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Australian developer takes on DuPont

Wednesday, 13 June 2001
By Print 21 Online Article

Moving right along he soon lighted on ImpoProof to describe his unique machine. Chinchen needed the new name quickly to market his product following a parting of the ways with backer DuPont which decided to go with a single engine US-produced machine, SpinJet. Until recently the ImpoProof was being produced under license by Dupont as its DI-1050 imposition proofer using Digital Dylux paper.

“We have substantially modified the device so that it can now work with virtually any media as long as it meets some basic criteria,” said Chinchen. “We have even tested it with newsprint and it works.”

In an ironic twist the first sales of the newly-named ImpoProof have been to the USA where it is replacing a DuPont-branded machine in Detroit. Chinchen is currently in the States installing the Australian-developed technology and reports that negotiations are underway for five more of the machines to go to New York.

He is one of a new breed of local techno-entrepreneurs who are taking the development battle to the world. Unwilling to accept the market dominance of the large US-based companies they are finding there are enough customers overseas to support the Australian industry.

“It’s harder to sell Australian technology in Melbourne than it is in the United States,” said Chinchen. “Over there people are prepared to judge a unit on its merits while here there is a greater reliance on a brand name.”

ImpoProof uses proprietary software to drive one or two HP 1050c large format inkjets to produce dual-sided eight-up proofs for CTP workflows prior to plate-making.

Hyphen’s move comes as DuPont announces it is merging its colour proofing and Cyrel packaging graphics businesses into a new organisation to be known as DuPont Imaging Technologies.

The company will use the new division to launch “more focused and competitive offerings” to the packaging graphics and colour proofing sectors and expand into the broader imaging market.

As part of the local move DuPont has lost the services of long-term industry proofing specialist, Mike Webb. A 25-year well known industry veteran, Webb said the parting was amicable. “They asked for volunteers and I put up my hand,” he said. He intends to take on some offers of consultancy work.

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