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Thursday, 27 April 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

High demands are made on offset printing, and in turn on the printing blankets as well. Varying stocks are used, stretching from smooth high-glossy paper up to rough recycling papers. The thickness of the stocks also varies wildly, from thin silk paper up to thick carton or thick metal sheets.

Printers must also keep in mind the different inks required for a job, including conventional, UV-inks, hybrid and others. Many other factors must also be taken into consideration, such as varying IPA-content in the fountain solution, format shifts, changing print runs, varying quality demands and different print processes.

The BöttcherTOP family of printing blankets offer a suitable printing for all these variations, and Bottcher has a special deal on its 3200 commercial sheet-fed blankets, designed for high-quality printing and alcohol reduction.


  • Hydrophilic surface compound especially developed for alcohol reduced (< 8 %) and alcohol free printing.
  • Micro-ground and polished printing surface, controlled roughness 0.9-1.2 µm.
  • Compressible layer with a high content of closed cells.
  • High stability carcass manufactured from pre-stretched and calendered fabrics.


  • Reduced dot gain
  • Optimum print contrast
  • Reduced paper dust build-up on plates and rollers
  • Minimum plate abrasion
  • Sharp, well defined dots
  • Full dots, dense and well-spread solids
  • Optimum ink cover on all paper grades (coated/uncoated)
  • Excellent release of all substrates (Quick Release)
  • Reduced ink and paper dust piling
  • Good smash and edge cut resistance
  • Compensates for thickness variations in substrates such as paper and metal
  • Minimum residual elongation, no need for retensioning
  • No doubling and slurring
  • High dimensional and register stability
  • Controlled gauge loss, no need for re-packing
  • Reduced piling on the blanket surface


  • Presses – Sheet-fed
  • Packing height – Conformable to OEM recommendations
  • Substrates – Paper, metal
  • Inks – Conventional & vegetable oil-based
  • Wash-up solvents – Conventional, low VOC, VOC-free
  • Fount solutions – IPA and alcohol substitutes

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