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Australia still an emerging market for Adobe

Friday, 21 November 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Adobe’s senior vice president, John Loiacono, calls in on Australia to promote Creative Suite 4.

Loiacono, (pictured) who is responsible for the creative solutions business unit under which CS4 was launched, was heavily involved in the creation of the new software and was impressed by feedback from the locals.

"The reviews from the press, analysts and customers have all been positive," he said.

He sees Australia as "an emerging market and growth area" for Adobe. After meeting with media and government organisations, Loiacono hopes that the take up of Adobe in Australia will increase.

Prior to its release there was much talk throughout industry circles that CS4 was merely an "update" and not a new product in its own right. Loiacono is pleased to discover that attitudes have since changed.

"People now realise that it is a full-blown release that is packed with new features," he said.

Loiacono sees Adobe’s involvement with internet as vital to its future. He points towards new CS4 features such as web conferencing and In Context Editing (ICE) as vital to connecting Adobe users with others.

The release of Creative Suite 4 coincides not only with a tense economy, but also the release of rival software, Quark Version 8. Loiacono, however, is not particularly swayed by either factors.

"Everyone recognises that they have budget constraints and need to control their spending," he said. "But I’ve spoken with a number of agencies who told me that if they could only update one application it would be Creative Suite."

Loiacono was unable to discuss or reveal sales figures for Creative Suite 4. Of Quark, he is similarly optimistic.

"We still run into some Quark users," he admitted. "They are competition that we take very seriously – but Adobe’s Creative Suite remains popular with users and we are confident with the product we have."

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