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ASF Printing uses SM52-2 to meet market challenge

Monday, 25 September 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Alan Ferguson, (pictured on right) owner of ASF Printing, a small offset printer in suburban Notting Hill, Melbourne, has installed a Heidelberg Speedmaster 52-2 colour press to increase production capacity and fulfil the demands of his client base predominantly comprising advertising agencies and trade. ASF Printing produces short run four-colour promotional materials for a variety of uses including supermarket displays and in-store promotions.

“Our customers are continually looking for more innovative ways of presenting their communication materials resulting in an increase in demand for four-colour work printed on a variety of media, including synthetics,” said Alan Ferguson.

“We knew we had to re-assess our production capabilities if we were going to be able to meet our clients’ needs in-house and remain profitable,” he explains. “The Heidelberg solution of the SM52-2 has exceeded our expectations enabling us to produce a wide range of work with faster turnaround than I would have thought possible from a two-colour press.”

“The installation of the SM52-2 has enabled us produce jobs in house that would not have been feasible to produce on our old two-colour GTO.”

The automatic features of the SM52-2 including AutoPlate, for registration accuracy, faster make-ready times and automated wash-up enables ASF Printing to use the SM52-2 to regularly produce four-colour jobs.

ASF Printing recently clocked-up an in-house record for the largest number of make-ready’s in a day with the production of 2000 copies of a 64 page four-colour booklet over a 12 hour shift.

“We printed the job in four-page sections resulting in 14 make-readys. As the booklet comprised a combination of text, four colour images and a dark blue band, printed in CMK, across the bottom of each page, registration was paramount. The SM52-2 completed the work without a hitch, further confirming my confidence that we can run any job through this incredibly versatile press.”

Ferguson says the SM52-2 is also ideal for producing work on a range of media because of functions like the suction feeder, which allows thick stocks or synthetics to be lifted and separated even at top speed.

“We recently produced a quantity of shelf wobblers for a supermarket promotion. Without the SM52-2 we would have had to outsource this job which in turn would have compromised our ability to meet the client’s timeframe and impacted on the profitability of the job from our end.”

“The superb results we are getting from the SM52-2 means that now almost 90% of the work we produce is four-colour printed in two passes. The results are outstanding and there is no significant impact on productivity. We are particularly pleased with the press’s ability to overprint large solid areas without any ghosting from the previous pass which means we can push through jobs with total confidence.”

“I would recommend the SM52-2 to any small printer who regularly needs to print four-colour jobs, but cannot afford to invest in a four-colour press. The installation of the SM52-2 has enabled me to offer an expanded service without breaking the bank,” he concluded.

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