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Thursday, 18 August 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

POP Online has specialised in spare parts, consumables and equipment for the printing industry for over five years, and sells a wide range of excellent merchandise from all the big name suppliers.

POP Online is about to order additional sets of its popular GTO rollers, as most of the last shipment was sold before it was received. A full set of 12 rollers (9 ink & 3 water) for GTO 46 or GTO 52 are only available for a limited time at AUD$950 plus GST. Sets of 9 ink rollers for GTO are also available at $800 plus GST per set.

Please send your order by email or fax us on 08 9246 5200 or phone 08 9246 5100 for questions. Freight is additional for customers outside Australia, visit for more details.

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