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  • Canon launches 2017 grants program

    Entries are now open for schools, environmental and community groups to apply.

    Today, on World Environment Day, Canon Oceania is excited to announce that its inaugural Grants Program – Inspiring Tomorrow, is now open for applications. The program intends to support schools and not-for-profit groups who are addressing issues that are impacting the environment or society to make a positive difference in their communities. Canon believes in empowering every person and community to strive towards a better tomorrow, supporting causes that look to improve our world.

    Canon is offering over $30,000 worth of grants made up of Canon equipment in-kind across Australia and New Zealand within Environmental, Education and Community sectors. The winners will be selected based on the positive impact their project will have on their environment or community, as well as the importance of Canon products in ensuring the project’s success.

    Yusuke Mizoguchi, MD, Canon Oceania

    “Canon is thrilled to launch our new Grants Program – Inspiring Tomorrow, which brings to life our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, meaning ‘living and working together for the common good’. Canon supports those making a positive contribution in their communities and wants to empower them with the tools to share their story.”

    “Each year we’re humbled by the selfless acts of not-for-profit organisations, schools, environmental and community programs, and we are excited to broaden the program this year to also give a helping hand to those addressing social issues and encourage anyone who fits this criteria to apply,” said Yusuke Mizoguchi, Managing Director, Canon Oceania.

    Living Ocean (NSW), won the 2016 Environmental Grant in the Community Category, receiving $5,000 worth of Canon devices and equipment including a digital camera and a video recorder. These devices went towards their mission to raises awareness of human impact on oceanic health through two key projects; a marine studies program that monitors ocean wildlife and a beach clean-up campaign called ‘No Plastic Please’.

    This year the grants will be awarded under the following categories:


    • 1 x Environmental Grant – $5,000
    • 1 x Education Grant – $5,000
    • 1 x Community Grant – $5,000
    • 1 x Runner-up Grant – $1,000

    New Zealand

    • 1 x Environmental Grant – NZ$5,000
    • 1 x Education Grant – NZ$5,000
    • 1 x Community Grant – NZ$5,000

    Applications are open from now until Friday 4th August with the winners announced by Friday 29th September.

    To apply for a grant, entrants should fill in the application form here and entrants can post an image that showcases their initiative with the hashtags #InspiringTomorrow #CanonGrantsProgram2017 and @CanonAustralia or (depending on their region).

    For more information on Canon Oceania’s Grants Program 2017 – Inspiring Tomorrow, please visit:

  • Zünd a standout for Starleaton at PacPrint

    The Zünd G3 sold at PacPrint off the Starleaton stand

    Starleaton enjoyed a very successful PacPrint according to CEO Ben Eaton, with its Zünd Swiss-made cutting tables proving particularly popular.

    “The show Zünd G3 was sold to an undisclosed customer at PacPrint,” says Eaton, “and we fielded numerous enquiries to be followed up post-show. The sheer quality and reliability of Zünd in all formats, plus the added value of the Design Centre 3 packaging templates, makes it an easy choice for discerning POS and packaging customers. A job is not finished until it is ‘finished’ and we are proud to offer Zünd cutting systems at the end of our production workflow that includes EFI Vutek printers and CGS colour management.”

    Such versatility has just won Zünd a European EDP (European Digital Press) award, ‘Best digital cutting system,’ for its innovative new RM-L routing system which converts G3 and D3 table cutters into powerful routers. The RM-L is a modular head exerting an impressive 3.6 kW of power, for routing acrylics, polycarbonates, ACM, foam-boards and MDF with unprecedented speed and efficiency. The force of this router, combined with up to 0.7 Nm of torque, opens up new possibilities for processing thick, hard, dense substrates. Adding routing capability to existing Zünd cutters delivers greater processing speeds and cutting depths and reduces the number of passes required to cut these materials. It even out-performs most dedicated routers.

    Eaton, who returned from FESPA Hamburg shortly before PacPrint, says Zünd stole the European show as far as cutting and routing tables are concerned. “Zünd Is the cutting system by which others are judged, he says, adding: “More than this, at FESPA they showed a new laser module, the LM 100W, which cuts and simultaneously seals the edges of polyester fabrics. Essentially, the laser beam uses high heat to cut the fabric. This causes the material to melt and creates clean, perfectly sealed edges, which prevents fraying. In the soft signage and textile sector this alone is a major advancement.”

    Starleaton Product Manager Ian Cleary says: “Longevity is another unique feature of Zünd – like Swiss watches they are built to last and last. We have machines still in use after 17 years, which have received several upgrades along the way.”

    “There may be cheaper cutters but there is nothing like a Zünd to future-proof your finishing,” says Eaton.

    Full view of the Zünd G3




  • PacPrint sales to top $20 million

    PacPrint 2017

    PacPrint 2017, incorporating Visual Impact Melbourne, has confirmed itself as the region’s leading B2B market place for print, sign and display, with business transacted on the exhibition floor looking certain to top AUD $20 million and initial feedback from both exhibitors and visitors overwhelmingly positive.

     “Data from both our own information sources and from our exhibitors is still being collected, however informal feedback at the close of the show on Friday indicated that the sales tally from just three of the larger exhibitors was expected to top $15 million, with others reporting strong – although as yet untallied – sales totals,” said Peter Harper, GM for Trade Shows & Publications for organisers, Visual Connections.

    “Visitor numbers were down on 2013, which was not unexpected given the continuing consolidation of the industry over the past four years, but daily visitor numbers were comparable to the previous iteration, without the sharp drops seen in shows over the past decade.”

    More than 150 organisations exhibited at the event, with the show’s mix continuing to change with the industries it represents. Digital technologies, automation and workflow were key themes, with a dominance of digital presses and wide-format technologies demonstrated on site, and – on the back of the increasing versatility of print equipment – the range of media on show was also diverse.

    Fabric took centre-stage on many stands, often in association with increasingly creative display systems, with plenty of dye-sub and inkjet options on show as well as direct-to-garment printing. For the sign and display sector, this was complemented with equipment and media for everything from pull-up banners to braille signage, LED and other illumination options.

    graphic art mart

    Packaging solutions were also evident, perhaps more so than in recent years, and photographers and designers who visited the show were astonished at the range of options available for printed images and applications. PacPrint 2017 will also be remembered as the show where 3D print took the leap from ‘novelty’ to ‘serious’ status, with several exhibitors demonstrating proven solutions in this key area.

    Increasing value for visitors was an informative and inspirational Forum and Workshop program. The final day’s program kicked off with a fascinating and challenging keynote address from film and rescue pilot and drone expert, Jerry Grayson, on the qualities of leadership, making and owning your decisions and facing disruption.

    This was followed by sessions on building business potential through tenders and grants – with Ceilia Jordaan from Ichiban Commercial Solutions providing practical advice on the competitive tender process and John MacDonald from AusIndustry outlining potential opportunities and incentives available to business through Government programs. Jordaan also ran a more ‘hands on’ session in the Workshop Theatrette, followed by David Carter from the Packaging Council of Australia, who took delegates through the Industry Values & Best Practice Program developed by the PCA and Printing Industries.

    Outside the MCEC, the team from the University of Newcastle were also delighted with the response to their large-scale demonstration of printed solar panels, saying that as well as strong interest from the public, more than half the visitors who engaged with them over the four-day event were from the print and related industries, auguring well for the UON’s plan to get suppliers and print professionals involved in taking this technology to market.

    The show avoided the Friday afternoon blues, with several people – from both within and outside the industry – commenting on the high numbers still in the aisles as the 4pm close rolled around, and business still being transacted right up to (and beyond) the last minute.

    It was typical of the show overall, with exhibitors saying the ‘quality’ of visitors was obvious and very welcome, particularly as they were seeing not only print, sign and graphic communications businesses, but also designers, photographers and key specifiers from large retail, pharmaceutical and photographic businesses.

    All, say exhibitors, were enthusiastic about making connections, gathering information and engaging in genuine discussions about how various technologies, services and consumables could benefit their businesses. This is supported by an initial breakdown of the visitor cohort, which suggests that well over half were business owners, CEOs, Managing Directors or senior managers – confirming the event’s long-held reputation as a ‘decision makers show’.

    “We will learn more as we analyse our own information, and exhibitors go back to the office to tally their figures and leads from the show,” said PacPrint Chair, Adrian Fleming, as exhibitors began the task of packing up their displays, “but numbers will never tell the whole story.

    “What is perhaps most pleasing is the positive mood around the industry which was so evident at the show and the appreciation from both visitors and exhibitors for the opportunity to see a range of solutions under one roof, and to connect with colleagues, partners and peers within the industry. This is where the true value of these events lies, and it was successfully delivered during PacPrint 2017.”



  • The New LEP – Trade Printing. Redefined.

    30 May, 2017 —There are three external elements to LEP’s re-launch – the brand change, a new shop front (public website) and the new shop My LEP (integrated ordering system). However, there is more to this than just an outside change at LEP, we have also changed how we partner and support our clients by investing to make their businesses more profitable.

    Our New Brand

    Our customers and their consumer needs are constantly transforming, Trade printing is constantly evolving technologically and culturally. It’s change or get changed out, a challenge that we have taken head on at LEP.

    For the last year and a half, we have worked intensively with this new ambition and are about to launch the next stage.

    On May 11, we started on this new journey with our new visual identity – the first of many changes.

    Our coloured cog style logo and previous brand has been replaced with a brand that reflects how we want to be perceived in the future – capturing the technical nature of printing, its pulse and speed.

    The branding is the just the first part of the customer story, but was actually the last part of LEP’s change journey.

    Our New Website

    The LEP web site has been completely redesigned to reflect our new brand and also provide our customers an unprecedented amount of information and helpful resources. This is also the first time our website has been fully accessible from phones and tablets.

    The updated site includes enhanced navigation and a revised content structure with the sole intent of delivering the same experience we give to our customers when they order with us – it’s fast, it’s responsive and it’s friendly.

    We have extended our customer support even further with live chat inside our ordering system and a dedicated support centre for customers to get their questions answered quickly.

    Unlike our old website, plenty of information regarding our growing product line including our print options and stock can be found right on each product page. Plenty of resources such as our artwork guidelines and print templates are available there too. These pages prominently feature LEP’s forte range; Australia’s largest same day and next day dispatch product range.

    We needed to give customers an easier way to see LEP, our people, and our vision to partner with their print business. Hence, we’ve put a lot of effort into the site presentation with photos, video and graphics so that our customers get a real sense of who we are.

    Before we started work on our new website, we had already set out to evolve online trade printing with our new ordering system, My LEP (formerly LEP Online), which has been a year and a half in the making. It’s the true cornerstone of our business and its redevelopment is the biggest innovation LEP has done in years.

    My LEP – Our new online ordering system

    My LEP is our fully integrated system which covers quoting and ordering through to manufacturing and distribution. It’s seamless and very cutting edge technology, whilst enabling customers to customise any job detail. Providing different service needs to different clients.

    My LEP has redefined how you order, with a modern user interface reinforcing our new brand and streamlined menus to an easy product selection. At any time day or night, you can browse millions of product options, prices and quantities and order instantly. Click on the product icon to view and compare product options online for various quantities, stocks and even the speed of delivery all on one screen.

    Customers can view all the courier services on offer based on the delivery address and then choose the courier and the service level that suits their client for every order with just one click.  There is also the added benefit when you consolidate orders by delivering several jobs to the same address – you will see a reduced freight rate, saving real dollars and valuable profit.

    We have upgraded a favourite to personalise every order by having your logo printed on all your orders that we dispatch to your clients.  Without a trace of LEP branding or address details it looks as though it comes straight from your business.  Hence, we take special care to adequately package and protect your pint jobs as we know it reflects on our customers.

    My LEP uses the fully integrated support features and resources on including the online chat feature to assist customers’ right when they need help. There are also lots of other changes to assist clients to view job and customer history and re-order.

    We have changed about every element of LEP business and met the demand created through lean manufacturing, product and service offering, with our new sites. We are now about to embrace the next transformation, in the never ending journey of continuous improvement as a 100% trade print partner.

    The Promotion

    To celebrate the NEW LEP we will be encouraging customers to take advantage of our 20% off all Digital products promotion, throughout June.  This promotion includes our same day dispatch range and all digital product types, business cards, loyalty cards, flyers, brochures, corporate folders and even magazines.

    Customers just need to log on to (My LEP) to join the celebration sale.


  • Fujifilm’s Acuity LED 3200R at PacPrint

    Fujifilm’s Acuity LED 3200R made its first appearance in Australia last week at the PacPrint trade show in Melbourne, where it was awarded a Technology Hot Pick. 

    Fujifilm's Takeshi Sampei and Steve Peck at PacPrint

    Takeshi Sampei, Section Manager – Fujifilm Global Graphic Systems and Steve Peck, Project and Marketing Manager, Fujifilm Graphic Systems accepted the award.

    Fujifilm first introduced LED curing in the highly successful Acuity 1600 LED; approximately 900 units of the LED 1600 have been sold worldwide. Because LED UV uses lower energy and a different bandwidth of UV light, the inks used need to be matched to the spectrum. Fujifilm created the inkset for the 1600 and a new, more flexible Uvijet ‘LF’ inkset for the 3200R.

    The addition of LF flexible inks opens up the soft signage sector for printing onto fabrics used for backlit panels, exhibition displays, teardrop outdoor banners and pull-up portable displays.

    Top-shelf specifications

    The new Fujifilm LED3200R wide-format roll printer

    The 3200R has eight ink channels including white and a clear coat (available later in 2017). Top speed is 110m2 per hour in CMYK 2-pass only mode. In 4-colour mode, standard production is produced at six-pass 40m2 per hour. Using all colours (CMYK + Lc,Lm, W) draft mode is 60 m2 per hour at four-pass and standard production is at 20 m2 per hour with twelve passes.

    Backlit panel production is a particularly strong feature of the LED 3200R and there is even an on-board backlit display so actual viewing results can be proof-assessed during production. In this mode, sixteen passes are deployed so colours remain saturated and vibrant, with a production speed of 7.5 m2 per hour.

    Double without trouble

    Another unique feature is the ability to print two rolls simultaneously. Two rolls of media, each variable up to 1.52 metres in width, can be loaded to print either the same or two different jobs, effectively creating ‘three printers in one’ to increase the versatility of the LED 3200R.

    This dual roll capability is an excellent production advantage when 1.52 metre production is at its peak and switching back to full 3200mm width is fast and easy. Two RIP variations are available:- ColorGate Production Suite 9 or Caldera’s V10.

    The Acuity LED3200R printing two 1.52 metre rolls side-by-side









    “It ticks all the boxes,” says Warren Hinder, Fujifilm’s Graphic Systems Divison Manager,” for the environment, occupational safety, low power consumption, versatility and, as for the image quality; [well that spoke for itself] at PacPrint – the colours are vibrant and very wide gamut.”

    Warren Hinder, Fujifilm's Graphic Systems Divison Manager

    The Acuity LED 3200R 3.2 meter UV wide format was launched at the PacPrint trade show last week at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

    About FUJIFILM Corporation – FUJIFILM Corporation is one of the major operating companies of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation. Since its founding in 1934, the company has built up a wealth of advanced technologies in the field of photo imaging, and in line with its efforts to become a comprehensive healthcare company, Fujifilm is now applying these technologies to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the Medical and Life Science fields. Fujifilm is also expanding growth in the highly functional materials business, including flat panel display materials, and in the graphic systems and optical devices businesses.

    About Fujifilm Graphic Systems ANZ –  Fujifilm Graphic Systems is a stable, long term partner focused on delivering high quality, technically advanced print solutions that help printers develop competitive advantage and grow their businesses. The company’s financial stability and unprecedented investment in R&D enable it to develop proprietary technologies for best-in-class printing. These include pre-press and pressroom solutions for offset, wide-format and digital print, as well as workflow software for print production management. Fujifilm is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its products and operations, proactively working to preserve the environment, and strives to educate printers about environmental best practice.

    For more information, visit

  • The best of the best

    Celebration and success was in the air at the 34th Media Super National Print Awards held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre last night, with Adams Print again the big winners of the evening.

    Print Industry Legend Award winner Dudley Scott and PIAA CEO Andrew Macaulay

    Building on the success of a bustling week of PacPrint, the National Print Awards provided the perfect setting to celebrate the capabilities of the printing industries.

    In opening the event, Andrew Macaulay, Chief Executive of Printing Industries Association of Australia, said “It is an honour for Printing Industries to host the 34th National Print Awards”.

    “As an industry, it is fantastic to celebrate the performance of our industry, and acknowledge how technology is being embraced to deliver exceptional quality for clients”.

    Jen Baile, Chief Judge for 2017 congratulated all medallists for achieving the epitome of excellence in the industry “the quality and performance continues to rise year-on-year, and I would like to acknowledge the efforts that have gone in to producing the work and compiling entries for the awards.”

    A total of 31 Gold24 Silver and 33 Bronze medals were awarded across 32 categories and sub-categories. Additional special awards included the Judge’s Award, Judge’s Highly Commended Award, Media Super Young Executive of the Year Award, and Media Super Industry Legend Award.

    Adams Print of Victoria were awarded the largest number of Gold medals, collecting an impressive 7 in total including the coveted Judges’ Award for their ‘Degas’ Books – which medalled in their respective categories for Book Printing, Offset, Limp Bound and Book Printing, Offset, Case Bound.

    PMP Limited deserve special acknowledgement for taking a clean sweep of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in the Web Offset category.

    The Judges’ Highly Commended Award was presented to Melrakki Book (Limited Edition), entered by Nulab Group of Victoria. This digitally printed limited edition book was a beautiful example of print at its finest. A calendar of the same title, was also recognised by the Judges as a great example of the print quality that can be achieved through a digital process.

    Rachel Alcorn of Superior Safety Pty Ltd was awarded the Media Super Young Executive Award, which recognises and rewards young print professionals who show exemplary promise as executives in print. Media Super Chair Gerard Noonan said “It’s vital we encourage the next generation and recognise the valuable contributions they’re making to the print industry. The 2017 nominees are all exceptionally talented and embody the qualities needed to take the industry forward.”

    Rounding off the award presentations for the evening, Dudley Scott of Scott Print in Perth was recognised as the Media Super Industry Legend. Mr Noonan, said “The Industry Legend award recognises an individual who has not only achieved long-term success in the printing industry, but who has also consistently innovated in their practices, assumed leadership positions within the industry and has earned the respect of their peers. Congratulations Dudley.”

    Complementing the formalities of the evening, more than 450 guests enjoyed entertainment from MC Dave O’Neil, one of Australia’s most popular comics, admired the aerial artist performing manoeuvres beyond belief in the rafters, and then hit the dance floor to while away the evening in a fitting end to an exceptional week.

    PacPrint competition winners Brent & Celeste Halliday with Print21's Emmeline Cannan and WRH Global Sales Executive - Pre Press Wayne Missen

    A hint of what to expect in years to come was captured in Macaulay’s speech “As we look towards the future, we see increased opportunity to utilise our National Print Awards as an inspirational vehicle to promote the industry to a much wider audience. The State-based Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards will become aligned with the NPAs and form the avenue to entry. The impressive work on display deserves to be shared outside of our industry participants”.

    There is a definite sense that change is in the air.

  • New president for Printing Industries

    Walter Kuhn, the new president of the PIAA

    The Printing Industries Association of Australia is looking to the future, today announcing the appointment of Walter Kuhn to the position of President, effective 1 July 2017.

    Kuhn is the Founder and Managing Director of Kuhn Corp Pty Ltd, a Queensland-based group of companies comprising print and packaging solutions for the Australian and international markets. Well-known within the printing industry, Kuhn is actively involved in other industry associations and brings breadth of understanding to the boardroom table.

    Having previously served as the Queensland State Councillor for Printing Industries (2009-2011) Walter joined the board in March 2016. He is enthusiastic about driving the association forward as it accelerates its efforts around effective lobbying, workplace relations and legal services, and member services.

    “I am pleased that progress has been made in the last 12 months, particularly around raising the profile of the printing industries and building a credible voice to contribute to policy discussion. We have a strong team in place to pursue new opportunities for the association, and to build valuable services that assist members to navigate and thrive in the challenging business environment”, Kuhn said.

    Kuhn will succeed Kieran May who is equally committed to the change, “It is necessary for Printing Industries to look to the future with a fresh approach and renewed energy. The board is confident we have the foundation in place to begin a new exciting chapter for the association, and Walter is well positioned to drive us forward”.

    Whilst May will step down as President he remains an active board member.

    Andrew Macaulay, CEO said “I would like to acknowledge the work that Kieran May did in laying the foundation for change, and in stabilising the organisation in a time of need”.


  • Holmesglen students headed to PacPrint

    More than 150 students from the Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne will be among 13,000 visitors from a wide range of industry sectors at Pacprint 2017 in Melbourne next week.

    With the establishment of the Certificate III print apprenticeships now well underway at Holmesglen, the focus on print has spread to fellow students with groups from the Institute’s Graphic Design, Interior Design and Fashion courses set to spend time at the industry’s leading show.

    Robert Black, program manager for Printing in the Design, Media and Art Department at Holmesglen Institute’s Faculty of Business, Design & Information technology, says over 150 students from these related disciplines are expected to attend across the four days.

    “We’re excited to be bringing the students from these three disciplines to the MCEC to see what the world of print has to offer. These courses all have key linkages to the print sector and PacPrint is the perfect place for these students to learn more about the scope and possibilities of print as it relates to their chosen vocations.

    “Some students will have a very broad interest across all areas, including what we might call ‘traditional’ commercial print, digital technologies, marketing collateral and sign and display work, while for others, their main areas of interest will no doubt lie more towards textile printing, interior products and the like.

    “For all of them, however, PacPrint will be an enormously valuable opportunity to learn how they can leverage the power of print in their future careers – and they’re certainly very keen to see it all in action at the show next week.”

    PacPrint 2017 will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 23 – 26 May inclusive. Online registration at


  • Southern Impact gets into packaging with Onpack

    Leading Australian print group Southern Impact has launched a new packaging and label business, Onpack, specializing in self-adhesive labels for food, craft beer, industrial and chemical products.

    Onpack becomes the fourth print company listed under Southern Impact – Southern Colour, Impact Digital and Intelligent Media – rounding out its specialist print offering.  With the latest in digital print and converting technology, without the prohibitive set-up expense of conventional methods, Onpack will reduce customers’ lead times, setup costs, working capital requirements and help eliminate obsolete inventory.

    Using the latest in digital label technology, Onpack launches with an impressive lineup from printing to offline finishing capabilities including:

    • Screen L350 UV Inkjet distributed by Jet Technologies

    • Prati Digifast One distributed by Heidelberg Graphics Australia

    • Prati Saturn Omnia distributed by Heidelberg Graphics Australia

    According to Michael Nankervis, Onpack managing director, the move is a natural evolution for Southern Impact, providing diversification into an exciting industry growth segment of short-to-medium run labeling.

    “The addition of Onpack perfectly complements the other businesses within the Southern Impact family and provides our customers, both current and new, with another service offering from a trusted, cohesive print partner,” he said.

    Onpack will launch from mid May 2017.

  • LEP Colour Printers gets new corporate ID

    11 May, 2017 — LEP Colour Printers has adopted a new visual identity to initiate the latest stage in its continuous evolution as the pre-eminent trade printer in Australia.

    LEP Colour Printers has launched a new logo to replace its well known four colour triple-octagon logo. The new visual identity is an up-to-the-minute reflection of LEP’s dedication to the use of new technology, and new print techniques, to produce highest quality print products in time-frames that ensure its customers satisfy the expectations of their own clients.

    LEP Colour Printers’ CEO, John Bromfield: “We are leading the change in trade print expectations."

    The new logo is a striking graphic representation of the company’s business vision. It features a contemporary circle that describes the highly technical nature of printing, and uses a colour palette enhancing the typography designed to represent speed and agility.

    This new corporate hallmark puts the print industry on notice that LEP Colour Printers has no time for complacency. As the print industry takes on board new technology developments to meet the constantly changing demands of its consumers, trade printers have to stay one step ahead, both culturally and technologically, to meet those demands.

    That’s a challenge LEP Colour Printers relishes. For the past decade the company has continually analysed and upgraded every facet of its business, infrastructure and processes to ensure that it is constantly at the ready for new directions in the use of print.

    Chief Executive Officer at LEP Colour Printers, John Bromfield, has been at the forefront of the drive to transform the company during that time. He believes the new logo emphasises the company’s ethos of rigour and innovation in everything it does.

    “It’s change or get changed out — a challenge that we have taken head-on at LEP,” said Mr Bromfield. “For the last year-and-a-half we have worked intensively with this new ambition, and are now launching the next stage with a new key facet — a brand design that reflects how we want to be perceived in the future, capturing the technical nature of printing, its pulse and speed.”

    The new logo is a recognisable representation of LEP’s highly responsive customer interaction through its online store, longstanding expertise in digital and offset print technology, and unparalleled job turnaround times.

    “To thrive in this new digital world, where business moves faster than ever, we have set out to modernise and elevate LEP, our brand, our shop front, and evolve our online trade printing. We are leading the change in trade print expectations, giving printers what they need to successfully fulfill their customers’ expectations,” said Mr Bromfield.

    “We have changed every element of the business to meet the demands our customers have created. We’ve done that through lean manufacturing, vibrant product and service offerings, and the fastest turnaround times in the country. We are now about to embrace the next transformation in our never ending journey of continuous improvement in print,” he added.

    As printers become familiar with LEP’s new logo, it will remind them of the ongoing developments inside the company which are less visible, but nevertheless play a vitally important role in LEP’s strategic development as the leading trade printer in Australia

    About LEP Colour Printers
    LEP Colour Printers is Australasia’s leading trade printer, offering a comprehensive range of prepress, offset and digital print, bindery and associated services. LEP provides super-fast turnaround times and online ordering services to make print easier and faster than ever.


  • Starleaton supports Humpty Dumpty at PacPrint


    The Humpty Dumpty Foundation logo

    In a continuation of support for the children’s hospital charity, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation; Starleaton will match all donations dropped into its specially marked box at PacPrint dollar-for-dollar.

    The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is the Children’s Charity that enables hospital and health services staff to make an immediate and tangible difference to children in life changing situations. The Foundation buys essential and often life-saving medical equipment in paediatric wards, neonatal Units, maternity and emergency departments in over 300 hospitals Australia-wide.

    Starleaton CEO Ben Eaton says: “In the fast-paced world of business and trade shows, we can often overlook greater causes that we can support with little effort; all it takes is a bit of commitment. My own daughter spent almost 2 months in the Royal Children’s Hospital at Randwick when she was only 1 year old and this highlighted to me the incredible work that the staff at these facilities do for our next generation.  We have supported the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for several years and will match all gold-coin donations dropped into our ‘egg-box’ at PacPrint with an identical amount.”

    Starleaton is located centrally at PacPrint, from May 23-26 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, on stand E10.

    For more on the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, please visit:




  • PacPrint Workshops Focus on Business

    Following on from its popularity at PacPrint 13, the PacPrint Business Improvement Workshops will be back for PacPrint 2017, covering a series of vital topics for business owners and key personnel.

     With thousands already registered to attend PacPrint and the co-located Visual Impact Melbourne expo, thoughts are now turning to making the most of the four-day event – and, according to PacPrint Chair, Adrian Fleming, anyone planning to attend would do well to check out the program of Workshops which will run throughout.

    “The PacPrint Business Improvement Workshops were introduced in 2013 and have proven to be a valuable complement to the already popular PacPrint Forum Series,” says Fleming.

    “While the Forum sessions tackle ‘big issues’ and broader topics, the Workshops are designed to offer more practical, hands-on advice and assistance, in areas from new technologies and industry developments, to business practices and strategies, in small-scale, ‘meet the expert’ sessions.”

    Like the Forum Series, the workshops will have a strong future-focus, with sessions on smart sensing technologies which will provide the interface to connect advanced information technologies, printed solar panels and other functional print applications, print’s role in a ‘digital first’ world, and 3D print applications.

    In more hands-on sessions, visitors can explore how to make vital W2P platforms work to help grow business, and learn now to design for digital, making the most of today’s technologies for print applications, exploring the value and application of spectrodensitometry and how to get the most out of new Corel Draw x7.

    David Carter from the Packaging Council of Australia will lead a session on the industry values and best practice for this vital and growing industry sector, while other business-focused sessions will explore marketing strategies for SMEs and provide practical ‘how to’ information on competitive tendering. Rounding out the program, specialists from Printing Industries will take businesses through vital areas like the National Employment Standards and Termination of Employment procedures.

    Like the Forums, the Workshops will be totally free of charge for PacPrint 2017 and Visual Impact Melbourne delegates, adding extra value to a show which already promises to be an outstanding opportunity for business with an exciting exhibitor list showing a comprehensive range of products and services, the PacPrint Forum Series and a host of other events.

    “These educational opportunities are an integral part of PacPrint and we are excited to have such outstanding speakers and presenters providing the ideas, opinions, information and advice which can be so vital to help businesses increase their competitiveness and profitability, and make confident decisions on their future direction,” Fleming says.

    “If you’re planning to be at PacPrint, I’d encourage you to review the Forum and Workshop programs so that you don’t miss the sessions which will be of value to your business – and of course, for those who have not yet registered for the show, it’s just another great reason to plan to be in Melbourne later this month.”

    If you have not yet registered, take advantage of the show’s easy online registration to skip the queues and make the most of your time at the show. To find out more about the PacPrint 2017 Forum Series and Workshop program, the exhibition, and other events, go to




  • Red Flames for Geebung 121 Creative

    Winners: Isaac Gibson, (left) 121 Geebung and Prabs Kundu, Creative Director, 121 Creative

    The winner of the annual Red Flame Design Awards, is Isaac Gibson, Senior Designer at 121 Geebung who took out this year’s first prize at the 2017 Kwik Kopy Conference held in Queenstown, New Zealand earlier this month. 

    The annual Red Flame Awards is open to Kwik Kopy and 121 Creative in-house designers.  This year’s communication brief was to develop a campaign to promote Kwik Kopy graphic design services to existing customers as well as the broader market, with the hero item in the campaign a direct mail piece aimed at invoking a sense of curiosity and excitement from the recipient.

    Kwik Kopy Marketing Manager, Karin Ingram says that this year’s entries met and exceeded the brief.

    “We wanted to give our designers the opportunity to work on a real brief. Graphic design is a major aspect of the Kwik Kopy success story and a growing part of our positioning and customer offer,” she said.

    “Our talented designers came up with a whole range of innovative ideas and creative.  It became immediately clear just how much thought, time and effort they put into their work.”

    Design industry experts Carol Mackay and Greg Branson formed the external panel invited to perform the final judging. They provided entrants with valuable feedback and congratulated everyone for a job well done.

    121 Creative Group Creative Director, Prabs Kundu adds that judges were delighted to see such a high standard of entries.

    “Many designers put a great deal of unseen effort into the presentation of their ideas and rationale for design,” he said. “This year highlighted the depth of talent across the Kwik Kopy and 121 network. It is clear that our team is committed to delivering great design solutions for our clients.”

    Isaac’s winning entry stood out from the crowd due to its fresh look that was still very much on brand. Kwik Kopy Marketing Manager, Karin Ingram says the judges were impressed with Isaac’s idea that offered something different from Kwik Kopy’s most recent campaigns.

    “It’s eye-catching creative that definitely promotes the value of graphic design to businesses,” she said.

    “We think our customers are going to really enjoy this campaign and some of the fun elements that we hope will become talking points. We are looking forward to rolling this out in the near future.”

    As the winning designer and Centre, Isaac and 121 Geebung will now work with the Kwik Kopy head office marketing team to develop a 2017/18 marketing campaign that can be used by the entire Kwik Kopy network. Kwik Kopy looks forward to revealing this innovative campaign later this year.


  • Rojo to launch SupaCling film at PacPrint

    A new, easy-install option in cling film has landed at Rojo Pacific’s national warehouse in Melbourne just in time for PacPrint 2017, and Managing Director John Wright is already predicting it could be their most popular cling film ever.

    SupaCling® Flexi is a PVC-free, matte white film which is the latest in the company’s popular SupaCling® range, which also features ‘Ultra’ in both matte white and optically clear. The new Flexi film offers the same glue-less application and residue-free removal as its stablemates, but with even easier installation and broader application.

    “The difference between SupaCling® Flexi and the Ultra products is the structure of the cling backing, which features patented silicone ‘dot’ technology rather than a flat, all-over application of silicone,” Wright explains.

    “This makes it super easy to install, as it doesn’t trap air or bubble so it doesn’t need to be squeegeed – you can just smooth it on by hand. Plus, as its name suggests, it adheres to a much wider range of surfaces from glass and ultra-smooth finishes, to timber, vinyl and plasterboard, so it can be applied to windows, display cabinets, walls, doors, floors and more. We’ve even stuck it to our paper-lined display board from KATZ, with great success.

    “Most importantly, all the products in the SupaCling® range use silicone cling technology, rather than glue, so they remove without any residue at the end of the decal’s lifespan.

    “We’re already seeing interest in SupaCling® Flexi for a broad range of applications, from seasonal promotions and short-term signage, to floor and wall decals, interchangeable pricing, cool room and fridge decals, removable printed wall decorations and exhibition collateral.”

    SupaCling® Flexi is available for order now, and will be formally launched alongside Rojo Pacific’s full range of wide-format media solutions on Stand B40 at PacPrint 2017 in May.




  • Organisers ‘delighted’ at PacPrint progress

    PacPrint 2017, co-located with the Visual Impact Melbourne show, will open in less than a month and, with 150 exhibitors signed up and visitor numbers tracking strongly, organisers say it’s shaping up as one of the best in recent years.

    PacPrint 2017 and Visual Impact are known as the market-leading shows for the print, graphic communications, sign and display sector, and this year’s iterations in Melbourne from May 23-26 will be no exception, with strong response from both the industry’s suppliers and potential visitors indicating that this will be a busy and exciting show.

    Peter Harper, Visual Connections

    “We’re delighted with the response to PacPrint and VI so far, both from the industry’s suppliers and from the broader print and sign markets,” says Peter Harper, General Manager – Trade Shows & Publications for Visual Connections, which is not only the event’s organiser but also its co-host, with Printing Industries.

    “With less than a month to go until the doors open at the MCEC, the show is promising to be an unmissable opportunity for anyone involved in the sector to get a feel for the latest trends, see new-release equipment and systems, evaluate a range of options and business solutions,” he says.

    More than 150 exhibitors will showcase an enormous variety of equipment, systems, services and solutions ranging from software and workflow management, to digital print and finishing, functional and 3D print, packaging and labels, signage and display systems, promotional products and banners, and more. More importantly, perhaps, Harper says PacPrint provides the ideal opportunity to connect with the people and organisations who can provide advice, support and services to help build future success.

    “As well as Visual Connections, Printing Industries will have a significant presence at the show, sharing its booth with the Packaging Council of Australia. PrintNZ is bringing a contingent to play host to the hundreds of visitors expected from New Zealand and the FPLMA will be there to liaise with packaging, label and flexo print professionals. Even the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – better known as AusIndustry – will be on hand to help businesses identify potential grants and other support available through the Federal Government’s programs,” he explains.

    “Our team has gathered together an impressive group of speakers for the PacPrint Forum Series, also, from four fascinating keynote speakers that are sure to challenge and inspire, to panelists for in-depth sessions on various industry sectors, technologies and business strategies, and experts who will deliver practical workshop sessions on more sector, business and technology-specific topics.”

    Rounding out the program will be events like the Women in Print PacPrint 2017 Breakfast on the morning of Wednesday 24 May, and the industry’s ‘night of nights’ – the 34th National Print Awards Gala Presentation Dinner, to be held on the evening of Thursday 25th May at Plenary 2 in the adjacent Convention Centre.

    Adrian Fleming, Chair PacPrint 2017

    “In such a dynamic industry, it’s vital to connect with new ideas, the latest technologies, and reliable and valuable services and support so that we can transition our businesses to capitalize on exciting new opportunities and meet the needs of an ever-changing market,” says PacPrint Chair, Adrian Fleming.

    “In my view, this PacPrint is shaping up to be one of the best I’ve ever attended and will be an important opportunity for businesses to connect with the best ideas, information and inspiration to help you make important investment and business decisions to shape your future direction and success.”

    PacPrint 2017 will run from 23-26 May at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. It will open from 10am – 6pm on Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25 May, with a special late night till 7pm on Wednesday 24 May, complete with complimentary canapes and drinks for visitors, to cater for small business owners and those who find it more difficult to get away during business hours. The final day of the show, Friday 26 May, will run from 10am until 4pm.

    To make the most of your time at the show, both Harper and Fleming would encourage visitors to preregister and to plan their visits.

    “Jump onto the PacPrint website and click the link to register, so you can skip the queues at the MCEC, and don’t forget to check out the information on exhibitors, the Forum Series and other show highlights, which can help you plan to make the most of your visit,” Harper says.

    Register online today or find out more at

  • New outdoor board challenges fluted plastic


    The outdoor commodity rigid sign market has long been dominated by trusty fluted plastics – a carry-over from screen printing days to flatbed UV digital production. Now there is an alternative for short-term outdoor signage, that offers environmental and production advantages over fluted plastic sheets.

    As good as polypropylene fluted sheets are, they do however suffer from ‘flute shadow’ – the lines that remain visible after printing. They can also experience ink adhesion issues, particularly when trimming and ink cracking occurs because the surface is not permeable. Then there is the recyclability aspect, where most plastic fluted signs end up as landfill or are burnt in super-incinerators. Some manufacturers do offer a collection and recycle programme but it is energy-hungry.

    Starleaton is now launching Outdoor Board from Swedish company Oppboga Bruk – a new paper-based board that offers 3 months of outdoor durability in an ultra-smooth, white and flat sheet, at a cost comparable with fluted products.

    “When I first heard the claims for this paper-pulp based board that contains no PE at all, I was skeptical,” says Starleaton CEO Ben Eaton. “How could it last outdoors in all kinds of weather if it’s made of paper and is not sandwiched between polyethylene? Then an Oppoga staffer immersed a printed sample into water, left it there for 15 minutes and pulled it out – it was perfect. Not even the board edges were compromised.”

    The secret of Outdoor Board is that it is infused, rather than coated, with water-resistance. This makes it resistant to water with no plastic content, biodegradable and a real alternative to foam PVC, foam board, and polypropylene flute for outdoor use up to approximately 12 weeks. It is also FSC, 100% recyclable.

    “The added benefit is that Oppboga’s Outdoor Board prints beautifully on both sides, with digital UV, offset or screen print, because it’s fibre-based and has a very smooth white surface,” Eaton says. “It can be die-cut, hole-punched, erected and hung with ease and is very robust indeed. At the end of the campaign, it is 100% recyclable and de-inkable – it already contains around 60% recycled fibre.”

    Oppboga Outdoor Board

    Applications include: A-Frames, real estate signs, election signs, outdoor billboards, supermarket signs, indoors and outside, hardware stores, garden and horticultural centres, bus advertising and more.

    Outdoor Board is available in 2440mm x 1220mm sheets and by special order in sheet sizes up to 1700 x 3600mm. Because it is a solid, stiffer board, transport and storage space costs are lower. It lays and stays flat and is dimensionally stable. Plastic fluted sheets contain mostly air space and compress/deform more easily.

    Starleaton will be featuring Oppboga Outdoor Board on its PacPrint stand [E30] in Melbourne from May 23-27. Samples are available on request.




  • PacPrint Forums: Funding Your Future

    Celia Jordaan

    We’re constantly told that to succeed in a constantly changing market, businesses need to innovate – but how do you fund your future development? The PacPrint Forum Series tackles this important issue with sessions on Friday 26 May on competitive tenders, grants and other funding options.

    In the first session at 1.30pm, Celia Jordaan will step businesses through the process of tendering.

    Jordaan, who is the Principal Procurement Advisor for Ichiban Commercial Solutions, has 21 years international and corporate experience in the areas of procurement, tenders, supply chains, contract management, law and risk. In this session, she will outline strategies to make tendering easy – and to boost business performance and improve the bottom line.

    “The session will look at why businesses might choose to tender for work, how to assess and prepare your business for the tendering process, what’s involved in putting together a successful tender, and how to get the most out of the process, win or lose,” she says.

    “Tendering is big business, and an excellent way to establish solid, reliable revenue streams that can fund your business development and diversification, but many businesses are daunted by the prospect. Some people don’t know where to find tender opportunities, or think the process is too difficult or time-consuming. Others assume you have to meet exceptionally high external standards to even be considered.

    “In fact, a lot of my clients are surprised to find just how low the barriers to participation are for many tenders, and how straightforward the process can be once you know how to approach it – and that’s what I’ll be sharing in this PacPrint forum session.”

    Most importantly, Jordaan says that tendering can be a highly valuable exercise for businesses whether they win the work or not. “Tendering is an amazing opportunity to see where the market is, to benchmark your performance, and identify weaknesses in how you are communicating,” she says. “By getting feedback on unsuccessful tenders you can work towards the improvements that will deliver contracts in the future.”

    John Macdonald

    This session will be followed by a presentation from John Macdonald, Assistant State Manager – Victoria for AusIndustry Business Services (the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science), who will outline a range of government initiatives and programs which may be of value to PacPrint visitors.

    “Industries like print face great challenges, but also enormous opportunities,” Macdonald says. “The Government is keen to help businesses innovate and I’m looking forward to introducing some of the ways in which businesses can access assistance and clarifying who might be eligible.”

    Established businesses, he says, may benefit from the Entrepreneurs Program which facilitates access to valuable services like professional business evaluations, specialist support to overcome barriers to growth and supply chain facilitation.

    “Under this program, eligible businesses can access co-funded business growth grants of up to $20K to help them access external expertise to implement recommended improvements,” Macdonald explains. “This program also has an ‘Accelerating Commercialisation’ component, under which established or start-up businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers who own the IP for new products and services can access funding and co-funded grants of up to $1 million to bring those to market.”

    Other initiatives which he believes could deliver benefits to future-focused businesses in the print sector include the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Growth Centre Initiative and the $653 million Cooperative Research Centres Program.

    “The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Growth Centre aims to build capability and stronger industry systems through a collaborative, industry-led approach. The aim is to enhance the competitiveness of our advanced manufacturing sector, so that Australian business becomes – and remains – globally competitive.

    “The CRC Program is also led by industry. It’s a merit-based grant program that supports collaborative partnerships between researchers and SMEs, and has a proven track record for developing important new technologies, products and services.”

    For businesses already attempting to make or do something new, and already involved in R&D  – like testing new or improved products, processes or services, Macdonald suggests the R&D Tax Incentive may also be worth investigating as it can provide tax offsets for eligible businesses.

    The PacPrint Forum Series is completely free of charge to all registered PacPrint and Visual Impact visitors, but with limited seating available at each session, bookings are essential. To find out more, or to register for the sessions which interest you, go to