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APN gets enviro-smart

Wednesday, 26 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article
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APN Print proves it’s got the smarts when it comes to demonstrating a commitment to the environment.

The New Zealand group has actively cleaned up its newspaper operations by partaking in the ministry for environment’s Envirosmart and Enviromark campaigns, which enable businesses to achieve platinum and diamond status through creating a more sustainable country.

Dan Blackbourne, (pictured) APN’s general operations manager, believes that companies cannot ignore the need to promote and protect the environment. "Accreditation will in the future become compulsory for any manufacturing or processing company that discharges anything into the environment," he said.

"Already, as part of the tender process for some government work, we now have to include information as to how we are handling these discharges and waste paper."

Blackbourne believes the program will not only enhance APN’s reputation, but also increase profits.  "There are cost-saving efficiencies to the concept, such as recirculating water discharge," he said. "We are very early in the process, so the full potential of these benefits are yet to be realised."

"But overall, accreditation will both benefit the environment and help our cause commercially."

PrintNZ general manager, Ashley Chisholm, congratulated APN for showing responsibility. "We are seeing growth in the importance of environmental matters to government, public and therefore business," he said.

"The environmental management that APN Print has committed to is setting them well for their future and will not only benefit the business and their staff, but New Zealand as a whole."

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