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Thursday, 29 July 2004
By Print 21 Online Article

Böttcher manufactures and supplies a full range of press chemistry perfectly adapted to the requirements of users, presses and the environment.

Printing blankets, rollers and impression cylinders in modern sheet-fed offset presses are cleaned by various types of automatic washing units. Böttcher washes and Printing aids are specifically designed for this purpose. They offer strong cleaning action and outstanding reliability and have been tested and approved by press manufacturers and have FOGRA certification.

Printing aids – Ideal for pressroom use.

During printing operations, deposits consisting of paper coating material, calcium, printing ink ingredients accumulate on press rollers. These deposits cause glazing of the roller surface, which in turn lead to poor ink transfer and inking roller blinding.
Böttcher recommend intensive weekly cleaning of rollers with special cleaning pastes and gels. This extends roller service life and ensures consistent print quality.

Cleaning pastes

BöttcherPro Calciumfix
Cleaning gel for removal of stubborn calcium deposits on inking rollers. The original ink absorption properties are restored.
Regular (weekly) use helps prevent accumulation of calcium deposits. BöttcherPro Calciumfix is packaged in tubes for easy, economical application.

Feboclean EK
Cleaning gel for removal of stubborn calcium deposits on inking rollers. Packaged in tubs.

BöttcherPro Cleanfix
Cleaning paste for inking rollers; prevents accumulation of dirt deposits and glazing if used regularly. Chemical and physical action ensures thorough cleaning into material pores. Ideal for cleaning between colour changes from dark to light inks.
BöttcherPro Cleanfix is packaged in tubes for easy, economical application.

Feboclean RE
Cleaning paste for inking rollers; prevents ink ingredient deposit build-up if used regularly. Packaged in tubs.

Böttcher Rol-O-Past
Cleaning and rejuvenating paste for inking rollers; for removal of stubborn deposits on older inking rollers. Occasional application on rollers removed from presses restores the ink absorption properties of glazed inking rollers.

Böttcher = More than Rollers & Printing Blankets


BöttcherPro CleanFix – 500g tube (6 per box) – Code: 0801646 $26.95* (incl. GST)

Feboclean RE -700g Can (8 per box) – Code: 0801089 $26.95* (incl. GST)

BöttcherPro Calciumfix – 500g tube (6 per box) – Code: 0801645 $37.40* (incl. GST)

Feboclean EK – 1 kg Can (12 per box) – Code: 0801077 $70.78* (incl. GST)

*Plus packaging and shipping cost within Australia $14.95 per order, orders over $120.00 are delivered free.

To find out more information or to order some products, contact Mitchell Mulligan on +61 2 9659 2722 or e-mail

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