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Another Sydney printer goes for ISO

Tuesday, 09 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

Swayed by growing consumer demand for ISO compliant print, Sydney-based Access Print Solutions undergoes AS/ISO 12647-2 certification.

Norbert D’Souza, director of Access Print Solutions says despite the expense in getting certified, implementing the ISO workflow has had a positive impact on the business.

“More print buyers are asking for ISO compliant printed product so we felt it was important for our current and future customers to prove our ability to produce print and proofs to this standard,” he says. "The ISO process has allowed us to quickly match our proofs and we have managed to reduce waste and increase productivity."

This new certification is recognized along with other Australian based ISO certified printers on the Colour Standards website.

Luke Wooldridge, Kayell’s colour specialist says he first met Access Print Solutions at the Stream Solutions conference last year in Noosa, when it won an ISO health check. From that point on the company stayed in touch with Kayell helping them become certified.

“The team at Access Print Solutions started moving towards an ISO based workflow last year and they did a very good during the certification exam. They already had most of the processes in place to print to the ISO standard and just needed a few pointers to match the standard.

”ISO certification is an ongoing process which is audited annually to ensure the processes required to maintain ISO quality are maintained,” said Wooldridge.

Pictured: The Access Print Solutions team displays their ISO Certification, (LtoR: Carlos Von (printer), Andrew Walsh (print room supervisor), and Ben McCullan (prepress operator)

Access Print Solutions was certified by Kayell’s ‘ISO printer program for Australia and New Zealand’ (ISO ANZ). It offers printing companies the ability to comply with the ISO 12647 standard without having to undertake the entire Fogra PSO certification process.

The comprehensive audit included the evaluation of monitor calibration, lighting conditions, proofing, CtP plate creation and finally a print run of 2000 impressions.

Andreas Johansson, sales director at Kayell says it is encouraging to see more printers becoming ISO certified. “More print buyers are becoming aware of the ISO standard and are actively looking for a certified printer for their print jobs.”

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