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  • JDA launches new mentoring program

    Every week we receive Assignments to find that elusive Business Developer who can “hit the ground running”. The reality is if a successful Sales Rep (or whatever title you want to give them) is already doing this, they will already be generally well rewarded for their efforts.

    Chris Gander, JDA.

    So, there is the risk. If a Company wants to hire them, the candidate will want to be rewarded at the same or higher level than they are already earning. Before the first job comes in the door.

    On the basis that Experienced Print Sales Reps are hard or expensive to attract, we have explored different ways to find sales reps that stick…

    1. There are Print experienced operational candidates that are keen to move into sales. These candidates have a heap of print knowledge, but lack sales skills

    2. Then there are the experienced BDM’s with networks of clients that may be prospective buyers of print. These can know how to sell, but lack print knowledge

    While it is the intention of a busy Printer to take the new Sales Rep onboard and provide that critical support especially in the first few weeks it doesn’t always work out as intended.

    So JDA has come up with a solution…

    With almost 100 years of combined Print and Associated Industry knowledge, we have created a combined recruitment and mentoring package. The package offers mentoring sessions during the first 90 days of commencement that are tailored to suit the expectations of the employer, as well as assist rapid growth for Managers, whether they be Reps, BDM’s, or Account Managers.

    Together, we determine what you have seen already work (and not work) with your past employees; one-on-one with the employee on their individual growth strategy with topics that may cover outcomes such as: Planning & Prospecting; Making appointments; Client Presentations; Handling objections; Asking for the Order; Goal setting; Reporting and more.

    This is not just for the candidates we place with you. Should you have existing staff that you feel could be helped along with some external mentoring, then we can offer that to you too. And of course, if you can see the benefits, we can extend the time frame. Who this is for:

    • Employers who value their staff, however do not have the internal resources to provide this sort of 1:1 mentoring
    • Employees who are dedicated to developing their problem-solving skills, boost their morale, increase their job satisfaction
    • Businesses who are interested in improving retention rates and team relations
    • Those who would like to see an increase in profits through improved employee performance and productivity
    • Businesses looking to groom existing staff to move into more senior roles
    • Companies looking to decrease mental health issues
    • Those interested in fostering healthy relationships and workplace culture

    If you feel your business meets these criteria and you feel that this Service may benefit your overall Business, please me at JDA (Vic) for a no obligation confidential conversation.

    Call me now on 0413 055 834.

    I look forward to discussing your requirements and how this new program works.

    Kind regards,
    Chris Gander
    JDA Print Recruitment (VIC) Director 03 9874 1582
    0413 055 834