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Adobe launches Creative Suite

Friday, 03 October 2003
By Print 21 Online Article

The innovative product strategy takes aim firmly at QuarkXPress by leveraging Adobe’s market leading position in the creative sector and copying essential features of the XPress GUI. It integrates the different products into a single platform, emphasising the company’s breadth of graphics programs based on shared core technologies and common interfaces and toolsets.

In the process, the version numbering system for such programs as Photoshop and Illustrator – ie. Photoshop Version 7 – will be discontinued, as all products are renamed as part of the CS platform – as in Illustrator CS. Even when buying a standalone copy of Illustrator, it will be labeled CS. Whether this means we are about to go forward with CS1 and CS2, is uncertain, but from now on all programs will have a common release date for new versions.

Acrobat 6.0 Professional, released earlier this year, is also a component of Creative Suite. The new package is anchored by Version Cue, a file management system that allows designers, working alone or in teams, to look for different iterations of files, letting them visually scan thumbnails in the different programs or search XMP metadata across version comments, keywords, author and date.

“Adobe Creative Suite integrates outstanding new product releases and unleashes Version Cue – technology that will save creative professionals time and revolutionise interaction within creative teams,” said Craig Tegel, managing director – Pacific, Adobe Systems. “With Creative Suite we are delivering a platform for the future of design and publishing, building on 20 years of innovation and partnership with the creative community world wide.”

A standard edition of Creative Suite targeted for print production is available, with all the programs except for web-oriented GoLive and Acrobat 6.0 Professional. Two Adobe type families are included with Creative Suite – Warnock Pro (presumably called after Adobe founder John Warnock) and Brioso Pro.

Both versions include video CDs from Total Training and a new Design Guide that offers insights on working more efficiently across the Creative Suite. There will be one serial number and one support and service number for purchasers of CS.


Current Photoshop program owners can upgrade to the premium Creative Suite for AUS$1529 / NZ$1749, or the standard edition for AUS$1119 / NZ$1289. Estimated street price for the premium edition is AUS$2499 / NZ3199 and for the standard edition AUS$1999 / NZ$2579

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