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***Advertisement: Ascent Partners 16 August 2011***

Tuesday, 16 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

Ascent Partners presently has eight print related businesses on the market around Australia, and are about to list another five (QLD x 2, VIC x 2 and NSW x 1) in the coming month. Turnovers range from $300,000 to $9,000,000, prices from below $200,000 to $3,000,000.

The businesses vary from A1 to A3 commercial printers to wide format printers to franchises and trade binderies. We’re also speaking to numerous other print related businesses, who may be looking to exit. Buyers are encouraged to view our web site at

Buying a business can be a great way to increase sales as opposed to trying to find that elusive sales person who actually brings in what they claim. It can also be a great way to acquire skilled staff and equipment. Long term “growth by acquisition” may be the only viable way to build sales, as “organic growth” can be difficult.

Very often, for a variety of reasons we don’t market businesses widely, only approaching those buyers where we see a fit, so it’s important for buyers to contact us to register their interest, so where appropriate we can contact them to introduce these businesses as they come up.

Market Values of Businesses

From what I see in the market place, vendors are often pleasantly surprised by what their goodwill is worth, but more often than not disappointed in the values of their machinery. There is no doubt that the values of machines have fallen quite dramatically in the last year, and many potential vendors have not kept abreast of these changes.

I’d encourage proprietors to get regular business appraisals, whether they are thinking of exiting or not. Many who go through this process learn a lot about where the value really lies, and can plan accordingly for their exit.

For example we recently did an appraisal on a business in South Australia. The business was profitable, in a good location with quality clients. I valued the business for $X, and the vendor needed to get 1.5 times X to get out.

He accepted the rationale behind my value, but took the decision to trade on, reduce debt, and to sell in a few years, for the market price. He now understands the methodology of how I appraised the business so now has a clear goal as to what needs to be achieved in the years leading up to exit.

Our services

So whether you are looking to acquire, looking to get an appraisal on your business or looking to exit the industry, Ascent Partners can help.
A visit to our web site will elaborate on these and other services, and on the businesses we presently have on the market.

You may wish to also subscribe to our free monthly Market Watch, which provides an overview of the market movements in the industry (acquisitions, mergers, alliances, closures etc) and major equipment installations. Alternatively ring Richard Rasmussen at Ascent Partners on 0402 021 101 for a confidential discussion.

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