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Australian provides proofs for CIA

Friday, 22 November 2002
By Print 21 Online Article

One year after the premiere US show closed in gloom following the tragic events of September 11, the innovative Australian company was back in Chicago introducing its expanded ImpoProof range of high productivity double-sided proofers.

One of its most enthusiastic customers proved to be the CIA, which came on the stand and walked away with the demonstration model. The agency decided that the Australian-designed ImpoProof was the proofing system it needs for providing fast, accurate output. The system is being installed at its Langley, Virginia HQ this week.

The intelligence agency was lucky to be so quick off the mark, because the same on-stand unit was subsequently the subject of another bid. “In fact, we could have sold the same machine twice over,” said Mark Chinchen.

“The biggest surprise though was the Italian dealer who said he had a demand for high speed 60 inch wide imposition proofers. After he took some samples and brochures I was expecting that would be the last contact. But he proceeded to send his order and arrange installation for December with the second system about to be signed for. So by Xmas Hyphen will have 60 inch units in both Milan and Rome.”

Hyphen and its US Distributor FlashLight Digital have now established working relationships with Konica, Kodak and 6 other independent dealers. In Australia ImpoProof is now available from Anitech, which expects to generate the same type of interest here as the product has received internationally.

Over the past year Hyphen has been installing ImpoProof systems in many sites across America, its biggest customers being the Mail-Well group with seven sites installed and some facilities having two units pumping out up to 300 imposition proofs per day. Another major customer, Earth Color has six sites installed with both groups are expecting to take more units in the coming year.

Future plans are for Hyphen to bring to market a new ImpoProof printer giving 30 pages per minute imposition proofs with better quality output, capable of doing gloss magazine work (at maybe 10 proofs per hour)

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