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    Digital’s impact is not only on print… Does this sound familiar? Movies are also in transition from analogue to digital. This from a feature in the Financial Review.

    Whether the average audience member can tell the difference between movies made using analogue film and those made using digital technologies is debatable. The gap between the two has closed as digital has become more adept at mimicking the detail and feel of film. Yet the switch matters. It is changing the way movies are made and exhibited. And long from now, it promises to dictate what works survive.


    Ever wonder why personalisation, one of the main benefits of digital printing, has failed to meet expectations?

    A recent survey of data bases in the US – the 2014 Annual Marketing Data Benchmark Report from US data company NetProspex – goes some way to giving the answer. It reports that around 84% of marketing databases are barely functional. From a pool of more than 61 million records, 88% lacked basic ‘firmographic’ data, such as industry, company revenue, number of employees. And 64% of the records analysed did not even include a phone number.



    Golf is one of the great solvents of the printing industry. People stressed to the max without a minute to spare in their business lives, miraculously find time to wander about golf courses for hours on end chasing and abusing a small white ball.

    For those of us immune to the virus it’s a mystery where the satisfaction is to be found.

    But James Rodden, managing director of Gallus Australia, was very pleased with himself and the Gallus team at winning this year’s Swiss Ambassador’s Cup at Royal Melbourne. Skiving for the day were Jason Kiekebosch, owner of Applied Testing Suppliers, James Rodden, Peter Holywell, CEO at Supastick Perth and Chris Bradbrook, operation manager at CCL Barossa.

    And for those who care about such matters, they finished six under par at 66.