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Applications open for $400,000 industry scholarship scheme

Friday, 16 August 2002
By Print 21 Online Article

The Association has engaged the Australian Computer Society Foundation (ACSF) to administer the scheme. The Foundation, which currently administers 54 scholarships across 37 Universities around the country, will work with GAMAA from the selection process onwards.

It is also working with the Melbourne Business School (a division of the University of Melbourne) to design three day industry specific residential workshops for each semester. These workshops will be designed to provide participants with valuable business related knowledge to assist them in addressing the unique issues that face the industry. The workshops will be open to anyone in the industry and will reflect the needs of the industry as identified through a process of diagnostics and consultation, with both suppliers and customers.

The scholarships are designed to foster post-graduate management or post-graduate business education with successful applicants choosing their preferred academic institution, program of study and method of delivery.

“Scholarships are open to all individuals working within the printing and graphic communications industries who can demonstrate an on-going commitment to the industry, who have the support of their employer and can meet the academic requirements for university entry,” said Angus Scott, President of GAMAA. “Whereas we welcome applicants from across the industry it is important to point out that there are limited places in the Scholarship program and we will not be able to place all applicants particularly in the first year of the program.”

The $400,000 will be allocated over three years – at this stage it is unclear how many scholarships it will fund. GAMAA will subsidise the academic fees for all successful applicants and will provide a supportive environment for them during their time of study.

“GAMAA has worked on the Education Scholarship project for the past two years, undertaking extensive research both within Australia and overseas. We considered creating an industry specific course but have concluded that this element of flexibility is important. We need to give people the option of portability within the industry, so that we have better managers and knowledge workers across the board. That is the only way to attract and keep people within our industry.”

“We believe our Education Scholarship program addresses the key findings of Print 21, an initiative that GAMAA has supported from the outset,” said Mr Scott. “By enabling our people to study with people from other industries we also open them up to other ways of coping with problems and of gaining insight into how other managers work within different market environments. It is this cross-pollination of knowledge and experiences that will enable our industry to look beyond itself and gain exposure to other market segments, some of which may form part of a broader print and graphics communications industry in the future.”

Application forms can be obtained from the GAMAA website at

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