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Australian print training for Asian companies

Thursday, 26 July 2001
By Print 21 Online Article

Times Publishing subsidiary Argyle Times Graphics will be the focus of the push which will “bring significant benefits to Australia.” According to Jon Williams, ceo of Argyle Times Graphics, the decision to centre the multinational’s training in Melbourne is due to the high quality of Australian graphics education. The group has four major web printing plants in Asia: in Singapore, Malaysia and two in China.

All but one of the facilities are equipped as complete Heidelberg press sites and it is envisaged that the local company will become involved in providing the training here.

“We’re working with both the State and Federal Governments to develop the curriculum, which will include print management training as well as press operating,” said Williams. Details are still being worked through although Williams is keen to have the process underway by early next year.

Argyle is the new owner of the former Diamond Press plant at Sunshine (see article GO #9 archive) which is considered to be one of the most advanced heatset web printing facilities in the world. It has four Heidelberg high speed web presses with the top of the range Heidelberg M3000 staking its claim as the fastest production unit in a sector that has seen a technology makeover in the past five years.

Times Publishing intends to pursue a vigorous expansion in China and anticipates a continuing need for Australian printing training and expertise in the years to come.

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