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Australian printers object to New Zealand patent application

Friday, 27 June 2003
By Print 21 Online Article

There are also concerns that if successful the patent, lodged by New Zealand based company EWT Trade and Business Consultants NZ Limited, will compromise existing on-line ordering and processing systems for advertisements, stationery, newsletters and business cards and costing systems.

A number of Australian printing companies have sought legal advice and will lodge Notices of Opposition to the patent before the close off date next Friday – 3 July 2003. Once an objection has been lodged, the objecting company has three months to provide details of its objection. Recognition of the patent has been slow with news of its progress spreading by word of mouth among printers, especially in Western Australia.

A PDF of the patent can be obtained from Joe Kowalewski Printing Industries

Information on how to lodge an objection is available from the IP Australia website

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