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Association launches MIS product to help industry productivity

Tuesday, 02 December 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Printing Industries has partnered with MIS software supplier Quote & Print to launch a new low-cost MIS solution targeted at improving productivity and reducing costs for small-to mid-sized print companies.

Called Start-up, the MIS entry software is designed for companies who cannot afford a full MIS system but want to streamline their job ticketing system away from manual paper based systems.

Printing Industries‘ CEO Philip Andersen said that global economic conditions were negatively impacting on the profitability of all companies.

"The challenge many companies now face is to minimise their administrative and production costs as one important factor in remaining viable and positioning their company for the challenges ahead," he said.

"Discussions on these concerns with member company Quote & Print, leading MIS suppliers to our industry, has come up with the Start-up MIS package that brings a company into the management technology era for under $4,000 for our member companies including three months support and onsite training and installation in major capital city locations."

Andersen said the Printing Industries Start-up package is available in a customised sheet-fed, digital, continuous, print procurement and labels variation.

"This is an important initiative for our members as MIS is now within the reach of all size businesses and can be expanded if and when required," he said.

Shanti Kumar, managing director of Quote & Print, believes that Start-up is more than just an MIS product.

"For many companies it will be a lifeline for their business saving about 30 per cent in time by automating tasks previously done manually. We are very excited to be working with Printing Industries on this initiative which we believe will have a major positive impact for the 80 per cent of our industry which are SMEs most of whom do not have MIS systems," he said.

"Workflow management and fundamental reporting such as job analysis, job profit and report generation are integral to Start-up."

Kumar said Quote & Print was committed to working with Printing Industries to help companies improve their productivity.

"As a supplier to the industry we must do everything we can to help companies to meet their objectives in the most economical way possible. I believe that Start-up does that by helping to cut costs and improve business efficiency," he said.

Andersen said Start-up was the latest in a number of money saving software purchasing benefits for members that also included Adobe CS4, Corel, Microsoft, Enfocus, Nuance, Quark, Filemaker, Extensis, VMware, Maxon, Marketcircle and Codeweavers software products.

Printing Industries‘ Start-up from Quote & Print costs $3950 plus GST to Printing Industries‘ members ($4950* all others) and can be obtained by contacting Printing Industries on (02) 8789 7300 or e-mail

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