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  • It’s all about attitude – Franca Balsamo on Women in Print @ PrintEx 2015

    The Women in Print breakfasts have become an integral part of the industry calendar. At PrintEx last week, more than 100 printing professional women got together to drive the progressive agenda for the industry. Notable industry identity, Franca Balsamo, was there and this is her report.

    A steady stream of Women in Print arrived before 7:30am to attend the WIP PrintEx breakfast. It started with a slow hum but then grew into a huge buzz, from simple hello exchanges to lots of conversations about present industry activity. The large bacon and egg rolls proved too much of a challenge for some to handle whilst juggling a hot cup of coffee/tea. Many took the opportunity to catch up with colleagues as well as networking with new faces.

    "Important to have quality time with family," Jennifer Baile

    All attendee’s were ushered into a seated auditorium where Karen Goldsmith officially opened the session by welcoming all and introducing guest speakers Kylie Goodwin, Group Recruitment Manager for Fairfax Media [ANZ]; Jen Baile, National Business Manager for Fuji Xerox and Karen Strain, Financial Planner with Media Super. Susan Heaney, Managing Director of Heaneys Performers in Print went on to facilitate the panel discussion.

    Each guest speaker gave a short snapshot of their journey within the Print Industry and their careers to date, each highlighting the successes and challenges thrown at them.

    They explained how they started in one role, learned that particular skill set and then evolved into other areas. Life circumstances had influenced their choices, bringing them to where they are now. Through their drive, passion and confidence they achieved a lot and took their careers to a much higher level.

    The main theme that came across was having great mentors/leaders who encouraged them to challenge, change and adapt their skills and knowledge to enhanced their experience. They described that it wasn’t always necessary to have the exact education to start with but to be open to learning as they went. It’s all about attitude and taking the opportunities as they arose. Women don’t naturally talk about their achievements as do men, so may miss out on many opportunities yet they are just as good as their male counterparts.

    Kylie Goodwin gave tips on applying for jobs, what typically recruiters are looking for. Tailoring cover letters to respond to requirements of the job, don’t address it generically to Dear Sir or Madam. She outlined the importance of social media in this age of applying for jobs and that having an up to date Linkedin Profile is important, that’s where they are recruiting for talent.

    Jen Baile talked about being organised, from balancing motherhood whilst running a business and to working for a corporation that requires a lot of travelling. Important to have quality time with family when home and still be fully committed to work. Larger corporations now offering women the ability to work from home – return to work plans for Women coming back off maternity leave as an investment for business. Flexible working hours and work locations.

    Karen Strain emphasized to the women present to take a more active interest in their finances, not waiting till they are in difficult position because relationship/marriage didn’t work but to take control now to plan for a better future. Many people just look at Super statements and disregard them, she explained you can find ways to support yourself later by making small adjustments to the way you contribute to your fund. Get financial advice and prepare for retirement. Have peace of mind and security, not leaving it to chance.

    The Women in Print sessions are invaluable to the development and success of women in the industry.