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Agency Printing picks not one, but two ColorTuners on Epson

Monday, 19 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Don Elliott (right) likes the best, he’s a first class traveller, and in recent years he has transformed his printing company, Agency Printing, into one of the most advanced production units in Sydney. In a series of moves that would have left many breathless, in short order he moved the business into brand new premises, installed, what he terms, “the most sophisticated Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 eight-colour press in Australia,” plumped for a high-powered Screen CTP system with a complete TruFlow workflow, and is now looking around for another eight- or ten-colour full size press to round out his armoury.

So when a printer of Don’s stature decides to bring his digital proofing up to speed, it’s worth paying attention to the solution he decides upon – CGS ColorTuner on an Epson printer supplied by CyraChrome. It’s no surprise, really, because CyraChrome’s solution has just about become the de-facto standard digital inkjet digital proofing system for the industry. CyraChrome has more systems out there than the rest combined.

What makes Don’s choice even more interesting is that he went for two complete systems. A CGS ColorTuner system is more than capable of driving two Epson printers, and more, but Don is a man who recognises that proofing for his presses is the key element in the workflow.

“If your platemaker breaks down you can always get plates made elsewhere, but if you can’t supply your customer with proofs, then the whole system comes to a halt,” he said. “ We make over a thousand proofs a month here, so I decided to buy some insurance with the proofing system.”

The ColorTuners fit seamlessly into Agency Printing’s Screen prepress system, the same way they do with every other major workflow. CyraChrome’s personnel calibrated the system to match the press and provided the colour matching software.

“They’ve got the PMS colour patches, which is really very important. That’s one of the main features I wanted. They’ve just got the system up and running here, so it’s a bit premature to be singing its praises, but I reckon it’ll do alright,” said Don.

According to Michael Laird (pictured), managing director of CyraChrome, for digital proofing to work well requires expert installation and backup. “ And that’s what we at CyraChrome provide. Our people have the experience in making systems work and we’ve invested a lot of time and effort in getting all the elements in balance – paper, ink and software. Don knows we’re there to provide all the service and support he may require.”

Color Tuner on Epson is industry standard proofing

Introduced last year, the new version of CGS’ highly-regarded inkjet proofing system has added functionality for both prepress and printing companies, as well as remote proofing capabilities for publishers, advertisers and other print buyers.

“We are delighted to be recognized as a breakthrough technology for the graphic arts industry,” said CGS US President Trevor Haworth. “ORIS technology provides fast, reliable and affordable contract proof quality for our customers. Our latest version goes even further to ensure the business success of graphic arts companies.”

Colour Tuner 5.0’s new features include independent handling of spot colours, automatic device calibration (AutoCal) and automatic colour matching. The system also includes unique selective colour correction, for precise contract proofing on inkjet devices from Canon, Epson and others. Colour Tuner was the first system of its type to achieve SWOP certification.

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