired by ACP in September last year experienced a mixed bag. Some, like men’s magazine, Zoo, have continued to prove popular, while New Woman‘s readership dropped to 31.6 per cent, and FHM to 11 per cent.

But these results seem to have fazed ACP little, as it prepares to launch a local version of Italian fashion magazine, Grazia, later this year. While some within the media industry seem dubious as to the title’s success, group publisher of women’s lifestyle magazines, Pat Ingram, believes otherwise: "It will become a significant star in our stable," she said.

Rival publication, Pacific Magazines, also felt the blow of readers turning away, particularly in the case of New Idea, which was down 15.1 per cent. The acquisition of Time Inc publication, Who, has also proven shaky with readership falling 7.3 per cent.

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